Alibaba Cloud

Must-Haves for Startups

Accelerate Digitalization in global with Alibaba Cloud

Must-haves for Startups

  • Lower Investment Risks with Controllable Costs
  • Get Started Quickly to Reduce Business Pressure

Short Message Service (SMS)

Alibaba SMS provides convenient, efficient, and intelligent communication capabilities that help businesses quickly contact their customers.

  • 100 Message
  • Limit to Enterprise New Users
  • Covers the Globe
For New Users Limit 1 per Customer

Direct Mail

Simple and efficient email service to help you send transactional notifications and batch email.

  • 50,000 Messages
  • 6 Months Subscription Time
For All Users Limit 1 per Customer
From $1.99 /6 months

Original : $13.05 USD/6 months

25% off

ApsaraVideo Live

Provide uninterrupted live audio and video services in HD with low latency and high concurrency

  • Multi-client support
  • Industry-tailored solutions
  • Robust security management
Free 1 TB Traffic


ApsaraDB for RDS

Relational database of the most widely use for OLTP scenarios.

  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server.
  • General-purpose instances with high cost-effectiveness and dedicated instances.
For All Users
From $4.90 /year

Database Backup Service (DBS)

Continuous data backup for databases

  • Real-time backup for databases, such as MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle, and second-level data recovery.
  • Backup at the table or database level.
For New Users
From $5.00 /month

International Trademark Inquiry Service

International trademark consulting and cost consulting, China, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos countries inquiry fee only 0.1 DOLLARS.

  • More than 200 countries worldwide trademark registration fees
  • One-click consultation
  • Some countries support free inquiry

China Intellectual Property Consulting Service

China trademark, copyright and other intellectual property consulting services, only 0.1 USD.

  • Member unit of China Trademark Association and Alibaba Cloud service provider
  • Beijing Guangxin experts provide one-to-one trademark consulting services
  • click consultation only $0.1

Eu Trademark Registration Service

Eu Germany, France, the Netherlands, Portugal and other 28 member states, a registration, multi-country use.

  • Cost-effective, a registered multi-country use
  • After successful registration, it can be used in member countries for 10 years
  • A registered trademark is required to enter the EU market

Enterprise Website Builder

  • One-on-One Service with SaaS Website Templates
  • One-stop Online Service with DIY WordPress Builders

[Template Builder] E-Mall (International Version) Basic Edition

After a few clicks and simple drags-and-drops, you can make a website effortlessly in one day using Alibaba Cloud's computing resources.

  • No commission
  • Easy-to-use,one-click import of e-commerce products
  • SEO settings,increase website traffic
  • Consists of 7 pages, 100 images, and 10 items
25% customer choice Server&CDN Chinese&English SaaS system No code required
From $0.99 /Month

[Template Builder] E-Mall (International Version) Pro Edition

In addition to the basic edition functions, you can get a free top-level domain name, an SSL certificate, and functions, including membership system, product review, and currency converter.

  • All features covered by Basic Edition
  • Google Sitemap and Google Feed Sync
  • Intelligent translation
  • Consists of 20 pages, 1,000 images, and 50 items
Free SSL Certificate Free Domain Name 60% customer choice
From $9.90 /month

E-commerce System (Wechat Alipay Mini Program) for Manual Service

E-commerce system of Wechat Alipay Mini Program for overseas Chinese with manual services.

  • Support domestic Wechat Pay and bank card paying method
  • Solve overseas logistics problems
  • Solve VIP and group marketing problems
E-commerce System
From $59.0 /year

Original : $59 USD

.COM Domain Name

The most popular domain name all over the world.

  • Free ICANN Included
  • Free Update Prohibition Lock
  • Free Transfer Prohibition Lock
$8.99/ 1st year


One-click deployment of WordPress on Alibaba Cloud to help you build beautiful websites and blogs.

  • Offering manual service
  • Special customize
  • One-click deployment
From$0.055/New User

Renewal Price: $ 40 USD/Month

Elastic IP Address

Web services deployed in China (Hong Kong) can reduce the network latency for Mainland China.

  • Premium EIP (BGP with Multi-ISP) for China (Hong Kong)
  • 1 Mbit/s to 5 Mbit/s Bandwidth
  • Get 70% Off First Month Subscription
Elastic IP
From $10.32/month

Original : $56.65 USD


Fast scaling within a few minutes and cost-saving.

  • 2 Cores 8 GB General-purpose, PolarDB MySQL
  • 2 Cores 8 GB Dedicated, PolarDB PostgreSQL
  • 2 Cores 8 GB Dedicated, PolarDB Oracle
First Month Subscription Free of Charge

97% Off

Object Storage Service

Use OSS for saving personal data and files

  • 100GB Standard Capacity
  • 100GB Outbound Traffic
  • Region: all(except Dubal of UAE)
Enterprise Only
From$9.99/2 years

Original: $ 316.80/ 2 years

Developer Certification Program

  • Free Tutorials for Beginners
  • Free Trial with One-on-one Support
For Cloud Security Operators

Cloud Platform Security Overview

61 Mins

For Junior Developers and Cloud Beginners

Publish a Static Website in China with ICP

26 Mins

For Junior Developers and Cloud Beginners

Use SLB to Handle Large Traffic to Your Website

46 Mins


For Java Developers

Alibaba JAVA Coding Guidelines

90 Mins

For Cloud Host Security Administrator

Best Practice To Protect Your Servers On Alibaba Cloud

50 Mins


ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL

Intelligent monitoring and 5X increase in performance.

  • mysql.n2.medium.1
  • 2 Cores, 4 GB, 20 GB SSD
  • General-purpose - Basic
From $ 10.15 / month

Data Transmission Service

An easy-to-use and must-have service for migrating databases to the cloud.

  • Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Data Migration
  • Real-time Data Warehousing
  • Free Full Data Migration
Free Monthly Subscription

Alibaba Cloud DNS

A secure, fast, stable, and reliable authoritative DNS service.

  • Full Editions
  • Full DNS protection
  • 3 editions of domain names
From $ 7 / year