Elastic Compute Service (ECS)
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ECS is a simple and efficient computing service that features elastic processing capabilities. Create instances, change the OS, and add or release instances at any time to fit your business needs.

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ECS Starter Package Plan

Tailored to individuals and developers. Enjoy TBs of data transfer and discounts with our special offer.

Hong Kong
Mainland China

Worldwide: Singapore, Sydney, Frankfurt, Virginia, Silicon Valley

Mainland China: Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Zhangjiakou

Operating System:
* As a special promotional offer to customers, coupons (such as, new user free credit) cannot be applied to purchase this plan.
* Each package includes an outbound Data Transfer plan. Any outbound data transfers in excess of your plan's Data Transfer allowance are subject to overage charges. Please see FAQs for more details.
* The pricing above applies to both newly launched instances and renewals.

ECS for Enterprise

Ideal for all enterprise application requirements

Network Enhancement Type

Ideal for: High PPS, front-end web servers, data analysis, batch computing, and video encoding

Hot Instance:

2 Core CPU

8 GB Memory

40 GB SSD Cloud Disk

from $54.52 /month
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High-Frequency Compute Type

Ideal for: High-performance front-end web servers, and scientific and engineering computing

Hot Instance:

4 Core CPU

16 GB Memory

40 GB SSD Cloud Disk

from $114.92 /month
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Local SSD Type

Ideal for: OLTP, high-performance relational databases, and NoSQL databases

Hot Instance:

4 Core CPU

32 GB Memory

40 GB Local SSD Cloud Disk

from $155.9 /month
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GPU Compute Type

Ideal for: Deep learning, scientific computing, multimedia codec, and other GPU compute apps

Hot Instance:

4 Core GPU

30 GB Memory

440 GB Local storage

from $751.94 /month
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ECS Features

5 X

Higher Computing Performance

With Intel Xeon E5-2682 v4CPU (Broadwell) processor


Single-Disk IOPS

Local SSD cloud disk capable of 240,000 IOPS

4.5 Million

PPS Throughput

Maximum PPS throughput of 4,500,000 PPS

Starter Package FAQ


What products are included in the SSD Cloud Server plan?
Elastic Compute Service and a Data Transfer allowance are included in each SSD Cloud Server plan. The Data Transfer limit is only valid for the month of purchase and is reset each month. Outbound data transfers in excess of your plan's Data Transfer allowance are subject to overage charges. Please see additional data usage fees here.
Are there any restrictions on users and purchase volume?
Each account user can have no more than 30 instances running at the same time. If an individual user has multiple accounts, only one account is eligible to purchase this promotion.
Can I upgrade my ECS instances and disks?
No, users cannot update their ECS instances and disks. We recommend you use the free snapshot function and recreate new Starter Package instances.
I have not reserved more than 30 instances under this package, why does my new order not display the discounted price?
Please check to verify that you do not have any unpaid orders that may be preventing you from accessing this promotion.
How do I get the Data Transfer Plan listed in the Package?
The Data Transfer Plan will be sent to your account after the successful launch of your ECS instance.
What are the usage conditions of the Starter Package Data Transfer Plan?
As of 15:00 Sep. 25, 2017 (UTC+8), Starter Package ECS instances and Data Transfer are exclusively linked. Thus, the package's Data Transfer only applies to relevant ECS instances purchased under the package and cannot be shared with other ECS instances purchased separately. If you have deployed Starter Package instances before this time, please see more information from the following notice.。Kindly remind that if you convert public ip to eip, the cost of data transfer cannot be deducted by the data transfer plan.
Are there any special requirements on purchasing ECS instances in Mainland China?
An ICP Filing is required for all websites hosted on ECS instances deployed within Mainland China. In order to purchase ECS instances in Mainland China, users are also required to complete real-name verification according to relevant laws and regulations in Mainland China.
How do I apply for an ICP Filing?
Please visit the ICP Filing Application page. Due to registration, auditing, and other requirements, the ICP Filing Application page is currently only available in Chinese characters. Support and application review services in English will be available in the future. For more information about obtaining an ICP Filing, please see ICP Filing FAQ.

Billing & Account Management

How is the billing for the SSD Cloud Server calculated?
The SSD Cloud Sever ECS is billed monthly. Users who purchase or renew ECS instances from the plan page are eligible for the sale price, including Data Transfer Plan.
Can coupons be used to purchase this plan?
As a special promotional offer to customers, coupons (such as, new user free credit) cannot be applied to purchase this plan.
How do I renew my Starter Package Plan?
The Starter Package Plan supports automatic and manual renewal, and can only be renewed for 1 month. If you select manual renewal, you will need to log in to the Console and renew your ECS included in the Package. Please note that each ECS instance and Data Transfer plan in this package must be renewed together. If you cannot renew due to an issue with your payment method, please contact post-sales for assistance.
What is the peak bandwidth of the ECS in the Packages? Can this be modified?
The peak bandwidth for ECS instances from the Packages is 30Mbps. This cannot be modified by the user. If you need higher peak bandwidth, we suggest you purchase ECS separately and set the peak bandwidth up to 200Mbps.
Alibaba Cloud reserves the right to adjust the purchase policy, pricing, product configurations and features, including but not limited to setting a maximum number of this plan that one single account can purchase, adjust the application of the Data Transfer Plan (e.g., the Data Transfer Plan can only be applied to the instances purchased in this plan), etc.
Alibaba Cloud will update the Purchase Guidelines and FAQs, and send notification emails to existing plan users when adjustments are made.

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