Elastic IP Address

An independent public IP resource that decouples ECS and public IP resources, allowing you to flexibly manage public IP resources.

Independent public IP address resources can be bound to Alibaba Cloud VPC-type ECS instances, NAT gateway, and Intranet Server Load Balancer. In addition, they can be dynamically unbound, which decouples public IP addresses from ECS instances, NAT gateway, and Sever Load Balancer, meeting the needs for flexible management.


Independent public IP address resources can be flexibly bound to and unbound from VPC ECS instances, NAT Gateway, and Intranet Server Load Balancer.
High Availability
Based on its highly available underlying architecture, this EIP prevents SPOF and supports cross-zone disaster tolerance.
Supports Pay-By-Traffic and option for discounted subscription prices.
Easy to Use
EIP is ready to deploy upon purchase and bandwidth changes take effect in real time.


  • Flexible and independent public IP address resources

    Flexible use, binding and unbinding operations take effect in real time

    Decouples public IP addresses and resources

    Public IP addresses serve as independent resources and are no longer tied to specific cloud resources
    Up to 89 high-quality multi-line BGP distributed all over the world, offering the networks with the same quality as Taobao and Tmall

    Dynamic binding and unbinding

    Bind and unbind IP addresses and VPC-type ECS instances, NAT Gateway, and Intranet Server Load Balancer anytime, anywhere

  • Purchase as needed with flexible management options

    Multiple billing and purchasing options as well as a wide array of management methods

    Elastic management

    Purchase only the resources you need and activate or change their configurations in real time

    Multiple management methods

    Implement automated calling using APIs/SDKs, or perform visual management using the console


Elastic IP Address

Supports high availability and high-speed connections


  • High-speed and stable lines around the world
  • Capacity scaling within seconds
  • Contiguous and specified IP addresses


Video Entertainment | Online Education | Games | Online Marketing

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Elastic IP Address - China (HongKong) BGP (Multi-ISP) Pro

Connects to mainland China with low latency


  • High-speed connections to mainland China
  • Easy configurations and out-of-the-box features
  • Free basic anti-DDoS protection


Internet Finance | Game Acceleration | Real-time Video & Audio

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Elastic IP Address - (BYOIP)

Brings your own IPv4 addresses to Alibaba Cloud & works with ECS/NAT/SLB


  • Your own IP addresses brough to Alibaba Cloud
  • Hundreds of BGP lines around the world
  • Unlimited anycast protection around the world


Workload Migration to Cloud | Network Acceleration | Hybrid Cloud

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How it works

  • Public Network
  • Game Service Partitioning
Public Network

High-quality Public Network

Control system meets the need for low latency public network interaction

When multiple VPC ECS instances are used to create a control system for user operations and behavior, the system requires real time interaction with the public network, as any latency will have an effect on the efficiency of user operations. In this case, each VPC ECS instance is bound to an EIP to ensure real time system interaction.


  • High Service System Reliability

    EIPs can be dynamically bound and unbound from VPC ECS instances. This, in combination with the ECS snapshot function, provides high service system reliability.

  • Reduced Bandwidth Usage Costs

    Enjoy a bandwidth discount of at least 20% using the pre-paid subscription payment method

  • Guaranteed Real-time System Interaction

    The system can interact with the public network without the need for any SNAT/DNAT address translation

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Game Service Partitioning

Precise Game Service Partitioning

Multi-room gamer access

Online games are generally divided into multiple game rooms, with different players and game progress in each room. The backend systems for each room must have independent access to the public network.


  • Service System Security

    EIPs can be dynamically bound to and unbound from VPC ECS instances. This allows you to change the public IP address that provides external services without changing the ECS instance, thereby preventing sustained attacks on your services.

  • Elastic Bandwidth Adjustment

    Adjust your EIP bandwidth in real time to dynamically adapt service development according to service traffic fluctuations.

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