Short Message Service (SMS)

A messaging service that covers the globe, Alibaba SMS provides convenient, efficient, and intelligent communication capabilities that help businesses quickly contact their customers.

Alibaba Cloud's Short Message Service provides the APIs and SDK to developers to send messages all around the world. The system supports OTP (One-Time-Password), transaction notifications, push notifications and promotional campaigns as well as supports both domestic and international messaging.


Global Coverage
Alibaba SMS covers 200 +countries and regions.
Smart Routing
Based on the capacity and delivery rates of each SMS provider, Alibaba Cloud SMS will select the best route in real-time to ensure that your message reaches its destination on time.
Alibaba Cloud SMS provides software development kits (SDKs) and application programming interfaces (APIs) for five programming languages.
Secure and Stable
Secure and stable SMS platform serving tens billions message per month.

Feature Highlights

  • Sender ID

    Sender ID

    When using the Alibaba Cloud's SMS platform to send SMS messages, you are given a Sender ID free of charge.

  • Target Marketing

    Target Marketing

    Drive growth by sending personalized and hyper-targeted notifications that encourage users to engage with your brand

  • Message Processing

    Message Processing

    In real-time message routing according to network performance to ensure prompt delivery.

  • System Management

    System Management

    Users can set daily delivery frequency and can set message thresholds (daily and Monthly to ensure account security and manage your budget.

  • Tracking and Analysis

    Tracking and Analysis

    Detailed message history that includes failure reports, usage reports, SMS resource packages and delivery reports so that you can track everything from marketing campaigns to emergency notifications.

Upgraded Support For You

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24/7 Technical Support

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How to activate our SMS service and setup the API?

Step 1. Select or create your Access Key

1. Create and log on to an Alibaba Cloud account.

2. Make sure that your account is an enterprise account. If your account is an individual account, upgrade to an enterprise account. Currently, Alibaba Cloud SMS is only available to enterprise accounts.

3. Make sure that you have added a credit card or a PayPal account as the payment method.

4. If you already have an AccessKey, you can use this AccessKey to access Alibaba Cloud SMS. If you do not have an AccessKey, or want to use a new AccessKey, you can create one.

Step 2. Activate Alibaba SMS and purchase SMS resource packages


Step 3. Configure service parameters in Console


Step 4. Download the required SDK, configure API parameters