Object Storage Service

An encrypted and secure cloud storage service which stores, processes and accesses massive amounts of data from anywhere in the world

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Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) is an easy-to-use service that enables you to store, backup and archive large amounts of data on the cloud. OSS acts as an encrypted central repository from where files can be securely accessed from around the globe. OSS guarantees up to 99.9% availability and is a perfect fit for global teams and international project management.

OSS is available at no upfront cost or long-term commitment. Pay only for the actual usage of storage space, network traffic and number of requests processed. OSS also comes with no limits to data storage.

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Customer Testimonials

“Alibaba Cloud reduces investment costs in IT and simplifies maintenance allowing us more time to focus on the development of our application.”

“Alibaba Cloud not only provides great cloud solutions, but is also backed up with good technical support which helps you quickly with answers for your issues when you need it.”



  • 99.9% availability.

  • 99.999999999% data reliability.

  • Stores 3 copies of your objects.


  • Provides multi-level security and protects against DDoS attacks.

  • Monitors illegal logging access.

  • Transfers data over SSL and provides encrypted cloud storage.

  • Enables policies for accessing data and provides secure cloud storage solution.


  • Scales storage capacity based on your application’s real-time requirements.

  • No limit on data storage.

High Performance

  • Quickly and efficiently processes more than 50,000 requests per second.

  • Ensures fast connectivity within region using BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) multi-line network access system.

  • High performance of application as it supports multiple reads/writes simultaneously.

Easy Integration

  • Enables integration with third party software vendors using RESTful APIs.

  • Achieve complex capabilities through seamless integration with other Alibaba Cloud services such as Elastic Compute Service (ECS), and Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Easy to Use

  • Easy-to-use Management Console for different secure cloud storage solutions based on business needs.

  • Easy access to data from anywhere, anytime.


  • No upfront cost or long-term commitments.

  • You only pay for the actual usage of storage space, network traffic and number of requests processed.

Product Details

Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) stores objects securely within resources called ‘buckets’. OSS provides you full access to the buckets and allows you to view logs and objects within each bucket. You can read, write, delete and store unlimited objects in your bucket. The high performance of OSS supports multiple reads/writes simultaneously. Data transfers to your buckets are made over SSL and can be encrypted.

The OSS service is built to reduce latency and can process and handle more than 50,000 requests per second. OSS supports media applications, as well as big data, scientific and financial analysis. As Alibaba Cloud OSS stores three copies of your objects to ensure 99.999999999% data reliability you can also be rest assured that uploading files to the cloud won’t result in any lost data. Built-in security mechanisms include multi-level security, monitoring of non-authorized logon attempts, DDoS attack protection and data access policies.

You can leverage the underlying large-scale distributed systems of OSS for automatic data replication and failure recovery. Alibaba Cloud OSS includes automatic data replication and failover features.

The service is able to achieve complex capabilities through seamless integration with other Alibaba Cloud services such as Elastic Compute Service (ECS), and Content Delivery Network (CDN). The service can integrate with third party software vendors using RESTful APIs.


  • Easily upload/download, retrieve and manage massive volumes of data for websites and mobile applications using standard Alibaba Cloud RESTful APIs, SDKs, client tools and a dedicated console.

  • Provides multiple streams of data writing and reading—ideal for enterprises and businesses which require videos and other large files to be read and written simultaneously.

  • Easily configure deletion of expired/old data objects in batches or transfer to low-cost archiving service.

  • Accelerates development speed and reduces development costs by providing C language SDKs for direct connection with OSS.

Simultaneous Read Write Capabilities

  • Suitable for storing surveillance videos.

  • Provides the class file read/write interface which code streams video and append new content to an object (file).

  • Allows video playback in seconds by making uploaded content accessible even when object (file) is not completely written.


  • Offers scalable and unlimited object based storage capacity.

  • Supports high concurrency.

Easy Image Processing

  • Supports thumbnails, cropping, watermarking, compression, format conversion and other image processing functions for stored images.

Flexible Billing Methods

  • Only pay for cloud object storage space used.

  • Save long-term cost with billing based on network traffic and access requests.

Powerful Data Processing Capabilities

  • Provides high throughput read-and-write access.

  • Supports jpg, png, bmp, gif, webp, tiff, and many other file formats, along with features like format conversion, thumbnails, cropping, watermarks, scaling and other operations.

  • Offers high-quality, high-speed parallel audio/video transcoding capabilities so you can easily prepare audio/video files for any device.

  • Accelerates content delivery with OSS as origin site and ensures stability with no retrieve from the origin bandwidth restrictions.

OSS supports various types of storage:


High-performance, highly reliable and highly available OSS instances

Features: Applicable to service scenarios characterized by high throughputs, hot files, and frequent access

Persistence: 99.999999999%

Minimum storage period: None.

Application scenarios: Mobile applications, large websites, picture sharing, popular audio and video

Infrequent Access

OSS instances characterized by relatively low storage costs and real time access

Features: Applicable to service scenarios that support real time, infrequent data access

Persistence: 99.999999999%

Minimum storage period: 30 days

Application scenarios: Mobile devices, backup of applications and enterprise data, monitoring data, online storage applications


OSS instances that support long-term archive data storage at the lowest unit price

Features: Applicable to service scenarios that are subject to data recovery wait time and have requirements on data storage period

Persistence: 99.999999999%

Minimum storage period: 60 days

Application scenarios: Long-term archive data storage, medical imaging, video materials


Object Storage Service (OSS) fees are calculated based on the total volume of storage used, the amount of data transferred and number of API requests made.

The following prices are for reference only. The exact price will be based on the customized plan you choose.

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Storage fees are billed based on the amount of storage space you use.

Pricing details:

Storage fees are billed on an incremental basis. After your storage amount exceeds a certain level, you will be billed based on the prices for the next increment. As you use more storage space, your cost per-unit will decrease.

Data Transfer to Internet

This fee is collected based on your total use of OSS downstream traffic. Upstream traffic and intranet access traffic are free.

Several factors affect the cost of traffic:

Traffic fees are calculated on an incremental basis and are charged monthly. After your traffic exceeds a certain amount, you will be billed based on fees for the next increment.

The pricing will differ for different regions. Origin pull traffic details are listed in the purchase page.

API Requests

All your OSS operations are ultimately OSS API calls and you will be billed based on the number of times you call the OSS API.

Notice: Price of Hangzhou in China Mainland is charged at US$0.001563/10,000 request; Beijing and Shenzhen currently allow the first 50,000 requests free per type (three types).

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Infrequent Access Storage

Archive Storage


Alibaba Cloud OSS is a highly scalable, cost-effective and secure cloud storage solution that provides unlimited storage capacity for your business requirements. You can take advantage of OSS to back up and archive critical data or seamlessly combine with other Alibaba Cloud services to execute complex tasks easily.

Here are a few common Alibaba Cloud OSS scenarios:

1) High performance website/application delivery

You can significantly accelerate Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) performance by separating static and dynamic content. While dynamic content can be kept on ECS instances, you can store all static website content such as images, scripts, videos, folders etc in OSS and configure CDN to fetch it directly from OSS.


We recommend using a combination of the below services to achieve the benefits of this use case:

  • OSS

  • ECS

  • CDN


2) Massive File Storage

Alibaba Cloud OSS provides massive storage options for a variety of content such as images, audio and video files, logs and other files.

  • Supports various devices, websites and mobile apps, allowing them to write or read data to and from OSS directly.

  • Easy data accessibility as OSS supports simultaneous streams of reads and writes and ensures 99.999999999% data reliability.


For such scenarios, we recommend you use the below services together:

  • OSS

  • ECS

  • CDN

  • MTS


3) Cloud Data Processing

You can extract more business value from your data as data processing is simplified with Alibaba Cloud OSS. You can process data stored in OSS for various activities using Media Transcoding Service (MTS), Image Processing Service (IMG), Batch Computing Service, and Offline Data Processing Service (ODPS) for different business objectives.


Alibaba Cloud recommends a combination of the below services to achieve the benefits of this use case:

  • OSS

  • MTS

  • IMG


4) Data Download Acceleration

You can enhance user experience by using BGP bandwidth for high-speed data transfer from Alibaba Cloud OSS. You can also leverage the powerful CDN acceleration service to increase delivery speed of images, audio/video files, and mobile app updates.


Alibaba Cloud recommends a combination of the below services to achieve the benefits of this use case:

  • OSS

  • CDN


Getting Started

Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) is an easy-to-deploy cloud object storage service that is durable, secure and highly scalable. OSS can be managed through a self-service portal for storage provisioning and monitoring.

Using Alibaba Cloud OSS through Management Console

The Management Console provides a simple web-based user interface which allows you to access and configure OSS. You can create, modify and monitor various OSS distributions by using the console.

For step-by-step directions on how to deploy Alibaba Cloud OSS - a secure cloud storage service to store and backup data through management console, read this Quick Start Guide

Accessing Alibaba Cloud Documentation

To use Alibaba Cloud OSS, read OSS Documentation to get detailed understanding of how Alibaba Cloud OSS works, how to deploy and design a scalable architecture using OSS.


The below given resources will help you understand how Alibaba Cloud OSS works. These are the links to the documentation, SDKs and other resources.

Developer Resources


How can I move and modify the object and directory in Alibaba Cloud OSS?

Files stored in OSS do not have a directory structure. For example, if a file on OSS (oss:/bucket/123/456/789.jpg/) ends with "/", it will be recognized as a directory.

You can do the following to change the directory of an object:

  • Manually upload the object to the new path location and delete the old file. (To delete the directory, you need to first delete files under it).

  • You can use a third-party tool to copy and paste the file to the destination location.

How do I use Alibaba Cloud OSS API?

Alibaba Cloud OSS API is based on the standard RESTful interface. For details, refer to OSS API guide.

Are network paths of requested files returned when using Alibaba Cloud OSS?

Network paths are returned when you attempt to access OSS using external links of OSS. Alibaba Cloud OSS also supports domain name binding and you can bind your domain name to the bucket as required. You can follow the link to find out more details on domain name binding.

Can I specify multiple objects and generate a single URL for packaged download?

Alibaba Cloud OSS currently does not support packaged download of multiple objects.

OSS provides support for storage of basic resources at the platform level.

How can I rename an object?

There are two ways to rename an object:

1. Delete the old files and upload the renamed files.

2. Copy the source file of the object and rename the copy of file. Then delete the source file.

Are results of Alibaba Cloud OSS APIs returned in JSON-format?

No, OSS currently only supports XML format.

What are the various Alibaba Cloud OSS intranet nodes available?

Intranet indicates the internal communication network between Alibaba Cloud products. For example, when ECS accesses OSS in the same region, the inbound and outbound traffic is generated, which is free of charge. For more details about Intranet endpoints, see Regions and Endpoints.

Does Alibaba Cloud OSS support domain name binding?

Yes, Alibaba Cloud OSS supports domain name binding. The CNAME URL rules currently supported by Alibaba CloudOSS are mentioned here.

The CNAME approach looks like this:

For example, your bucket name is cloudstorage and your object name is "image/pujing.jpg"

The public access address will be:

The website CNAME will be:
www.myweb.com cname YourBindBucketname.oss.aliyuncs.com

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