Container Service for Kubernetes

A fully-managed service compatible with Kubernetes to help users focus on their applications rather than managing container infrastructure

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Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes is a fully managed cloud container management service that supports native Kubernetes and integrates with other Alibaba Cloud products. It replaces the need to install, operate and scale your container cluster infrastructure. Being a fully-managed service, Container Service for Kubernetes helps you to focus on your applications rather than managing container infrastructure.

OverviewAlibaba Cloud Container Service for KubernetesSelf-built Kubernetes
Cluster ManagementSupports one-click creation of Kubernetes clusters within 10 minutes. Supports Elastic GPU instance and ECS Bare Metal instance and Multi-AZ High-Availability (HA) cluster type.
Provides optimized OS image, verifid and reinforced Kubernetes/Docker version.
Supports multi-region, Multi-AZ and Federation (multi-cloud) cluster management.
Users have to create clusters manually and develop by themselves.

Explores and develops by users.
Application ManagementSupports Blue-green Deployments and Canary Releases.
Supports application monitoring and application Auto-Scaling.
Supports built-in Helm based Application Catalog and Service Broker for Alibaba Cloud.

Explores and develops by users.
Network ManagementProvides Alibaba Cloud optimized HA VPC/ENI Plug-in which has 20 percent better performance benefits than other ordinary network solution.
Supports container access policy and bandwidth limitation.
Chooses Network plug-in from Community and adpats to specific enviroment
Explores and develops by users.
Storage ManagementSupports Cloud Disk, Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Object Storage Service (OSS). Provides standard FlexVolume Driver.
Supports static storage volumes and dynamic storage volumes

Explores and develops by users.
Operation ManagementSupports full lifecycle cluaster management, including scaling and one-click upgrading.
Provides High-Availability (HA) logging agent, peaking at one hundred thousand QPS.

Explores and develops by users.
Service GuaranteeAlibaba Cloud container team provides techincal support, ensuring the stability and security of container cluster.
Alibaba large-scale practice. Largest-scale Public Cloud Container Service in Mainland China regions.
Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Platinum Member. Strategic Partner with Docker.

Needs professional support team.


Protocol Compatible

  • Passed the Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program as the first batch of participating enterprise organizations, compatible with Native Kubernetes.

  • Supports multiple hybrid cloud, cloud migration, micro services, DevOps, block chain, machine learning scenarios.


  • Integrates seamlessly with other Alibaba Cloud products, including virtualization, storage, networking, monitoring, and security products.

  • Supports graphical user portal and terminal.


  • Provides safety protection, high availability guarantee, and stable upgrades all-in-one service.

  • Enables you to customize security groups and VPC subnet rules.

  • Offers cluster level certification and certification rotation.

  • Container level resource isolation and fluid control.

  • Provides authorization management for the cluster.


  • Start massive containers in seconds.

  • Easily launch Docker containers in seconds and as many as needed.

Product Details

Alibaba Cloud Container Service can be integrated with Server Load Balancer, VPC, and other cloud services, allowing you to manage container applications from the console or terminal. The product maintains compatibility with native Kubernetes and provides security, high availability, and stable upgrading services.

Protocol Compatible

  • Compatible with native Kubernetes.

  • Passed the Certified Kubernetes conformance program as the first batch of participating enterprise organizations.

  • Supports multiple hybrid cloud and cloud migration scenarios.

Simple and Flexible

  • You can choose different regions to create clusters according to your needs.

  • Provides security, high availability, upgrading one-stop service.

Multiple Server Hosting Modes

  • Allows you to dynamically scale ECS instances in a specified cluster.

  • Allows you to register an existing ECS instance to a specified cluster.

One-stop Container Lifecycle Management

  • Network: Intercommunication between containers across different hosts with domain names defined by container name or hostname.

  • Storage: Supports volume management.

  • Self-Healing: In the case that a container goes down, the cluster launches a new one in its place.

  • Monitoring: Facilitates monitoring of Docker containers and VMs.

  • Scheduling: Supports cross-zone scheduling of highly available and automatic rescheduling from failed nodes.

  • Routing: Supports forwarding of Layer 4 and Layer 7 requests and their binding to backend containers.

  • Sub-account: Provides authorization management for the cluster.


Container Service for Kubernetes is currently free of charge. Resources used in collaboration with Container Service for Kubernetes (including Server Load Balancer and ECS) are charged separately.

ECS instances or Server Load Balancer instances automatically created from Container Service or manually added are billed at their respective prices.


Blockchain Based on Hyperledger Fabric

Container Service for Kubernetes provides blockchain solutions based on Hyperledger Fabric. For this scenario, developers only need to configure crucial parameters through a graphical interface. The Hyperledger Fabric network on a container cluster will then generate automatically.

Recommended Products:

Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Network Attached Storage (NAS), Server Load Balancer, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Solution Architecture:

This solution on Container Service for Kubernetes contains the following features:

  • Standard: Supports Hyperledger Fabric V1.0 key functions, including Peer, CouchDB, Orderer, Kafka, ZooKeeper, and CA.

  • Convenient: Offers graphical wizard and straight-forward blockchain configuration.

  • Mature: Container Service Clusters have gone through long-term scale production practices, which incorporate best practices for enterprise applications and Docker's professional experience.

  • Abundant: Integrates with powerful and abundant enterprise-level application service capabilities, such as storage, network, route, security, image, log service, and monitoring.

Getting Started

Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes is an easy-to-deploy cloud container service that is durable, secure, and highly scalable. You can seamlessly manage the product using developer resources including the user console and terminal.

Using Container Service for Kubernetes Through Management Console

Alibaba Cloud management console provides an intuitive web-based user interface, which enables you to manage clusters of ECS instances and container applications. From the console, you can deploy container applications with a Docker image and also operate applications with logging, monitoring, and other services.

You can refer to this simple Quick Start Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to manage your containerized applications with just a few clicks.

Using Container Service for Kubernetes Through the Terminal

You can use Kubectl through the terminal to connect Kubernetes clusters and manage container application as a cluster.


Is Container Service for Kubernetes compatible with native Kubernetes?

Container Service for Kubernetes passed the Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program in 2017 and is completely compatible with native Kubernetes.

Compared with self-built Kubernetes, what are the advantages of Container Service for Kubernetes?

Container Service for Kubernetes integrates seamlessly with ECS, VPC, NAS, OSS, and Log Service. It provides security, high availability and a stable upgrading service for your Kubernetes applications.

How much should I charge for the cluster management?

Container Service for Kubernetes is currently free of charge. Resources used in collaboration with Container Server for Kubernetes (including Server Load Balancer and ECS) are charged separately.