Dedicated DingTalk Solution

Organizations of any size can leverage DingTalk’s enterprise-exclusive APIs to quickly create customized mobile workspaces on DingTalk or mobile applications while taking full control of your business data.

About DingTalk

DingTalk is an intelligent mobile workspace for business management and operations, team collaboration, and business development. Organizations can use DingTalk for messaging, voice and video calls, file sharing, and remote OA and use DingTalk’s APIs to build applications. DingTalk supports multiple languages and most mainstream operating systems.

Customize, Integrate, and Secure Your Mobile Workspace With Dedicated DingTalk

DingTalk’s enterprise dedicated APIs can help you build your customized mobile workspace. Alibaba Cloud’s hybrid cloud architecture allows you to take full control of business data.

  • Dedicated Architecture

    The hybrid cloud architecture seamlessly combines the benefits of high reliability, elasticity, and cost optimization from a public cloud and data privacy from a private cloud.

  • Dedicated Security

    You can store data on your private cloud and customize company security policies on your mobile applications during daily operations.

  • Dedicated Design

    You can customize your DingTalk; use different logos, user interfaces, skins, text, and layouts to make the mobile workspace specific to your organization.

  • Dedicated APIs

    There are tons of enterprise-exclusive APIs to help you connect your different business applications to streamline your business and enhance business collaboration productivity.

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Dedicated Architecture

Our Solution

The hybrid cloud architecture has the high reliability, elasticity, and cost optimization of a public cloud and the data privacy and compliance of a private cloud. The entire fundamental infrastructure, including PaaS and DaaS, are integrated with DingTalk and deployed on the public cloud. Alibaba Cloud OSS manages data storage to isolate data from the public cloud and enhance data processing efficiency. DingTalk's rich APIs can help you build applications quickly and integrate them into DingTalk's unified dashboard for a consistent user experience.

Architecture Highlights

Object Storage Service

Store, backup, and archive your data

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Contact Us for a Dedicated DingTalk Demo and Quick-Start Options

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Contact Us for a Dedicated DingTalk Demo and Quick-Start Options

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Security and Compliance

We are committed to providing stable, reliable, secure, and compliant cloud computing infrastructure services across major jurisdictions around the world.
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  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 27701
  • SOC2 Type II Report
  • C5
  • DPTM

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