Alibaba eKYC

A remote, paperless process that can verify users online anytime and anywhere. Providing both API and on-premise model service.

Latest Update: SaaS version has been officially launched in Singapore and East China region! Try it now with Pay as You Go billing method!

Easy-to-Use, Flexible, and Cost-Effective eKYC Solution

Helps you deploy a custom eKYC solution quickly to meet your delivery requirements

Takes Only 5 Business Days

Supports a new type of document based on a small number of sample documents.

Convenient 1-Stop Procurement

Favorable Price: A low unit price is provided for large-scale usage.

Completed Within Only 8 Seconds

It only takes 8 seconds on average to complete an entire process that involves document verification, liveness detection, and similarity check.

98% One-Time Pass Rate

Supports high comparison accuracy and is easy to use, which reduces the need for manual intervention and repeated request submissions.


  • Flexible Deployment

    Supports mainstream public cloud bases and private deployment and allows you to customize AI capabilities to meet your business requirement

  • High Security and Reliability

    Protects against most fake documents and Presentation Attacks (PA) to ensure the authenticity of ID Verification

  • Comprehensive Algorithms

    Allows you to customize the eKYC process, which involves document verification, optical character recognition (OCR), similarity check, and liveness detection based on comprehensive algorithms provided by Alibaba Group

  • Data Compliance

    It only identifies masked feature data and does not store the data. This ensures data security

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Quick Use of New Types of Documents

It only requires a small amount of training data to help your business learn to deal with new types of documents.

Requirement Submission
Submit your document identification requirement to your customer manager.
Alibaba Cloud Development
Perform quality screening, sample training, testing, and encapsulation.
Online Deployment
Offer services after regression testing and POC.

Industries and Scenarios

Suitable for scenarios that require human anti-spoofing. Alibaba Cloud eKYC provides a more efficient and accurate authentication method compared to the traditional authentication method where documents need to be mailed.

Financial Institutions (Banks and Insurance Companies)

Financial Institutions (Banks and Insurance Companies)

Verifies the identity of a user that creates a new account and imposes risk control over transactions in real-time in compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) rules.

Exams and Education

Exams and Education

Verifies the identities of examinees to prevent impersonation.

Hotel and Aviation Industries

Hotel and Aviation Industries

Completes hotel check-in and online check-in for flights using mobile phones.

Sharing Economy

Sharing Economy

Enhances user data security using real-name verification.

Customize Your eKYC Solution

Improves your customer acquisition efficiency and enhances your authentication security by applying
industry-leading algorithm metrics and performance.

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