Alibaba Cloud ISV Solutions for SMEs

Alibaba Cloud provides Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) with robust IT services
to help their small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) customers launch a cloud
computing business with simple steps.

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Helping You Provide Better IT Services for Your SME Customers

Alibaba Cloud enables ISVs to achieve more business success through our all-encompassing range of cloud solutions. We help local businesses drive digital transformation and thrive in their markets through technical and sales enablement, regardless of the industry.

  • Rapid Innovation

    We help organizations reduce manual workloads through automation and benefit from our fast and continuous product innovation.

  • Record-Breaking Performance

    Alibaba Cloud's technology is battle-tested every year during the Double 11 Global Shopping Festival, supporting over 491,000 orders/second.

  • Faster Go-to-Market

    Expand your business reach in Asia through our co-marketing initiative or join our Marketplace with customized go-to-market plans.

  • Cost Efficiency

    Improve operational efficiency and reduce IT costs with our flexible pricing option, or by joining Alibaba Cloud Galaxy Program for ISV.

Get Started With Alibaba Cloud

Set Up a Cloud Environment

When starting a new business online, SMEs look for agile and cost-effective cloud environment deployments. Alibaba Cloud can help ISVs and their SME customers get started on the cloud from scratch in three steps: cloud environment setup, data migration, and web application development. Learn More>>>

  • Set Up a Cloud Environment

  • Migrate Data to the Cloud

  • Deploy Web Applications

Manage Cloud Resources

As SMEs develop and build businesses, Alibaba Cloud can help ISVs and their SME customers manage accounts for team members between different departments or companies. Alibaba Cloud can enhance the cloud environment security from different areas based on their business lifecycles, and plan and execute highly available and durable data backups.

Quick Win With Industry Solutions

Borderless Gaming Solutions

The cloud plays a crucial role in providing a seamless experience and direct playability for gamers across devices worldwide. Alibaba Cloud gaming solutions help game SMEs develop a better built-in user experience, reduce response time and O&M costs in the cloud environment. Learn More>>>

  • Borderless Global Acceleration

  • Elastic and Scalable Cloud Environment

  • Seamless Security Solution Adaptation

  • Efficient User Experience Improvement

One-Stop Live Solutions

Livestreaming games and performances on mobile phones or TVs have become a part of everyday life. Alibaba Cloud’s One-Stop Live solutions can help SMEs configure a livestreaming service and go live in one hour without complicated web application management. Learn More>>>

  • One-Stop End-to-End Solutions

  • High Concurrency, Low Latency, and HD Quality

  • Low-Cost, Flexible Charging Models

  • Varied Functions and Solutions to Support Full Scenario Requirements

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Alibaba Cloud Galaxy+ Program for ISVs

The Alibaba Cloud Galaxy+ Program (AGP) aims to help small and medium-sized enterprises quickly and easily build on the cloud. The program provides eligible enterprises with extensive support ranging from exclusive pricing plans, dedicated 1-1 consultation, 24/7 support, free training, and diverse go-to-market support.

  • Product Benefits

    More cost-efficient

    Get up to 50% on cloud products and services.

  • Service Benefits

    More Responsive

    Receive free 1-on-1 pre-sale consulting service and upgraded technical support.

  • Training Benefits

    More Educational

    Enjoy free online training and certification courses.

  • Go-to-Market Support

    More Supportive

    We will help you succeed and expand your market.

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