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Alibaba Cloud e-Magazine Issue 10

Global Partner Ecosystem with Innovative Solutions

At Alibaba Cloud, we enable businesses to succeed with our extensive range of cloud products, 120+ solutions, technical expertise, and dedicated support framework. Through the Alibaba Cloud Partner Network (ACPN), enterprises of all sizes can venture into overseas markets and meet their digital transformation needs to scale in Asia and beyond. Our partner ecosystem has successfully supported businesses to fast-track their global expansion journeys with industry-leading solutions, a robust global partner network, and an international ecosystem.

Key Learnings
· Foreword by Katharine Zhao
· Cover Story: Driving Innovation and Value Co-creation Through Our Partner Network
· Interviews with our partners from B & Data, Blue Power Technology, Cloud Vision Technology, Gaia Information Technology, Higher Cloud, Indonet, Megazone, Microfusion, NC Services, RegalTech, Telkomsigma, and Todak Digitech.

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