Content Moderation

Image and video moderation service that accurately detects inappropriate content.

Content Moderation leverages Deep Learning technology and benefits from Alibaba's years of Big Data analysis to provide accurate monitoring of pictures, video, text and other multimedia content. Not only does Content Moderation help users to reduce adult, violence, terrorism, drugs and other illegal or inappropriate content, but can also minimize spam advertising and other user experience pain points.


Fast, Accurate, and Reliable
Constant automated moderation responses in less than 0.1 second with an accuracy rate higher than 95 percent.
Comprehensive Service
Readily recognizes adverse images, videos, text, and audio dealing with illicit behaviors such as violence, terrorism, drugs, weapons, extremism and profanity.
Proven Performance
Daily access to billions of images, videos, text, and audio with highly scalable, deep learning technology developed by Alibaba.
Customize models according to your specific requirements. Continually improves recognition based on new data to expand its capabilities.


  • Content Moderation API

    Image Detection

    Utilize an API to detect and filter images containing adult content