Alibaba Cloud Pin

The first-ever cloud-enabled digital pin debuting at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020


Packed with Fun Features

Tapping Cloud Pins to Make Friends

Hold two Cloud Pins back-to-back and tap to make new friends! Once connected, you can share your social profile and achievements with each other, or even start a friendly competition within your group of friends.

33 Pin Artworks to Choose From

Cloud Pin features 33 unique artworks inspired by the 33 sports taking place at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. 5 of the 33 artworks are readily available, and you can unlock the remaining 28 artworks by tapping pins and making more friends. With every 5 new friends added, 1 artwork will be unlocked.

Go ahead, customize your Cloud Pin your way.

A Digital Name Tag

Cloud Pin doubles as a digital name tag – simply enter your name through the Cloud Pin app to get started. Say goodbye to forgetting the names of your new friends with Cloud Pin.

Celebrate Your Achievements

Cloud Pin helps you keep track of your achievements during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, including the number of steps taken, number of friends added, and unlocked achievements. You can check your achievements easily on your Cloud Pin or through the Cloud Pin app.

Wear It Your Way

Cloud Pin comes with 2 sets of cleverly designed adaptors, allowing you to wear it on thicker clothing and accessories like backpacks, or on thinner clothing like T-shirts and polo shirts.

Display Mode - Artwork Slideshow

You can enable “Display Mode” through the Cloud Pin app to display all artworks you have unlocked while charging your Cloud Pin. This is a perfect way to celebrate your achievements and bring back fond memories of meeting new friends.

See Cloud Pin in Action

Packed with Cloud and IoT Technology

From Real-Time Embedded OS to Device Connectivity Platform, Cloud Pin is packed with Alibaba's Cloud and IoT technologies. It is the perfect demonstration of the scalability, robustness and performance of Alibaba Cloud's IoT solutions.

Click the link below to learn more about Alibaba Cloud's IoT solutions that power hundreds of millions of devices worldwide.

Discover Alibaba Cloud's IoT Solutions

A Token of Our Appreciation

Cloud Pin is offered to the media friends at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games for free to express our gratitude for their outstanding work.

Hardware Specifications

To pack all the cool features and advanced technology of Cloud Pin into its impressively compact and light body, we came up with creative ideas such as a unique component stacking design and innovative manufacturing processes. The result is a sophisticated piece of technology that is merely 10.2mm thin and weighs 18.3 grams. Through careful component selection and relentless optimization, Cloud Pin's battery can last for 1.5 days per charge.

Watch Cloud Pin's Introduction Video

  • Mike is a sport reporter covering this historic event. Watch how the Cloud Pin enriches his daily work, and help him make new friends by tapping pins, and greet old friends in a whole new way.

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