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E-Commerce Solution

Alibaba Cloud e-commerce solutions offer a suite of cloud computing and big data services that help enterprises quickly build and smoothly run their own online e-commerce platform.

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The advanced cloud technology protecting and powering Alibaba can be accessed through Alibaba Cloud’s e-commerce solutions. Users can quickly build their own e-commerce platform, reduce operational & management costs, cope with high business concurrency, and strengthen their layered security protection. Through the integration of this service, along with Alibaba Cloud’s big data capabilities, customers can quickly develop applications, process massive data sets and extract actionable insights for those important business decisions. Watch the video to learn more.


Given the nature of the industry, e-commerce companies must adapt quickly to changing trends in order to stay afloat. Drawing on the power of the cloud, e-commerce companies can respond to fluctuating traffic, scale their operations, and reduce their operational costs. Adopting the cloud gives businesses advantages that help them stay ahead of the game.

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Reduced Cost
Reduced Cost

Avoid upfront costs and provisioning of expensive equipment by only paying for the resources used.

Operation & Maintenance
Operation & Maintenance

Schedule automated infrastructure updates and maintenance.

Traffic Predictions
Traffic Predictions

Auto-scaling allows businesses to synchronize resources with actual demand.

Cyber Attack Protection Alibaba
Cyber Attack Protection

Cloud security services provide advanced and regularly updated defensive systems to protect against attacks.

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Stay flexible and reactive to the real time needs of your business with reliable scalable and on-demand compute capacity on the cloud.

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A virtual private cloud service that provides an isolated cloud network to operate resources in a secure environment.

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Auto Scaling

When demand for computing resources fluctuates Auto Scaling automatically scales up or down to meet the change in demand.

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Shield against DDoS attacks and protect your network and data with a powerful and cutting edge security guard.

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