Auto Scaling

Auto Scaling automatically adjusts computing resources based on your business cycle

Auto Scaling is a service to automatically adjust computing resources based on your volume of user requests. When demand for computing resources increase, Auto Scaling automatically adds ECS instances to serve additional user requests, or alternatively removes instances in the case of decreased user requests.

This service is available free of charge. You will be only charged for the standard cost of adding additional ECS resources.

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Intelligent scheduling to support various scenarios.
Automatically adjusts computing resources according to various scaling policies.
Supports manual scale-in and scale-out, which offer you flexibility to control resources manually.
Automatic monitoring of health status.
Automatically create or release ECS resources after scaling policy is triggered.
Automatically configures load balancer and RDS whitelist.
Elastic Scale-Out and Scale-In
During peak periods, automatically adds additional computing resource to the pool
When user requests decrease, Auto Scaling automatically releases ECS resources to cut down your costs
Elastic Self-Health
When an unhealthy instance has been detected, the auto-scaling service automatically replaces the instance with a new one to ensure uninterrupted service

Product Details

  • Features

    Auto Scaling

    According to customer business needs, automatically increase or decrease ECS instances.

    Support Server Load Balancer Configuration

    When adding or releasing ECS instances, the service automatically attaches or detaches the instances to the Server Load Balancer.

    Support RDS Whitelist

    When adding ECS instances, the service automatically adds instance IPs to the whitelist of RDS instances. Likewise, when releasing ECS instances the service automatically delists instance IPs from the whitelist.

  • Scale Mode

    Scheduled Mode

    Configure scheduled tasks, and add or remove ECS instances with a fixed time window. Can be combined with dynamic mode.

    Dynamic Mode

    Based on CloudMonitor metrics (ie. CPU and memory ratio), dynamically add or remove ECS instance/s.

    Fixed Mode

    The “minimal size” setting allows you to employ the minimal ECS instances required to support business-as-usual levels of activity.

    Auto-config Server Load Balancer and RDS

    When adding or removing ECS instances, the service automatically attaches or detaches instances to the Server Load Balancer, and adds these servers to the whitelist of RDS instances.

  • Note

    Auto Scaling is subject to the following constraints:

    - Applications that deploy Auto Scaling ECS instances must be stateless and horizontally scalable. ECS instances created by Auto Scaling cannot be used to save application status (ie. session status) or related data (ie. databases and logs). This is because Auto Scaling automatically releases ECS instances. Status information can be saved to an independent state server database (i.e. ApsaraDB for RDS), shared cache (i.e. ApsaraDB for Memcache), or centralized log storage (i.e. Log Service).
    - Each user can only create a limited number of scaling groups, scaling configurations, scaling rules, scaling ECS instances, and scheduled tasks.

    Note: Auto Scaling uses its best effort to ensure you are notified of the complete resources of normal scaling. However, due to insufficient ECS instance inventory, long startup time, and other issues, the full resources of scaling may not be displayed. Thank you for your understanding.

How it works

  • Miao Pai
Miao Pai

Miao Pai

Miao Pai is a product of the Chinese app company XuanYixia which has become popular with celebrities and young people. Miao Pai is a video capture app which has various themes and camera functionalities for user to make their own short videos, and share with family and friends.

The Challenge

  • Miao Pai is attracting more and more users on the back of its simple user model, cool video effects and social sharing. However, as the number of users increases, a more significant concern now is how to ensure the quality of service during peak hours.

Why Auto Scaling?

  • As the domestic leader in cloud computing in the China market, Alibaba Cloud has helped to solve Miao Pai’s dynamic expansion problems with its Auto Scaling product. With the aid of Auto Scaling Miao Pai is able to manage various scaling policies and it automatically adjusts computing resources based on traffic cycles. Try out over 40 products for free