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NAT Gateway

A public Internet gateway for flexible usage of network resources and access to VPC.

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NAT Gateway is an enterprise-class public network gateway, providing proxy services (SNAT and DNAT), up to 10 Gbps forwarding capacity, and cross-zone disaster recovery. NAT Gateway helps you establish an Internet gateway for a VPC by configuring SNAT and DNAT entries, allowing more flexible use of network resources.


Flexible and Easy-to-Use

  • As an enterprise-class public network gateway for VPC, NAT Gateway provides SNAT and DNAT functions, with no need to construct a SNAT gateway on your own servers.


  • Using SDN virtualization technology, NAT Gateway provides a virtual network hardware based on Alibaba Cloud’s self-developed distributed gateway. NAT Gateway supports large-scale Internet applications with forwarding capability of 10 Gbps.

High Availability

  • NAT Gateway supports cross-zone disaster recovery. Any failure of a single zone will not affect the business continuity of the NAT Gateway.


  • Change the gateway specifications, peak bandwidth, and the number of the public IPs at any time according to business needs.

Product Details

As a public network gateway, NAT Gateway must be configured with public IPs, which are abstractly grouped into a shared bandwidth package. The NAT Gateway and shared bandwidth packages must be used together in order to provide a high-performance, flexible, enterprise-class public gateway service.


Shared Bandwidth Package

Before using the SNAT or DNAT function, you will first need to add a shared bandwidth package to the NAT Gateway.

A NAT Gateway can contain a maximum of four shared bandwidth packages.


NAT Gateway supports DNAT (Destination NAT), allowing you to map a public IP to a private IP. The ECS instance with the specified IP can then publish public services over the Internet.


NAT Gateway supports SNAT (Source NAT), allowing you to associate a public IP with a VSwitch. The ECS instances in the VSwitch can then use the public IP to access the Internet.


Scenario: A VPC ECS instance without a public IP requiring access to the Internet

For security considerations, IT systems sometimes require servers to have access to the Internet without exposing their public IPs to public networks. For such scenarios, you may utilize the SNAT function of the NAT Gateway to create a highly available SNAT gateway.


As NAT Gateway must be used in conjunction with shared bandwidth packages, users can access the public IP NAT configurations after purchasing a shared bandwidth package. When NAT Gateway, you will be charged for the NAT Gateway and the shared bandwidth package.

NAT Gateway

Billing method: Pay-As-You-Go

Billing cycle: Per day

Billing items: NAT Gateway reservation fee

NAT Gateway provides different specifications to meet different user needs and different specifications contain different pricing.

The following table lists the cost of NAT Gateway for different regions.

RegionSpecification Small (USD/Day)Specification Medium (USD/Day)Specification Large (USD/Day)Specification Super Large (USD/Day)
China North 1 (Qingdao)1.8293.5056.85812.192
China East 1 (Hangzhou), China East 2 (Shanghai), China North 2 (Beijing), China North 3 (Zhangjiakou), China South 1 (Shenzhen)1.8293.5056.85812.192
Hong Kong2.4384.5728.99115.849
US East 1 (Virginia)2.4384.5728.99115.849
US West 1 (Silicon Valley)2.5915.0299.60117.068
Asia Pacific NE 1 (Japan)2.9265.60810.97219.507
Middle East 1 (Dubai)5.48610.51520.57336.575
Asia Pacific SE 2 (Sydney)3.6575.33413.71624.383
Asia Pacific SE 3 (Kuala Lumpur)2.6065.0689.84517.374
Germany 1 (Frankfurt)3.2926.30912.34421.945
Prices may change over time. Please refer to the NAT Gateway console for current prices.

Shared Bandwidth Package

  • Billing method: Pay-AS-You-Go

  • Billing cycle: By hour

  • Billing items: Public IP reservation fee, and traffic fee (charged for the actual traffic)

Billing method: Pay-As-You-Go

Billing cycle: Per hour

Billing items

IP address retention fee

  • Cost = price * retention time, each IP address is charged independently.

  • Price: Refer to pricing table.

  • Retention time: Billed hourly, usage sessions less than one hour are rounded up to one hour.

Traffic fee

  • Cost = price * billing traffic, each IP address is charged independently.

  • Price: Refer to pricing table.

  • Charged traffic: The cumulative value of the IP address's hourly outbound traffic. Outbound traffic refers to data transferred from the Alibaba Cloud data center to the Internet, the reverse is known as inbound traffic.

The following table lists the price of shared bandwidth packages (IP address retention fee and traffic fee) for different regions.

RegionIP address retention fee (USD/hour)Traffic fee (USD/GB)
China North 1 (Qingdao)0.0030.113
China East 1 (Hangzhou), China East 2 (Shanghai), China North 2 (Beijing), China North 3 (Zhangjiakou), China South 1 (Shenzhen)0.0030.125
Hong Kong0.0090.156
US East 1 (Virginia)0.0050.078
US West 1 (Silicon Valley)0.0050.078
Asia Pacific NE 1 (Japan)0.0050.12
Middle East 1 (Dubai)0.0090.447
Asia Pacific SE 2 (Sydney)0.0060.13
Asia Pacific SE 3 (Kuala Lumpur)0.0060.112
Germany 1 (Frankfurt)0.0060.07
Prices may change. Please refer to the NAT Gateway console for current prices.

Getting Started

Access Alibaba Cloud NAT Gateway Through the Management Console

The Alibaba Cloud Management Console provides a simple web-based user interface that allows you to access and configure NAT Gateway. Use this console to create, modify and manage your NAT Gateway.

For a step-by-step guide on how to create an Alibaba Cloud NAT Gateway through the management console, please read the Quick Start Guide.


To create your own Alibaba Cloud NAT Gateway, please see the NAT Gateway Documentation for a detailed introduction on how NAT Gateway works and how to modify and manage your NAT Gateway.

Alibaba Cloud VPC API Reference

Access the web-based Alibaba Cloud NAT Gateway APIs to programmatically create, manage and achieve greater control of your product resources


The following resources offer detailed information about Alibaba Cloud NAT Gateway.

Developer Resources

See the links below for advanced features and Documentation. These resources are useful for developers wishing to integrate Alibaba Cloud NAT Gateway with their existing applications or to improve configurations.

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