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As the NO.1 cloud provider in China, Alibaba Cloud continues to drive digital transformation and enables business success for millions of customers worldwide. China Gateway is one of Alibaba Cloud’s flagship solutions that helps customers in all sectors to tap into and scale up in China. Download our eBook “Building a China-Ready Business” to learn more.
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Power Your Business with Alibaba Ecosystem

As an estuary of the Alibaba Group, Alibaba Cloud brings you More Than Just Cloud. We connect you into Alibaba Ecosystem, enables strategic footsteps, and takes a comprehensive portfolio of products and services that have stood through the test of time in China Market.

Alibaba Cloud x WeWork Program

Alibaba Cloud and WeWork are building a platform with scalable and innovative cloud computing services, workspaces and other enterprise services. The program offers flexible cloud services, the latest business and technology innovations, flexible workspaces, and accessibility to the local community and business ecosystems for international companies looking to enter and succeed in China.

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What Our Customers Say

See how our customer is leveraging Alibaba Cloud China Gateway solutions to grow and improve their business in China and globally.

  • China market is the driving force in promoting the growth of SHISEIDO. With characteristics including speed, scale, innovation, China achieved great progress in business digitalization especially in e-commerce and retail. SHISEIDO builds its online platform and most of China strategy on Alibaba Cloud to embrace such digitalization, and to meet the requirements of the new market. Meanwhile, Fast deployed, and reliable security solutions are also provided by Alibaba Cloud to meet standards specified by one of the most successful Japanese brand in the world-SHISEIDO. Read the full story

    Keisuke Fujii

    ICT Vice President, SHISEIDO China

  • Chinese customers are rapidly embracing new digital technologies including smarter vehicles and powerful new digital services. Ford needed to deliver customized digital solutions to meet the needs of these fast-paced, “always on” Chinese consumers. Using Alibaba Cloud’s mid-end platform solution, Ford built a new digital platform called “Ford Mall” in less than six months. The 2019 Ford Kuga features a new in-vehicle infotainment system entirely powered by Alibaba Cloud's AliOS. Also, through a partnership with Alibaba Cloud, Ford has brought the Transportation Mobility Cloud (TMC), the world’s leading transportation and mobility solution for connected vehicles, to China. Read the full story

    Robert Hou

    Director, Mobility Platforms and Products, Ford Asia Pacific

  • Costa Cruises is the first international cruise company entering Chinese market in 2006. The pain points and challenges Costa Cruises is facing are to improve our work efficiency to more focus on creating value for customers. In the China market where exciting digital transformation is happening, Alibaba Cloud offers its insights on how satisfy the surging needs of Chinese consumers in the digital age, as well as providing tailored sophisticated data intelligence solutions that already have many proven successful stories in real-life scenario. With Alibaba Cloud, Costa Cruises deployed AI solution for their hotline, and digitalized their on-board newspaper to bring more value to Chinese customers. Read the full story

    The Costa Cruises Team

  • China is a strategic and integral part of TeamViewer’s growth strategy as essentially all multinationals have offices there and it is becoming an international hub for innovation and new technologies. To ensure low latent, stable, reliable and accessible business services for customers, TeamViewer needed a local cloud provider that could offer a cost efficient and scalable cloud infrastructure. TeamViewer is using Alibaba Cloud’s Infrastructure as a Service to enhance its services throughout China. This partnership has delivered significant improvements to the quality, availability and reliability of their online services available in China. Read the full story

    Alfredo Patron

    VP Business Development at TeamViewer

  • Territory Studio is a creative specialist with a unique approach to motion design, visual effects and digital experiences. Each day Territory produces a massive amount of data and was looking for a partner who could help them back up, protect and guarantee the safety of the data the studio regularly shares client sensitive information all over the world. For Territory, China is one of the fastest growing markets. But in China, incredible growth also means the desire to have the most up to date tech. For Territory, it is a beautiful mix of creativity and technology that they want to participate in but partnering with Alibaba Cloud gives them a leg up on the competition. Read the full story

    The Territory Studio Team

  • Since partnering with the broader Alibaba Group ecosystem for its expansion to Asia, in 2017 Chemist Warehouse marked its second successive year as the top-ranking overseas vendor of the Alibaba 11.11 Global Shopping Festival. Beating its records from last year's sales; the company sold more than $25 million in stock in just 24 hours.

    Chemist Warehouse

China Gateway Program & Partners

We work with world-renowned partners to bring your business to one of the biggest markets in Asia through our China Gateway Program



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An overview of China’s surprising economic growth and sector opportunities.


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Journey to China III: Evaluate Entry Strategies

An action-oriented piece about hitting the ground and implementing tactics.


Connecting to Digital China

Sharing of market insights and business strategy in China from our VP


Connect and Understand Your Customers in China

Leverage Alibaba Ecosystem to reach and serve tech-savvy customers in China


Building Your Business in China

Sharing and insights from local partners on secrets of achieving success in China


How China Is Different - 1 – Consumer

How you should adapt to the unique consumer behaviors.


How China Is Different - 2 – Networking

How you should adapt to the unique networking infrastructure.


How China Is Different - 3 - Compliance

How you should navigate through China's unique security and compliance policies.

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