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Migrating to fully managed cloud databases brings a host of benefits including scalability, reliability, and cost efficiency. However, doing so without the necessary tooling can be as challenging as navigating without a map. Explore Alibaba Cloud's portfolio of fully managed database services, and learn how to leverage a rich set of utility tools and our database expert services to turn your migration experience into a hassle-free expressway.


Alibaba Cloud offers a low-cost self-service database migration experience. Both homogenous migration such as MySQL to MySQL, or heterogenous migration such as Oracle Database to PolarDB, are supported. You can smoothly migrate databases from 100s of GB to multiple TBs in size with minimal business impact.

To fully leverage the benefits of Alibaba Cloud, the database architect team can guide enterprises by drawing up detailed, individualized migration plans. This helps you revisit your system design from a cloud-native perspective and optimize it. With over 400,000 databases successfully migrated to the Alibaba Cloud, the database architect team has a proven record of making the migration process an efficient and hassle-free journey.

End-to-end security is rooted in the entire database stack. With full stack access control, comprehensive authorization policy management, and end-to-end encryption for data in motion and data at rest, Alibaba Cloud brings enterprise readiness to database customers with a centralized control plane to minimize your operational costs.

Solution Highlights

Technology Leadership

1st in Asia Pacific and 3rd globally for cloud database management system; "Challenger" on Gartner Magic Quadrant for operational database management systems; "Strong Performer" on the Forrester Wave for database as a service; AnalyticDB for MySQL ranked No.1 on TPC-DS benchmark testing as of April 2019.

Practice Proved

Over 100,000 enterprise customers and 400,000 databases have been migrated to Alibaba Cloud; Successfully supported Alibaba's Double 11 Global Shopping Festival, with peak-time workload up to 544 thousand orders/s and 87 million database requests/s in 2019.

Cloud-native Architecture

Migrating databases to Alibaba Cloud gives the freedom to combine various databases and services based on your unique business goals. The Alibaba Cloud database architect team guide you through the whole architecture design process by recommending the most appropriate products and services and implementing cloud-native best practices.

Seamless Migration with Powerful Tools

Provide a rich set of utility tools including services for data transmission, data management and database backup.

Comprehensive Database Portfolios

Alibaba Cloud offers various database products including transactional databases, analytical databases, and NoSQL databases. 90%+ mainstream open source and commercial databases are embraced.

End-to-end Security

All of these database products are secured from end-to-end including full stack access control, comprehensive authorization policy management and encryption for both data in motion and data at rest.

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How It Works

Your Challenge

A customer in the media industry has both MySQL and Redis databases instance deployed on-premises, and wants migrate to Alibaba Cloud in order to take full advantages of running a managed database service that enables elasticity, scalability, security and full database lifecycle management. Given the nature of the industry, a minimized transition time is essential.

Our Solution

  • Alibaba Cloud is committed to offering a seamless database migration experience to you. Data Transmission Service (DTS) allows you to migrate your metadata, full tables (existing data), and incremental data generated during the migration process with zero impact on applications that rely on these databases.

  • After the source database (think of on-premises deployment) and target databases (think of Alibaba Cloud deployment) are synced up, applications can switch to the new databases within seconds. Cross-cloud, cross-platform, and cross-version migration is easier than ever with minimized disruption to business functions.

Data Transmission Service (DTS)

Supports data migration and data synchronization between different data engines.

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ApsaraDB for MySQL

A fully hosted online database service that supports MySQL 5.5, 5.6, 5.7, and 8.0.

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ApsaraDB for Redis

A key value database service that offers in-memory caching and high-speed access.

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Your Challenge

Many enterprises are replacing on-premises databases in Internet Data Centers (IDCs) with cloud-native databases. However, the poor compatibility, incomplete migration products and tools, and nonstandard operation process during the migration consumes a lot of time and budget, and causes data inconsistency and incompatibility after the migration.

Our Solution

  • Alibaba Cloud’s Oracle Database Migration solution can help you smoothly migrate Oracle databases in various deployment modes to a public cloud, hybrid cloud, or private cloud. Alibaba Cloud offers the world’s leading cloud-native database technology to help you achieve low costs, high efficiency, auto-scaling, and cloud-native transformation.

  • Prior to the migration, you can use Alibaba Cloud’s Advanced Database & Application Migration (ADAM) to assess the migration feasibility, select appropriate destined databases, determine the migration risks, and estimate the workload, costs, and duration of Oracle database migration.

Advanced Database & Application Migration

Advanced service for heterogeneous database migration

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Data Transmission Service

Data migration and data synchronization

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ApsaraDB for PolarDB

A next-generation relational database

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Your Challenge

A customer in the e-Commerce industry has a business that is growth exponentially, but one or more databases deployed on-premise are experiencing extremely slow performance or even stop responding during peak-time usage, resulting in a large percentage of consumers not being able to complete their transactions. How to revisit the system design once migrated to the cloud and take full advantages of elasticity and full management becomes a challenge when your business scenarios are complex.

Our Solution

  • Through hands-on work with customers, our database architect team, with years of experience accumulated in the e-commerce industry, is well positioned to identify innovative and unique product combinations. The following design was previously recommended to an e-commerce customer and implemented on-demand:

  • 1) Switching to a microservice architecture, allowing different business units to scale on-demand separately;

  • 2) Separating analytical workloads from transactional workloads to maximize system stability during peak-time usage;

  • 3) Adopting ApsaraDB for PolarDB for workload-based elasticity, allowing each microservice to scale up without limits.

ApsaraDB for PolarDB

A cloud-native relational database compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle.

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AnalyticDB for MySQL

A real-time data warehousing service processes petabytes of data with high concurrency and low latency.

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AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL

An online MPP warehousing service based on the Greenplum Database open source program.

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Your Challenge

When a database system is deployed on-premises, it can be very time-consuming to manually solve the following authentication related challenges such as weak passwords, firewall issues, and brute-force attacks. The more time your team needs to spend on the such issues, the less bandwidth they have to focus on the mission critical tasks.

Our Solution

  • Security is rooted in the entire database stack of Alibaba Cloud. Specifically, Data Management Service (DMS) is a one-stop solution that provides the following capabilities: authentication control, authorization policy management, monitoring services, performance tuning and database lifecycle management.

  • With full stack access control, DMS allows customers to manage authentications not only at the control plane (CHANGE/DROP/CREATE/REBOOT and other database instance operations), but also at the data plane (SELECT/UPDATE/DELETE/ and other query operations). Your cloud databases are even more secure than physically isolated on-premises databases.

Data Management Service (DMS)

Supports structure management, security auditing, trend analysis, and data tracing.

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Database Backup Service (DBS)

A reliable, cost-efficient backup service for continuous data protection.

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Resource Access Management (RAM)

Secure your cloud resources with RAM to define fine-grained access permissions.

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