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ApsaraVideo Live is a live streaming platform for both audio and video based on leading content hosting and delivery networks and large-scale distributed real-time transcoding technology.ApsaraVideo Live provides high-definition and uninterrupted live audio and video services that are convenient and accessible, with low latency and high concurrency.


Multi-Client Support
ApsaraVideo Live supports multiple platforms, multi-client video recording and playback SDKs. Enabled by cloud synchronization technology, the platform supports synchronous playback on multiple clients.
Offers mature industry-tailored solutions to cover most live video application scenarios.
Global Coverage
Alibaba Cloud has more than 2,800 nodes distributed in more than 70 countries and regions, covering six continents.
Security Management
Features multiple security approaches including URL encryption, video encryption, and anti-leech measures. These security measures mitigate the risks associated with live video bootlegging and broadcasting without consent from the copyright owner.


  • Video Capture SDK

    ApsaraVideo Live offers various client upstreaming features and proven video solutions. Supports playback on multiple clients and uses adaptive streaming bitrate to meet various user scenarios.

    Advanced Face Filters

    Offers various filters and supports facial recognition to customize and beautify your facial features.

    Audio Processing Technologies

    Offers audio mixing, in-ear monitoring and other audio processing technologies.

    Instant Loading

    You can load the player in seconds by using the optimized SDK network layer.

    Frame Optimization

    The frame optimization technology minimizes end-to-end streaming latency to achieve a smooth viewing experience.

    Seamless Information Insertion

    Easily inserts Supplemental Enhancement Information (SEI) in live streaming, which is suitable for live streaming quizzes, PowerPoint presentations and other scenarios.

    Live Screencast

    Supports live screencast and saves recordings locally to meet various scenarios.

  • Video Playback SDK

    The playback SDK features quick and easy access to multiple platforms, and enables video providers to rapidly deploy multiscreen offerings of live content.

    Playback on All Platforms

    Provides standard player SDKs for websites and mobile devices using both iOS and Android. Custom development is available.

  • Live Streaming

    Features best-in-class CDN technologies and high-quality BGP networks, ensuring the quality of live video transmission.

    Edge Stream Pushing

    Videos are streamed to the optimal CDN node to ensure that the users are visiting the most efficient upstream network, reducing stutters and slow streaming caused by upstream transmission.

    Global Acceleration

    Supports video capture and distribution through leased lines in Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, South Korea, Japan, and other advanced countries and regions. Enables cross-border live broadcasts and improves real-time viewing experience worldwide.

  • Live Video Transcoding

    Supports most live-streaming encoding formats. Offers professional and customizable transcoding templates.

    NarrowBand HD Transcoding

    Offers best-in-class NarrowBand HD transcoding technology to save substantial bandwidth costs for users while maintaining quality.

    Flexible Watermarks

    Users can add configured watermarks to safeguard video copyright.

    Transcoding Templates

    Offers preset templates and custom transcoding templates to meet various needs.

  • Security

    Offers a variety of encryption technologies and a comprehensive detection system. Protects the content owners against piracy and hotlinking.

    Anti-Leech Function

    Prevents hotlinking and supports referrer blacklist and whitelist.

    URL Encryption

    URL encryption is achieved by the collaboration of Alibaba Cloud CDN nodes and client resource sites. It is a more secure and reliable way to help content owners prevent hotlinking.

    HTTPS Secure Acceleration

    The enterprise-level HTTPS acceleration service protects content owners against hijacking, tampering, and the leaking of resources.

  • Smart AI

    Provides video AI services for multiple scenarios based on computer vision technology, deep learning, and massive data.

    Illicit Content Identification

    Supports long images, GIF images, and other formats. The content identification can be adjusted according to the needs of the user.

    Advertisement Identification

    Controls specific advertising events in a timely manner. Identifies variant advertisements in italicized rows, WordArt and other formats.

    Scenario Recognition

    Effectively identifies static, meaningless video content to ensure an efficient management and control system.

    Speech Recognition

    Offers multiple recognition solutions to match various scenarios.

  • Statistical Analysis

    Customer demographics based on wide ranging data and various analysis perspectives help to expand your business.

    Quality Monitoring

    Features real-time quality monitoring on upstreaming. Locates playback problems in a timely manner.

    Multidimensional Visitor Data

    Provides multidimensional data of visitor features, including unique visitors, geographical distribution and watch time, to help you better understand the audience.

  • Cloud Program Directing

    Offers comprehensive solutions including content management, content rebuilding and media release, based on the powerful processing capacities of the cloud. Rebuilds the traditional video production tools through Internet products.

Customer Scenarios

  • Cultural and Entertainment Interaction
  • Online Education
  • E-commerce Shopping
  • Financial Live Video
  • Professional Live Streaming
Cultural and Entertainment Interaction

Cultural and Entertainment Interaction

Offers solutions for global cultural and entertainment events.

Offers end-to-end interactive live broadcast services for global cultural and entertainment events. Provides clients in cultural and entertainment broadcast industries with cost-effective video transcoding and worldwide distribution services.

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  • Talent Live Broadcast

    Applicable for talk shows and Changba. A social media platform, Changba allows amateur musicians to live stream their music.

  • User-Generated Content (UGC) Videos

    Applicable for live streaming common activities, entertainment, and video dating.

  • Game Live Broadcast


Online Education

Online Education

The Architecture of Education Live Streaming

Provides high-quality BGP multipath, Server Load Balancer (SLB) service, scalable cloud servers, ApsaraDB and security services. Helps clients to rapidly deploy online education interaction websites on Alibaba Cloud to facilitate online evaluations, online exams, and online interactions between teachers and students.


  • Corporate Training

    Used by enterprises, institutions and group companies for cross-regional training.

  • Professional Education

    Applicable for all education levels including adult education programs.


E-commerce Shopping

E-commerce Shopping

Offers video solutions for E-commerce content.

Watch and buy means that during the live video, stars and celebrities demonstrate the product on site to exhibit the product information in an all-round way, in a bid to influence user decision-making and strike deals.

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  • Shopping Mall Live Broadcast

    Applicable for product introduction and unboxing videos. Helps to maximize your sales conversion rate.

  • WeChat Business Interaction

    Monetizes your products and strikes deals through the “live streaming + interaction” mode and social media effects.


Financial Live Video

Financial Live Video

The overall architecture of financial markets live video.

Leveraging highly available business disaster tolerance architecture, highly stable and high-performance cloud hosts, cloud storage, database, and global live video CDN services. ApsaraVideo Live provides robust security services for financial cloud products and services tailored to enterprises.


  • Securities and futures

    Applicable for investor education and analysis of securities exchange quotations.

  • Insurance industry

    Applicable for agent training and insurance products introduction.

  • Banking

    Applicable for the introduction of financial products, financial customer training, and analysis of securities exchange quotations.


Professional Live Streaming

Professional Live Streaming

The architecture of professional live streaming.

Offers a professional broadcast platform for news, sports, and variety shows based on the concept of “professional + convenient + user friendly”. User-friendly and cost-effective. Helps new media users to rapidly build a professional broadcast platform.

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  • Sporting events

    Large-scale sporting events and competitive activities.

  • News media

    The radio and television broadcast media industry.


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