Cloud Solution for Telecommunications

This comprehensive cloud solution enables telcos to provide consistent full-lifecycle customer services through a unified data-driven platform on and off the cloud.


Telecommunication companies (telcos) are transforming their telecommunications services towards a more automated, data-driven, cloud-based platform to engage customers from omnichannels, manage resources across different telco data warehouses, and monetize their investments on 5G, IoT, and cloud computing.

Alibaba Cloud and Whale Cloud provide a full-lifecycle, data-driven cloud solution for telcos on and off the cloud. This solution includes a Telco-Core Business Operation System (BOS), a Cloud Business Enabler Suite for Business Support System (BSS), and more. The full-lifecycle Telco Consulting Service can help you align the cloud solution with the broader goals of your business.

Solution Highlights

Full-Lifecycle Telco Service Automation

Streamline and automate all of your telco services across the entire customer lifecycle, from customer engagement and marketing activities to daily operation support

Data-Driven Telco Platform

Leverage big data and AI technologies to connect data from different telco data warehouses and manage it on a unified platform for data-driven decisions with higher profitability and operational efficiency

5G Network Operation Readiness

Adopt a 5G-ready product suite that covers 5G network planning, resource orchestration (edge-network-cloud resource), and network slice management to fully harness 5G opportunities

Leading Cloud-Native Technologies

Build your telco business on a leading cloud-native infrastructure with high reliability, security, performance, and cost-efficiency. Alibaba Cloud’s cloud offerings are among the best in Gartner’s evaluation

Hybrid Cloud Management

Support multiple deployment methods, including public cloud, hybrid cloud, and private cloud. You can realize the hybrid auto-orchestration of services and resources across environments

Agile Deployment

Use the Open Digital Architecture (ODA) framework to validate ODA-compliant software components and ensure agile deployment, speeding up business innovation

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Consulting Services for Telcos Digital Transformation

Help you assess the digital maturity of Telcos, plan executable roadmaps, optimize data-driven business strategies, and improve operation efficiency starting from every stage of the digital transformation

Digitalization Assessment
Analyze the readiness of your digitalization and prioritize the challenges to your vision
Journey Planning
Layout the overall transformation strategy, identify key steps, and make step-by-step executable plans
Operation and Optimization
Develop Telco business for operational efficiency and continued data-driven business success

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In Partnership with Whale Cloud

Whale Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. is a global leading data intelligence technology company dedicated to helping customers succeed in the era of digital economy. Whale Cloud's telecom BSS and OSS products have made it one of the world's top vendors in the global telecom software industry.

Security and Compliance

We are committed to providing stable, reliable, secure, and compliant cloud computing infrastructure services across major jurisdictions around the world.
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  • ISO 27001
  • SOC2 Type II Report
  • C5
  • MTCS
  • ISO 27701
  • DPTM

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