Advanced Database & Application Migration (ADAM)

An easy transformation for heterogeneous database.

A Sharp Tool for Heterogeneous Database Migration

Heterogeneous database migration has always been a pain point of database migration. Traditionally, assessment of the compatibility and workload is difficult to complete in a short time; and it is also difficult to automatically output the transformation scheme and sort out the relationship between the database and the application. ADAM decreases the difficulty of heterogeneous database migration with functions of compatibility assessment, structure transformation suggestion, migration workload evaluation, application transformation assessment and suggestion.

ADAM supports database assessment, database transformation, and application assessment and transformation for six heterogeneous database types.

Database Assessment

With ADAM database assessment function, the assessing time is greatly shortened, you can obtain the feasibility analysis results of migrating to the target database within hours.

Database Transformation

Using ADAM, you can create a complete object structure of the target database within hours on the cloud, even without the knowledge of the syntax of the target heterogeneous database.

Application Assessment and Transformation

A comprehensive picture of transformation information of related applications is provided by ADAM, including application transformation points, application migration blueprints, and so on.

ADAM Migration Assessment Report

Besides an online viewing of assessment results, ADAM also generates a variety of assessment reports, including database assessment reports, migration and transformation reports, migration risk reports, and database profiling reports.


Database Assessment

Assess the feasibility of heterogeneous database migration.

Database Data Collection

Automatically collects basic information about the source databases, including DDL, SQL, digital dictionary, and performance data.

Portrait Analysis

Analyze the database situation to present a comprehensive picture of the current situation of the database.

Target Database Recommendation

Evaluate the feasibility of migrating to various target database types to help you select cloud databases.

Target Database Compatibility Assessment

Evaluate the compatibility, risk, and capacity of the target database to automatically generate a comprehensive migration solution.

Database Migration and Transformation

Intelligent transformation of heterogeneous database structure.

Source Database Updates Follow-Up

According to the latest situation and the migration plan of the source database , the modified, deleted, and created objects are automatically identified, and the cloud migration plan is updated in time without manual processing.

Structure Migration

Automatically evaluates and verifies incompatible objects, and generates a transformation plan for as much objects planned to be migrated as possible to the target database to minimize the workload of heterogeneous data migration.

Structure Revision

For objects that cannot be migrated automatically, ADAM provides intuitive prompt information and solutions so that you can easily transform them according to the prompt information.


The Intelligent Analysis of Migrating Workload

Assessing the transformation workload is always difficult.

Due to the long development cycle and the large number of personnel involved in development and maintenance of the traditional IT architecture, enterprises may not be able to fully understand the history and every details of current system. You may have already thought about the option of migrating to a cloud database or other types of databases, but felt so difficult to assess the cost of transformation.

ADAM's Values

  • Accurate Portrait

    Provide a comprehensive feature portrait of the database to be migrated.

  • Intelligent Assessment

    Sort out the compatibility and transformation workload of migrating to the target database, and provide detailed assessment reports.

ADAM empowers heterogeneous databases migration.

No tools for heterogeneous database transformation.

There is no scheme transformation tool for heterogeneous database migration on the current market. Enterprises have no choices but investing significant resources to solve the transformation problem of heterogeneous databases.

ADAM's Value

  • Schema Migration and Correction

    ADAM's ability of heterogeneous databases transformation automatically creates the schema of the target database and completes the structure migration in one stop.

Besides database migration workload assessment, ADAM can also help you sort out related applications.

The application architecture is difficult to sort out.

For an application cluster, the database relationship is intricate and complicated. To assess the amount of applications required to be transformed for database migration is difficult, and even the amount of applications affected by a change of a table is impossible to confirm. Application architecture sorting out is a major pain point in heterogeneous database migration.

ADAM's Value

  • Application Assessment

    ADAM reduces the difficulty of application transformation. With ADAM application evaluation capability, you can quickly sort out the application architecture of the source database, including the relationship between each application and the database, application migration grouping, application transformation requirements, and so on.

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