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    Share your referral code with your friends.

  • Register

    Your friend registers and starts building with us

  • Get $20

    Get $20 if your friend's spending reaches $20

  • Get 10% Bonus

    Get extra 10% based on the amount that exceeds $20

You can get a maximum of $300 in cloud credits from each friend that you referred. There is no limit for the total number of referrals.

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How to Invite Your Friends

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What Your Friends Will Receive

  • $10 Cloud Credit

    No minimum purchase amount required. Applicable to select Alibaba Cloud products and valid for 60 days.

  • $10 OFF $20

    A minimum purchase of $20 is required. Applicable to select Alibaba Cloud products and valid for 60 days.

  • A Free Trial Worth

    Learn and experience the power of Alibaba Cloud with a free trial package worth $300-$1200


  • 1. What is the calculation rule of my credit?
    1. Once your friend has spent $20 cash in total within 365 days of registration, you'll get $20 in credit after 30 days.
    2. If your friend spends more than $20 during the first 90 days of registration, you will receive an extra 10% credit based on the amount of revenue in excess of $20 generated by your friend. Receiving your credit could take up to four months.
    3. You can earn up to $300 in credit on each friend you refer.
    4. Please refer to console -> billing management -> Coupon Management for details.
  • 2. When can I receive my credit?
    Alibaba Cloud will apply your earned credit as a single coupon to your Alibaba Cloud account on the first week of each month. You can check and use the coupon by navigating to your Alibaba Cloud Console -> Billing Management -> Coupon.
  • 3. What is the validity period of my credit?
    Credit is valid for 365 days from the day you receive it.
  • 4. What can I purchase with the credit?
    You can use the credit to buy any product or service on Alibaba Cloud's international site, excluding Simple Application Service, Web Hosting, Domains, Alibaba Cloud DNS, Marketplace products and other special offers (please see credit use rules on the promotion campaign page).
  • 5. Where can I review my referral stats?
    To review credit information, log on to Alibaba Cloud's international website and select "Console" > "Billing Management" > "Refer a Friend".
    To review credit use details, log on to Alibaba Cloud's international website and select "Console" > "Billing Management" > "Coupons".
  • 6. How can I apply for a referral link?
    Step 1: Register an Alibaba Cloud account and log on to the Alibaba Cloud Console.
    Step 2: Select "Console" > " Billing Management " > "Refer a Friend" to see your referral link. Please note: To apply for a referral link; first you need to add a payment method and then complete our verification process successfully.
  • 7. How can I send the referral link to my friend?
    After you receive your referral link in the console, you can copy and send it to your friend directly or share it on your social network. You will receive your credit after your friend has successfully registered an Alibaba Cloud account by clicking the link and spending at least $20 USD.
  • 8. Are there any restrictions on credit calculation, such as qualifying products for purchase by my friend?
    Yes, the credit is calculated only on Elastic Compute Service (Product), Storage & CDN (excluding Alibaba Cloud CDN), Networking, Database Services, Security, and Analytics & Big Data products. That included in ApsaraDB for MongoDB(Subscription), ApsaraDB for MongoDB(Pay-As-You-Go), ApsaraDB for RDS(Pay-As-You-Go), Content Moderation, DataV, Data Transmission Service(Subscription), E-MapReduce(Pay-As-You-Go), E-MapReduce(Subscription), Image Search, NASPackage, Object Storage Service, Table Store(Pay-As-You-Go), Table Store(Subscription), RDS for MariaDB(Pay-As-You-Go), RDS for MariaDB(Monthly Subscription), Server Guard(International Website), Web Application Firewall, AnalyticDB PostgreSQL(Pay-As-You-Go), Alibaba Cloud Certificates Service, Anti-DDoS Pro, Distributed Relational Database Service(Monthly Subscription), Elastic Compute Service(Pay-As-You-Go), MaxCompute(Subscription), Security Center, Machine Learning Platform For AI, ApsaraDB for KVStore(Monthly Subscription), ApsaraDB for KVStore(Pay-As-You-Go), Quick BI, Managed Security Service.
  • 9. Are there any restrictions to joining and referring a friend?
    If you have multiple accounts, only one account is eligible. Alibaba Cloud reserves the right to disqualify users who engage in the following activities on our platform and/or with our services: credit card theft, fraud, bitcoin mining or similar conduct, illegal activities, or any other activity that conflicts with our terms of service.