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A dedicated network connection between different cloud environments

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Alibaba Cloud Express Connect is a convenient and efficient network service. The product provides a fast, stable, secure and private or dedicated network communication between different cloud environments, including VPC intranet intercommunication and dedicated leased line connection across regions and users.

With Express Connect you can increase the flexibility of your network topology and enhance the quality and security of inter-network communication.

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Optimum Communication Quality

  • Excellent infrastructure provides uncompromising network quality regardless of geographical location

Enhanced Security

  • Isolates the cloud network for your exclusive/confidential use only through virtual network technology, increases security

  • Carries out data transfer between data centers through secured network protocols

Consistent Network Performance

  • Allows you to choose data that utilizes the dedicated network connection and how it is routed, leading to a more consistent network experience as compared to Internet-based connections

Alibaba Cloud Service Compatibility

  • Express Connect works with all Alibaba Cloud services such as Virtual Private Cloud, Elastic Compute Service and Object Storage Service

Product Details

As a convenient and efficient network service, Express Connect is used for fast, stable, and secure private network communication between different cloud network environments.


Dedicated Leased Line Connection

Multi-Region Access:

Each of the regions i.e. Singapore, and U.S. Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen provides more than one access points.

Full-network Access:

Each access point connected to Alibaba Cloud will provide access to the entire VPC network.

VPC Intercommunication

High Bandwidth:

Enjoy 10Gbps or higher VPC intercommunication bandwidth that will cater to massive data transfers

Cross Region:

Supports VPC interconnect in different regions with non-overlapping CIDR

Cross Account:

Supports interconnect of VPCs belonging to different accounts with non-overlapping CIDR


Independent Access:

Choose a leased line from a carrier for independent access to Alibaba Cloud

Access Partner:

Choose an Alibaba Cloud access partner for high-quality, low-cost access services throughout the world

Purchase on Demand

Usage Cost:

Activate the service in real time and pay by month


Provides free bandwidth with the provisioned virtual devices at an affordable prices

Regional Communication:

Minimal communication fee for connections within the same region


The following are a few common Express Connect scenarios:

Multimedia Environments

Multimedia applications requires low network latency for optimal performance. However, latency can vary as the Internet does not provide a consistent performance when transferring data from one point to another. Alibaba Cloud Express Connect allows you to control how your data is routed over a dedicated line, providing a more consistent network experience as compared to Internet-based connections.

Hybrid Environments

Using Alibaba Cloud Express Connect, you can build hybrid environments that require private connectivity with a combination of on-premise infrastructure, cloud technology and third-party cloud service providers that follow industry standard compliance requirements. Hybrid environments allow you to combine the elasticity and economic benefits of Alibaba Cloud Express Connect with the ability to utilize infrastructure that you have already provisioned .

Cross-regional, Cross-account Environments

Use Alibaba Cloud Express Connect to establish a connection between two VPCs in different regions. VPCs in different regions act as an extension of your datacenter. Connect the two VPCs through a secure and stable connection to provide seamless and faster data transfers that will help with automatic synchronization of users’ data between applications.


The specifications and description of the Router Interface:

Specification Maximum Forwarding Data Per Second (MB) Maximum Forwarding Data Per Hour (MB) Maximum Forwarding Data Per Day (MB)
Small.1 1.25 4500 108000
Small.2 2.5 9000 216000
Small.5 6.25 22500 540000
Middle.1 12.5 45000 1080000
Middle.2 25 90000 2160000
Middle.5 62.5 225000 5400000
Large.1 125 450000 10800000
Large.2 256 900000 21600000

Express Connect pricing is based on subscription.

Price details for inter-city connection within Mainland China (Based on Router Interface):

Specification Hangzhou - Shanghai Beijing - Hangzhou Beijing - Shanghai Shenzhen - Hangzhou Shenzhen - Shanghai Beijing - Shenzhen
Small.1 $640/Month $731/Month $731/Month $731/Month $731/Month $731/Month
Small.2 $1,006/Month $1,097/Month $1,097/Month $1,097/Month $1,097/Month $1,234/Month
Small.5 $1,737/Month $1,920/Month $1,920/Month $1,920/Month $1,920/Month $2,149/Month
Middle.1 $2,697/Month $2,926/Month $2,926/Month $2,926/Month $2,926/Month $3,246/Month
Middle.2 $4,160/Month $4,435/Month $4,435/Month $4,435/Month $4,435/Month $4,892/Month
Middle.5 $7315/Month $7726/Month $7726/Month $7726/Month $7726/Month $8412/Month
Large.1 $11,292/Month $11,704/Month $11,704/Month $11,704/Month $11,704/Month $12,664/Month

Price details for inter-region connection between Mainland China with Singapore and US (based on Router Interface):

Specification Mainland China - U.S. East Mainland China - U.S. West Mainland China - Singapore
Small.1 $3,390/Month $3,060/Month $2,210/Month
Small.2 $5,400/Month $4,900/Month $3,640/Month
Small.5 $10,410/Month $9,430/Month $6,760/Month
Middle.1 $16,840/Month $15,240/Month $10,830/Month

For more pricing information about physical leased line access, please refer to Fee Structure.


You also can physically connect to Alibaba Cloud through Alibaba Cloud Network Partners. For more information and other requests, please submit a ticket or contact sales.

Overseas Network Partners Connection Locations:

Partner Hong Kong A Hong Kong B Tokyo A Singapore A Singapore B Sydney A Sydney B Frankfurt A Frankfurt B San Jose A Ashburn A
China Telecom YES
Epsilon Yes Yes
euNetworks Yes
InterCloud Yes
Megaport Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PCCW Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reliance Yes
SingTel Yes Yes
Syscloud Yes
Tata Yes Yes
Vodafone Yes
Zenlayer Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


You can physically connect Alibaba Cloud locations through your Internet service provider. For more information and requests, please submit a ticket or contact sales.

Region Access Point Location
Hong Kong Hong Kong A
Hong Kong B
Equinix HK2 Hong Kong
CT MEG-I Hong Kong
Japan Tokyo A
Tokyo B
Equinix TY10 Tokyo
Equinix TY4 Tokyo
Singapore Singapore A
Singapore B
Equinix SG3 Singapore
Global Switch Singapore
Australia Sydney A
Sydney B
Global Switch Sydney
Equinix SY1 Sydney
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur A NTT CJ3 Kuala Lumpur
Indonesia Jakarta A DCI Jakarta
India Mumbai A CtrlS Mumbai
US West San Jose A
Santa Clara A
Equinix SV5 San Jose,CA
CoreSite Santa Clara,CA
US East Ashburn A
Virgina C
Equinix DC11 Ashburn,VA
CyrusOne Sterling,VA
Germany Frankfurt A
Frankfurt B
Vodanfone Frankfurt
Equinix FR4 Frankfurt
Middle East Dubai A
Dubai B
Equinix IMPZ Dubai
Khanza Dubai
China North 1 (Qingdao) Laoshan A Laoshan A
China North 2 (Beijing) Changping A
Daxing A
Daxing B
Fengtai A
Shunyi A
Yizhuang A
Changping A
Daxing A
Daxing B
Fengtai A
Shunyi A
Yizhuang A
China North 3 (Zhangjiakou) Zhangbei Xiaoertai A Zhangbei Xiaoertai A
China North 5 (Huhehaote) Huhehaote A Huhehaote A
China East 1 (Hangzhou) Jianggan A
Jianggan B
Linan A
Xiaoshan A
Xiaoshan B
Yuhang A
Jianggan A
Jianggan B
Linan A
Xiaoshan A
Xiaoshan B
Yuhang A
China East 2 (Shanghai) Baoshan A
Baoshan B
Baoshan C
Pudong A
Pudong B
Pudong C
Baoshan A
Baoshan B
Baoshan C
Pudong A
Pudong B
Pudong C
China South 1 (Shenzhen) Futian A
Longhua A
Nanshan A
Yantian A
Futian A
Longhua A
Nanshan A
Yantian A

Getting Started

Get started with Express Connect now to increase the flexibility of your network topology and enhance the quality and security of inter-network connections.

Using Alibaba Cloud Express Connect through Management Console

The Alibaba Cloud Management Console provides a simple web-based user interface to access and configure Express Connect. Create, modify, and manage your Express Connect using this console.

Alibaba Cloud Documentation

If you want to create your own Alibaba Cloud Express Connect, please refer to the Express Connect Documentation. This documentation provides a detailed description of how Express Connect works and how to modify and manage Express Connect.

Alibaba Cloud Express Connect API Reference

Use web-based Alibaba Cloud Express Connect APIs to programmatically create and manage your Express Connect resources.


Express Connect can quickly provide you with a dedicated network connection between various environments across the world. The following resources offer detailed information about Alibaba Cloud Express Connect.

Developer Resources

Click on the following links for advanced features, documentations, and other related information that will show you how to improve the efficiency of your existing application by integrating them with Express Connect:

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General Questions

1. Which Alibaba Cloud services can be used with Express Connect?

  • All Alibaba Cloud services, including Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Object Storage Service (OSS), RDS, and Table Store can be used with Express Connect.

2. Can I use the same private network connection with Alibaba Cloud VPC and other Alibaba Cloud services simultaneously?

  • Yes. Each Express Connect connection can be configured with one or more virtual interfaces that may be configured to access Alibaba Cloud services, such as ECS and OSS, or resources in a VPC using private IP space.

3. Where is Express Connect available?

  • Express Connect is available in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen with multiple access points. This service will soon be available in overseas regions, including Singapore, and U.S. West.

4. What Alibaba Cloud products can be used with Express Connect?

  • Express Connect supports the interconnection between VPC and other network environments, allowing you to access VPC-compatible cloud products, such as ECS, Server Load Balancer, ApsaraDB for RDS, and OSS.

5. Can I upgrade the Router Interface specification after I bought them?

  • Express Connect Router Interface does not support automatic upgrade of specifications. Router Interface pricing is based on Subscription, you cannot perform configuration upgrade within the billing cycle. We recommend that you select the appropriate specifications of the Router Interface according to your business requirements.

6. Do I have exclusive use of the Express Connect Router Interface resources or do I share them with other users?

  • After you purchase Express Connect Router Interface, you are logically assigned the exclusive resources you purchased.

7. How reliable is Express Connect?

8. Is there a limit on the amount of data that I can transfer through the Express Connect Router Interface?

  • Alibaba Cloud will limit the amount of data that can be transmitted, based on the Router Interface that you purchased.

9. What are the specifications of the various Router Interface?

  • Router Interface supports several specifications such as Small.1, Small.2, Small.5, Middle.1, Middle.2, Middle.5, Large.1, Large.2. You can find more details in Express Connect Fee Structure. If you need more specifications of router interface, you can submit a ticket to us.

10. What are the prerequisites for using Express Connect?

  • You must have a registered Alibaba Cloud account with complete information.

  • You have VPC in Alibaba Cloud.

  • You must have physical connectivity between your various locations. For physical connection setup, you can contact a carrier or buy a carrier leased line on Alibaba Cloud Marketplace.

Billing Questions

1. Why can't I buy Router Interface for inter-region connectivity?

  • Currently, the minimum specification of Router Interface for inter-region is Small.1. Due to the special nature of the inter-region services, the console does not support direct self-purchase. However, Alibaba Cloud does provide offline service activation and procurement. You can submit a ticket or contact your customer manager for more details.

2. What is the pricing model for Express Connect?

Technical Questions

1. How do I obtain the location of an Alibaba Cloud access point if I want to buy a leased line?

  • You can submit a ticket to obtain the geographic location of an access point. However, the Alibaba Cloud system will only assign the specific datacenter location to you after you procure the Physical Connection access fee on the Alibaba Cloud website.

2. Is physical connection redundancy supported?

3. What interfaces and protocols does a physical connection support?

  • A physical connection to Alibaba Cloud supports the optical interface LC mode and electrical interface RJ45 mode. Currently, physical connections only support the Ethernet protocol, not the V.35, G.703, and other protocols.

4. Does a redundant physical connection support multi-carrier access or multiple access points?

  • Yes. We suggest you access Alibaba Cloud through different carriers at different access points to improve redundancy.

5. What routing modes does Express Connect support?

  • Currently, Express Connect only supports static routing.

6. Does Express Connect support network address translation (NAT)?

  • • NAT is currently not supported for Express Connect. When using Express Connect, users have to ensure no network address conflict on both ends of the connection.

7. Does Express Connect support quality of service (QoS)?

  • No.

8. Can I extend my local VLAN to VPC through Express Connect?

  • No. Currently, Alibaba Cloud only supports L3 interconnection.

9. How do I connect my physical hosting network to VPC through Express Connect?

  • You can rent a point-to-point leased line from a carrier or use a leased line of an Alibaba Cloud partner.

10. Can I interconnect multiple VPC instances through a physical connection?

11. How many VPC instances can be interconnected through one physical connection?

  • By default, each VRouter instance supports six VRouter interfaces. Therefore, one physical connection supports five VPC instances interconnected through the L3 interface.

12. Are the interconnected VPC instances isolated over the Physical Connection?

  • You can configure VLANs over the physical connection to isolate network data.

13. Which access point do I connect to if I want to use Zone A where my ECS instance is located?

  • Zone and access point are two concepts of region and they do not have a strict mapping relationship. You can choose the access point deployed at Alibaba’s POP point (network service provisioning point) in the corresponding region. POP points and zones share a common geographic location in some regions.

14. I have applied for a point-to-point leased line from a carrier to connect to an Alibaba Cloud access point. What VLANID can I use during VBR configuration?

  • If the device for leased line access in your physical hosting machine room supports the L3 port and you do not require VLAN-based VPC isolation over the physical connection, you can set VLANID to 0.

  • If you need to isolate data through VLAN, VLANID on both ends of the leased line must be the same.