Function Compute

A secure and stable, elastically scaled, O&M-free, pay-as-you-go, serverless computing platform.

Alibaba Cloud Function Compute is a fully managed, event-driven compute service. Function Compute allows you to focus on writing and uploading code without having to manage infrastructure such as servers. Function Compute provides compute resources to run code flexibly and reliably. Additionally, Function Compute provides a generous amount of free resources. No fees are incurred for up to 1,000,000 invocations and 400,000 CU-second compute resources per month.

Efficient and O&M-free
Function Compute frees you from purchasing servers, configuring load balancers and resource scaling, and other O&M operations so that you can focus on developing business logic and writing core code. This simplifies service construction and speeds up development and iteration.
Elastic and Highly Available
Function Compute automatically scales and mobilizes computing resources within milliseconds to handle traffic peaks. The reserved instance feature will provide enhanced performance and help you easily migrate online applications to Function Compute as well as avoid latency glitches caused by cold start.
Low Cost on Demand
Function Compute provides flexible billing methods for a variety of scenarios to save costs. The pay-as-you-go method charges you for instances you have used. The subscription method allows you to purchase computing powers based on estimated business load. The combination of pay-as-you-go and subscription instances effectively reduces costs.
Stable and Highly Reliable
Function Compute is deployed in distributed clusters that are located in multiple zones. If a natural disaster or power failure causes a zone to become unavailable, Function Compute automatically uses instances in another zone of the same region to run functions and ensure high service availability.

Customer Stories

Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo uses Function Compute to process images billions of times a day, reducing overall costs by 35%.

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Lianhua Supermarket

Lianhua Supermarket

Lianhua Supermarket uses Function Compute and Tablestore to handle business traffic bursts in scenarios such as Double 11.

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Shimo Docs

Shimo Docs

Shimo Docs uses Function Compute to eliminate performance bottlenecks, saving 58% on server costs.

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Yuque uses Function Compute to process CPU-intensive tasks, eliminating the costs to build clusters.

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Function Compute and Serverless Workflow reduce costs, improves service elasticity, and contributes to the smooth and concurrent executions of automated workflows during peak traffic hours.

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By virtue of this model, the people-days required to develop have been reduced by more than 30%.

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Function Compute monitors and processes changes in the volume of business, and carries out adaptive scale-out and scale-in within milliseconds.

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With Function Compute, AutoNavi delivered outstanding performance during the peak hours of the 2020 Chinese National Day (Golden Week)

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MosoInk uses Function Compute to save 60% on IT costs.

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Malong Technologies uses Function Compute to deploy reasoning applications, improving development efficiency and saving 30% on costs.

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115 Technologies

115 Technologies

115 Technologies uses Function Compute to improving development efficiency and Lower maintenance cost.

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Lagou uses function Compute to quickly construct online programming system.

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Use Cases


Services Integrations

Function Compute associates event sources with triggers. An associated event source triggers a function to execute either synchronously or asynchronously when an event occurs. The change event is passed as an input parameter to the entry function.

OSS Trigger

Automatically triggers function execution when bucket objects are changed.

Tablestore Trigger

Passes change information as an input parameter to trigger function execution when table data is changed.

Log Service Trigger

Regularly obtains updated logs and triggers functions for custom log processing.

MNS trigger

Writes functions to process messages published on topics in real time.

CDN trigger

Writes functions for customized processing of CDN events such as refreshing and prefetching.

HTTP trigger

Receives and processes HTTP requests as well as returns HTTP responses.

Time trigger

Triggers function execution at a specified time point.

EventBridge trigger

Route events to Function Compute by using event rules.

Kafka Connector trigger

Export data from a topic in the Kafka instance to a function.

Cloud Monitor trigger

Allows you to use monitoring events as event sources.

MQTT trigger

Export data to an HTTP function of Function Compute by using data outflow rules in the MQTT console.

Programming Languages

Function Compute supports multiple programming languages and custom runtimes.


Node.js 6, Node.js 8, Node.js 10 and Node.js 12 are supported. Node.js runtimes configured with HTTP triggers are compatible with Express, a Node.js web application framework.


Python 2.7 and Python 3 are supported. Python runtimes configured with HTTP triggers comply with the WSGI specification.


Java 8 & Java 11 is supported. Java runtimes configured with HTTP triggers are based on the Servlet protocol.


PHP 7.2 is supported. PHP runtimes configured with HTTP triggers comply with the PSR standard (HTTP message interfaces).


.NET Core 2.1 is supported. C# runtimes configured with HTTP triggers comply with .NET Standard 2.0.

Custom Runtimes

Customizes execution environments for multiple languages such as Go, Ruby, and Lua. Applications can be directly migrated to Function Compute by one click.

Custom Container Runtime

It offers developers a simpler experience and makes development and delivery more efficient.

Development Tools

Function Compute provides convenient development tools to help you smoothly develop, debug, and deploy applications in local environments.


An application development tool for you to create resources, debug locally, and install third-party dependencies online.


It is a command line tool provided by Alibaba Cloud Function Compute to help you manage resources in Function Compute.

Visual Studio Code Extensions

The development, debugging, and deployment tools based on Visual Studio Code to help you create, debug, run, and deploy functions.

Serverless Devs

Serverless Devs is an application center that integrates online search, deployment, and visualized editing of serverless application.

Midway Serverless

A serverless framework used to build Node.js functions in the cloud, which helps you concentrate more on the product R&D in the cloud-native era, lowering maintenance costs.

Cloud development platform

A one-stop and all-in-cloud development platform oriented to developers and SMEs. Once you open the browser, you can develop, debug, and deploy online.

Various Resource Types

Function Compute supports a variety of resource types to improve computing performance.

Reserved Instance

Allows you to assign and release instances for functions. The always-on instances completely eliminate the latency glitch caused by cold start.

Pay-as-you-go Instances

Dynamically allocates instances based on requests to handle traffic peaks.

Various Instances

Function computer provides two instance types,Flexible instance and Performance instance.

Flexible instance

The maximum package size of a flexible instance is 50 MB. Functions in a flexible instance can run for up to 600 seconds,it provides free monthly tier.

Performance instance

It is an instance type that has higher specifications, don't provide free monthly tier.

Flexible Billing Methods

Function Compute provides flexible billing methods for a variety of scenarios to save costs.


You are charged for instances you have used.


You can purchase computing powers based on estimated business load. The combination of pay-as-you-go and subscription instances effectively reduces costs.

Certification course: Deploy an Image Process Service Using Function Compute

Through this Clouder lesson, you will learn how to deploy an image process service on Alibaba Cloud without even using a server (server-less architecture).

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