Looking forward to
the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics and the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics,
Alibaba firmly believes that
hope lights the way.
Let Hope Shine,
Brighter Together

Alibaba supports the Olympic Games with cloud computing services and global e-commerce platforms, rekindling the light of hope for everyone.

Let Hope Shine, Brighter Together

He was 0.001 seconds short of qualifying for Tokyo 2020.
Now he is aiming for Paris 2024
and a new world record.
People with clear goals never look back.

Let Hope Shine, Brighter Together

This is a graduation ceremony that is unique to 2020.
We cannot embrace each other in person,
but we can always find a way to meet on the cloud.

Let Hope Shine, Brighter Together

I can play the hardest piano pieces,
but I want to dedicate "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"
to everyone who is full of hope.

Let Hope Shine, Brighter Together

During the lockdown,
the staircase turned into his exclusive track.
The power of persistence in the darkness lights the path ahead.

Let Hope Shine, Brighter Together

She was ready and then she had to wait.
She waited from 2020 to 2021,
but she never gave up on her dream.

Let Hope Shine, Brighter Together

He cannot see the piano keys,
but he warms the hearts of his neighbors with his music.
People like him light up the world.

Let Hope Shine, Brighter Together

Returning to the stage after 128 days of theater closure,
they take a curtain call to 2416 empty seats,
and to the light that shines on them on the stage.

The IOC is entering into a new era of digitalization which we are doing in partnership with Alibaba

—— Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee

January Alibaba Group, in partnership with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), announced a 12-year Olympic journey of global cooperation.
June Alibaba employees around the world joined Olympic Day celebrations for the first time, and June 23 was chosen as the Alibaba Day of Sport.
August IOC President Thomas Bach visited Alibaba headquarters for the first time and unveiled the Alibaba x Olympic rings sculpture to commemorate the long-term partnership.
November 20 Alibaba employees were involved in the PyeongChang Olympics torch relay as torchbearers for the first time.
December Alibaba launched the first Tmall Ice and Snow Festival, creating buzz for the 2022 Beijing Olympics and boosting sales for winter sports activities and merchandise.


January Alibaba Group launched its first global Olympic advertising campaign "To the Greatness of Small" for the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics.
February As the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics kicked off, Alibaba launched its Olympic Games Showcase, the "Olympic Games on the Cloud", and unveiled Alibaba Cloud Sports Brain.
May Alibaba Cloud Intelligence unveiled the Cloud Data Center for Beijing 2022.
September Alibaba Cloud launched OBS Cloud with Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS).
December The world's first online Olympic Official Flagship Store opened on Tmall.


January Alibaba Cloud Intelligence and Intel released an AI-powered 3D athlete tracking technology.
June Lazada activated its Olympic Games partnership on the International Olympic Day to further the reach of the Olympic Movement.
July Alibaba was appointed as the Provider of Ticketing Systems and Services for the 2022 Beijing Olympics.
November The first Tmall Double 11 Ideal City campaign was launched in Beijing. Mascot merchandise for Beijing 2022 went on sale on Tmall.


January Alibaba unveiled the Alibaba Cloud Gallery at Narita Airport.
AliExpress activated its Olympic Games partnership at the 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne, and helped to bring Lausanne 2020 to young people in more than 200 countries.
June Alibaba, the Chinese Olympic Committee (COC), and the Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (BOCWOG) organized the #Stay Strong Live Show. More than 100 million viewers watched the show and cheered for Chinese athletes.
July The official Tokyo 2020 interactive portal was launched on Tmall, bringing Olympic content to young fans around the world.


February The "flying ribbon" torch, designed by a creative team of Alibaba for Beijing 2022, was unveiled on the day marking the start of the one-year countdown to the opening of the Winter Games on Feb 4, 2022.
June Alibaba and the BOCWOG launched the Beijing 2022 Cultural Welfare Platform on the International Olympic Day (June 23). Consumers can access the platform by searching for "Beijing 2022" on the Taobao app.
June As Tokyo 2020 restarted, Alibaba presented a new Olympic-themed ad called Let Hope Shine, which aimed to encourage athletes and anyone with hope.


Alibaba Empowers the Digital Transformation of the Olympic Games with Innovative Technologies

Alibaba Launched a 12-year Partnership with the IOC

On January 19, 2017, Alibaba joined The Olympic Partner (TOP) worldwide sponsorship program, and became the official "Cloud Services" and "E-Commerce Platform Services" Partner, as well as a Founding Partner of the Olympic Channel.

Alibaba Launched Showcase at Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 to Share Alibaba's Vision of the Future of the Olympic Games

On February 10, 2018, Alibaba launched the "Olympic Games on the Cloud" showcase at the Gangneung Olympic Park. The event was attended by IOC President Thomas Bach, basketball player Yao Ming, figure skater Michelle Wingshan Kwan, and other distinguished guests.

Alibaba Cloud Unveiled ET Sports Brain to Facilitate Digital Transformation of the Olympic Games

Alibaba Cloud ET Sports Brain is a suite of cloud-based and AI-assisted services intended for empowering major sporting events such as the Olympic Games. Alibaba empowers the sports events of the Olympic Games with the powerful computing capabilities of Alibaba Cloud and its computer vision, machine learning, IoT, big data, and other technologies.Global: Alibaba Cloud Web Hosting" to learn more.

Alibaba Cloud Unveiled Cloud Data Center for Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 at the 2018 Apsara Conference and Shanghai Cloud Summit

At the Computing Conference - Shanghai Summit held on June 7, 2018, Alibaba Cloud and the BOCWOG unveiled the Cloud Data Center for Beijing 2022. The data center will provide strong cloud computing capabilities by using green energy such as wind and solar, and help make Beijing 2022 digital and green.

IOC Opened First-Ever Online Store on Tmall

On December 18, 2018, the IOC announced that it had opened its first-ever online store on Tmall. The store featured about 300 types of Olympic-branded merchandise on the day it opened.

Alibaba Cloud and OBS Launched OBS Cloud

In March 2019, Alibaba Cloud and the BOCWOG launched the "Broadcasting on the Cloud - Cooperative Innovation Campaign". In the same month, Alibaba Cloud and OBS launched OBS Cloud, which was then included in a key project of the National Key R&D Program of China.

Alibaba Organized #Stay Strong Live Show Co-Sponsored by COC and BOCWOG

On June 23, 2020, Alibaba organized the #Stay Strong Live Show aimed at cheering for Chinese athletes. The show was live-streamed on 58 platforms and generated 85.534 million views, setting new records for a sports-related live streaming event. On Weibo, relevant hashtags were clicked more than 740 million times and more than 4 million posts were created.

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