An Introduction to Spring Cloud Bus

This article is an introduction to Spring Cloud Bus.

Alibaba Developer October 22, 2021

Alibaba’s CEO Zhang Talks Open Ecosystems, Bolsters ‘Tech for Good’ Focus

Daniel Zhang, CEO of Alibaba Group, unveils initiatives to cultivate a collaborative, inclusive tech ecosystem.

Alibaba Cloud Community October 22, 2021

Alibaba Nowcasting Delivers Precise Weather Predictions

Short-term AI Weather Forecasting Platform features world-class lead times and accuracy for weather-dependent sectors in China.

Alibaba Cloud Community October 22, 2021

The Size of the E-Commerce Industry

This article covers the e-commerce industry and its size, global market, and sales growth.

Alibaba Cloud Community October 22, 2021

Friday Blog - Week 31 - Automating Stuff With Function Compute

Learn how to Automat All The Things with Function Compute! This week, we show you how to create an HTTP-triggered FC function that can make Alibaba Cloud API calls.

JDP October 21, 2021

Alibaba Cloud to Launch Data Center in South Korea

Global cloud leader’s first local data center for more stable and secure cloud services from 2022.

Alibaba Cloud Community October 21, 2021

Alibaba Cloud Launches New Enterprise Solutions for the Next-Gen Workforce

AI-powered meeting assistant and updated cloud computer unveiled at Apsara Conference

Alibaba Cloud Community October 21, 2021

Alibaba Cloud to Launch New Data Centers and Innovate Products for a Hybrid Future

Technologies and solutions to make cloud smarter, greener and more inclusive

Alibaba Cloud Community October 21, 2021

Alibaba Cloud Launches Collaboration Platform for Sports Events

Premium DingTalk for Sports Games is designed to serve over 100,000 participants at 2022 Asian Games

Alibaba Cloud Community October 20, 2021

Introducing Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS), A New Way to Develop Entrepreneurial Ventures

This article explains Alibaba Cloud Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS).

Rupal_Click2Cloud October 20, 2021

Understand the XA Mode of Distributed Transaction in Six Figures

This article gives a thorough explanation of Seata XA mode.

Alibaba Developer October 20, 2021

Gitlab EE로 Alibaba Cloud 환경에서 CI/CD pipeline 구축하기

Alibaba Cloud에서 CICD pipeline을 구축하는 방법을 알아봅니다. 이번 가이드에서는 GitLab EE(상용 버전)을 가지고 EE버전에서만 활용할 수 있는 고급 기능들과 GitLab을 알리바바 클라우드에서 가장 모범적으로 운영할 수 있는 가이드를 설명합니다.

Haemi Kim October 20, 2021

Top DNS Servers Review

The use of DNS servers isn’t restricted to translating domain names into IP addresses. They are often leveraged to filter sites based on blacklists and sometimes to bypass certain limitations.

Balaban October 19, 2021

Detailed Explanation of Yurt-Tunnel | Resolving the O&M Monitoring Challenges of Kubernetes in Cloud-Edge Collaboration

This article elaborates how Yurt-Tunnel expands the related capabilities of the native Kubernetes system in edge scenarios.

Alibaba Developer October 19, 2021

Alibaba Cloud Unveils New Server Chips to Optimize Cloud Computing Services

IP core series to be open-source for RISC-V community to benefit global developers

Alibaba Cloud Community October 19, 2021

Build a Cloud SIEM Scheme Based on the SLS Platform and Log Audit

This article mainly compares the functions of SLS and Splunk at the platform level.

Alibaba Cloud Community October 19, 2021

MaxCompute + Open Search-Based Search and Development Practices in E-Commerce and Retail Industries

This article describes how to build an e-commerce industry search service quickly and efficiently based on MaxCompute and Open Search from four aspects.

Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute October 18, 2021

MaxCompute-Based Artificial Intelligence Recommendation Solution

This article explains an Artificial Intelligence Recommendation (AIRec) solution based on MaxCompute.

Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute October 18, 2021

Best Practices for Flink on Zeppelin Stream Computing Processing

This article is an overview of the best practices for Flink on Zeppelin stream computing processing taken from a recent lecture.

Alibaba EMR October 18, 2021

Friday Blog - Week 30 - Understanding Network Traffic Costs - Part 2

Join us this week as we dive deeper into network pricing for EIPs, ECS public IPs, OSS, and the wonders of the Data Transfer Plan.

JDP October 15, 2021
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