My Journey to Becoming an Alibaba Cloud MVP

This compelling short article recounts the author's journey to becoming an Alibaba Cloud MVP and the challenges they faced in gaining recognition for their expertise in a competitive industry.

Matthew Chin March 28, 2023

The Winners of the PolarDB Global Hackathon 2023 Have Been Announced

We are pleased to announce the final winners of PolarDB Global Hackathon 2023. Check it out now!

ApsaraDB March 28, 2023

Integrate ZOLOZ on Application

ZOLOZ is a technology solution from Ant Group, a platform to serves real identity verification and authentication based on biometrics.

Alibaba Cloud Indonesia March 28, 2023

Techniques to Construct String Objects and Access Internal Members Quickly

This article offers multiple techniques when constructing string objects in multiple JDK versions (with examples).

Alibaba Cloud Community March 27, 2023

Java 8 Lambda Implementing Source Code Parsing

This article explores the design and implementation of Java 8 Lambda from the source code level.

Alibaba Cloud Community March 27, 2023

Alibaba Cloud MVP Story - Matthew Chin

This short article introduces the CTO of W Tech Group in Malaysia and an Alibaba Cloud MVP.

Alibaba Cloud Community March 27, 2023

What Is AI Analytics? Definition and Use Cases

This article explains the power of AI Analytics and how it extracts valuable insights through its machine learning algorithms.

Lana March 24, 2023

Blogs of the Week – Ep. 49

Each week, we compile the hottest and most impactful topics. Let’s take a look at the 49th episode of Blogs of the Week.

Alibaba Cloud Community March 24, 2023

Menggunakan Flink CDC sebagai real-time data streaming untuk menyinkronkan data terpisah dari tabel MySQL ke Hologres data warehouse

Flink sepenuhnya memungkinkan Anda menyinkronkan data ke data warehouse secara real-time. Blog ini akan menjelaskan bagaimana cara menerapkan Flink untuk menyinkronkan data dari MySQL ke Hologres.

Alibaba Cloud Indonesia March 24, 2023

Product Updates on Alibaba Cloud Products | March 2023

In this article, we summarize the new features, new zones and regions, and experience enhancements of Alibaba Cloud Products in March 2023.

Alibaba Cloud Community March 24, 2023

Cloud Gaming? Perform Unity Remote Rendering on ACK

This article aims to implement cloud gaming scenarios with the help of UnityRenderStreaming containerized Unity applications.

Alibaba Cloud Native March 23, 2023

Best Practices for Containerization of GUI Applications on ACK

This article discusses the X window system and solutions for containerizing Linux graphics applications.

Alibaba Cloud Native March 23, 2023

Code Smell - High Cyclomatic Complexity with Multi-Layer Nesting

This article introduces cyclomatic complexity and discusses good/bad code smells.

Alibaba Cloud Community March 23, 2023

A guide to real-time data processing - Realtime compute for Apache Flink

Nowadays, real-time data analytics are generally used across all industries. Real-time data solutions are inceredibly advantagous since they save time.

Alibaba Cloud Indonesia March 23, 2023

Case Study: How to Eliminate Bad Code

The case study compares the code before and after refactoring from the perspectives of structural design, code readability, and robustness.

Alibaba Cloud Community March 23, 2023

Five Writing Skills Effectively Improving Unit Testing Practices

This article discusses different writing skills that can improve unit testing practices.

Alibaba Cloud Community March 22, 2023

A Deep Analysis of Virtual Keywords

This article introduces virtual and explains how it works ad why it is necessary.

Alibaba Cloud Community March 22, 2023

Make Data Stream Move: An Analysis of RocketMQ Connect Architecture

This article explains the concept, principles, and usage scenarios of RocketMQ Connect and how to write a Connector.

Alibaba Cloud Native Community March 22, 2023

RocketMQ 5.0 in the Big Data Ecosystem

This article discusses RocketMQ 5.0, including its features, architecture, and data stream construction.

Alibaba Cloud Native Community March 20, 2023

The Practice of Apache ShenYu Integrating with RocketMQ to Collect Massive Logs in Real-Time

This article discusses the architecture and traffic governance of Apache ShenYu and how it works with RocketMQ.

Alibaba Cloud Native Community March 20, 2023
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