Function Compute – HTTP API dengan RDS

Eggy Tanuwjiaya, Solution Architect Alibaba Cloud Indonesia, membagikan cara membuat API menggunakan function compute dengan bahasa pemrograman PHP dan dihubungkan dengan MySQL.

Alibaba Cloud Indonesia July 30, 2021

Olympic Broadcasting Services Hosted in the Cloud for the First Time

OBS leverages Alibaba's cloud technologies for Olympic broadcasting services delivery at Tokyo 2020, offering key services accessible from anywhere.

Alibaba Clouder July 30, 2021

Alibaba Uses Cloud Technology to Reduce Heatstroke Risk during Tokyo 2020

Alibaba Group announced a new cloud-based solution to help Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 onsite staff reduce the risk of getting heatstroke during the summer in Tokyo.

Alibaba Clouder July 30, 2021

Friday Blog - Week 19 - Choosing The Right ECS Instance Type

Learn how to choose the right ECS instance type, no matter what kind of workload you're running. Or - if you've only got 2 minutes to spare - just con.

JDP July 30, 2021

Methods of Importing Data to MySQL Servers in Batches

The article lists the two techniques of importing data to MySQL servers, along with examples.

digoal July 29, 2021

Alibaba Provides Cloud Pin at the Olympic Games for Media Professionals at Tokyo 2020

Alibaba Group has unveiled the Alibaba Cloud Pin, a cloud-based digital pin, for the broadcasting and media professionals at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Alibaba Clouder July 29, 2021

Alibaba Cloud Records Fastest Growth among Global Top Cloud Providers

Alibaba Cloud records fastest growth among global top cloud providers and continues to lead in the public cloud market, with the fastest growing year-on-year revenue of 52%.

Alibaba Clouder July 29, 2021



Alibaba Cloud TC Content July 29, 2021

Lindorm Edge 101

This article explains the ins and outs of Lindorm Edge, a high-performance online TSDB service that can be embedded into edge devices.

ApsaraDB July 28, 2021

Reverse Proxy to Access Alibaba Cloud Container Registry

This article describes the interaction logic of the image push-pull process to sort out all the services that need proxies.

Alibaba Container Service July 28, 2021

DADI: Alibaba Cloud's Open-Source Accelerated Container Image Technology

This article discusses the evolution of Alibaba Cloud's cloud-native accelerated container image technology.

Alibaba Container Service July 28, 2021

Application of Real-Time Compute for Apache Flink in Weibo

This article introduces the application of Realtime Compute for Apache Flink with Weibo.

Apache Flink Community China July 27, 2021

Batch and Stream Integration of Flink and Pulsar

This article introduces Apache Pulsar, a next-gen cloud-native message streaming platform, and discusses how it enables batch and stream computing integration.

Apache Flink Community China July 27, 2021

Cloud Migration Solutions from Alibaba Cloud ISV

This article is all about Alibaba Cloud Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Solutions for Cloud Migration.

Rupal_Click2Cloud July 27, 2021

CLB? ALB? 兩種負載平衡產品差異介紹

阿里雲在 Apsara Conference 2020 發布新品應用負載均衡器(ALB),本文介紹 ALB 與 CLB 差異以及常用情境。

Alibaba Cloud TC Content July 27, 2021

Making PostgreSQL Compatible with MySQL Tinyint, Unsigned Int, Zerofill – Domain and Lpad

This short article explains how to make PostgreSQL compatible with MySQL Tinyint, Unsigned Int, Zerofill, and more.

digoal July 26, 2021

A Method to Make MySQL Bit(n) Compatible with PostgreSQL

This short article explains how to make MySQL Bit(n) compatible with PostgreSQL by filling 1 when out of range and 0 when within range.

digoal July 26, 2021

Bitcoin and Blockchain: A Look into the Future of Finance and Distributed Technology

In this blog, we discuss the concepts, challenges, and future of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, together with our guest blogger, Karim Raffa.

Alibaba Clouder July 26, 2021

Cloud-Native Database 2.0: All-in-One Comprehensive Data Management and Services

This is a transcript by Li Feifei, VP of Alibaba Group and Head of Alibaba Cloud's Database BU, on open-source and cloud-native distributed databases.

ApsaraDB July 23, 2021

Battle-Tested Ways to Respond to a Ransomware Attack

Ransomware attacks have taken businesses by storm. Make sure you have an incident response plan that involves timely detection, backups, well-thought-out system recovery techniques, etc.

Balaban July 23, 2021
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