Information Security and Compliance

With top-notch security compliance capabilities and a well-rounded consulting and support system, Alibaba Cloud provides one-stop consulting services to help customers comply with local regulations effortlessly and economically.

Business Challenges

Like the U.S. Privacy Shield framework and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), China’s Cybersecurity Law (2017) has deeply impacted the regulatory environment and increased the factors to be considered when doing business in a major market.

Network Security

Defending against cyber-attacks in one of the most dynamic markets.

Risk & Vulnerability Management

Monitoring and managing risks to ensure business continuity.

Cross-board Data Transfer

Meeting complex requirements for data collection and transfer.

Personal Information Protection

Protecting customer information and defending against ID fraud.

Content Security Risks

Being compliant on content requests, especially for User Generated Content.

Business Licensing Requirements

Setting up a website in Mainland China in accordance with the Cybersecurity Law.

Why Partner with Alibaba Cloud

As the cloud provider with the most significant market share in China, Alibaba Cloud is well-positioned to assist customers in navigating the regulatory environment in China efficiently and economically.

One-stop Compliance Service

From Compliance Strategy through Execution, we will be there to offer step-by-step assistance.

Comprehensive Certification Coverage

Our comprehensive certification coverage facilitates smooth entry into global markets, including the China market.

Market-tested Experience

18+ years supporting Alibaba’s compliance, and assisted more than 1 million businesses with security and compliance services in China.

Top-notch Professional Partners

Alibaba Cloud provides a robust ecosystem that includes industry associations, security software, hardware, compliance consulting, and state-of-the-art solutions.

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Cybersecurity Law Overview

Alibaba Cloud is committed to developing its services to help customers and business partners to comply with the Cybersecurity Law while progressively reducing their workload and saving costs.

Tailored Compliance Solutions

Network Security and Risk Management

  • Compliance Request

    The Cybersecurity Law goes to details about Network Security and Risk Management, relevant scenarios includes: vulnerability management, network security, network logs preservation, and data classification, backup, and encryption.

  • Our Solutions

    Alibaba Cloud has a comprehensive security product portfolio that provides robust support to network security and risk management. Under China Gateway scenarios, our layers of solutions include: vulnerability management, network security, network security log preservation, and data security services.

Cross-border Data Transfer Risk Management

  • Compliance Request

    The Cybersecurity Law makes it clear that under certain circumstances “Personal information and other important data…shall be stored within Mainland China”, and has detailed requirements on cross-border data transfer, which covers various data scenarios in business operation practice: customer data, confidential data and general business data, etc.

  • Our Solutions

    Alibaba Cloud provides a comprehensive data cross-border risk management solution, which includes overall risk assessment, self-assessment consulting, and authority assessment consulting. Together, these assessments enable a compliant data cross-border practice. The overall assessment process is shown in the flowchart.

Real Identity Verification & Personal Information Protection

  • Compliance Request

    The Cybersecurity Law has very detailed requirements in this area. For many businesses, a major concern would be Real Identity Verification. If you are doing business in a large, complicated and growing market, it is always challenging to defend against ID fraud and hacking. It is especially important if you are in the e-commerce, finance, logistics, hospitality, or entertainment industries.

  • Our Solutions

    To defend against ID fraud activities, facial recognition and real identity verification can be used widely and for a variety of purposes. Real Identity Verification is an ID authentication solution that leverages the Alibaba Cloud Facial Recognition and Big Data risk management model to detect ID fraud. And it’s also important that you leverage cyber security products like WAF, Server Guard, and TDS to protect personal information from being hacked.

Content Security and Compliance

  • Compliance Request

    The Cybersecurity Law requests businesses to make sure that their websites do not host superstitious, sexually suggestive, violent, or gambling-related content; this is especially challenging if a business hosts User Generated Content (UGC) online.

  • Our Solutions

    The Content Moderation service leverages Deep Learning technology and benefits from Alibaba’s years of Big Data analysis to provide accurate monitoring of pictures, video, text, and other multimedia content. Constant automated moderation responses in less than 0.1 second with an accuracy rate of up to 95% or higher.

Business Licensing

  • Compliance Request

    According to the Measures for the Administration of Internet Information Services, all websites and mobile apps hoping to provide services in Mainland China must first obtain ICP registration to operate lawfully.

  • Our Solutions

    We help customers to identify their needs for ICP registration types, and work closely with partners to provide an end-to-end ICP Registration Service in China.



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