Data Analytics and AI

Alibaba Cloud’s unified data analytics platform brings reliability, performance, and consistent user experience to every stage of the data lifecycle.


Data powers intelligent business. As the market is maturing and enterprises are adopting various data analytics products and solutions, coherent data integration becomes a new challenge. Alibaba Cloud’s Data Analytics and AI solutions help you build a unified platform with full data analytic capabilities to streamline your data pipeline and create a consistent user experience throughout the complete data lifecycle. Alibaba Cloud provides industry solutions and applications to embed these data analytic capabilities into your business processes and professional Big Data Consulting Services to help lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and make your data analytics journey easier.

Solution Highlights

  • Rich Data Analytics Capabilities

    The Data Analytics and AI solutions leverage the broad set of Alibaba Cloud’s data analytics and cloud infrastructure services to offer all capabilities you need across the complete data lifecycle.

  • Consistent Full-Lifecycle Data Management

    Alibaba Cloud embeds all data analytics capabilities into a Unified Data Analytics Platform to offer integrated support on data consistency with lower TCO and the greatest manageability.

  • Deep Industry Expertise

    Alibaba's continuous innovations in industries, such as new retail, finance, and logistics, develop into our unique methodology on industry solutions and applications with a data analytics approach to accelerate your success.

  • Robust Cloud Platform

    Alibaba Cloud provides a robust supporting cloud infrastructure with high reliability, security, performance, and cost-efficiency. The breadth and depth of its offerings are among the best in Gartner’s evaluation.

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Alibaba Cloud Unified Data Analytics Platform for Complete Data Lifecycle Support

Alibaba Cloud integrates rich end-to-end data analytics and AI products to a unified data development platform to bring a consistent user experience throughout the entire data lifecycle. This includes data ingestion, data storage, data processing, data modeling, and data insights.

Tailored Industry Solutions and Applications with Data Analytics

Conversational AI Service

Round-the-clock chatbots can instantly communicate with your customers for a pleasant and unified experience on multiple channels. The Artificial Intelligence Service solution helps build various types of multi-language customer service chatbots to enable text, voice, and image interactions. You can set up a knowledge base to provide a consistent and engaging user experience for sales, support, and upsells with pre-trained, artificial intelligence algorithms. Additionally, this solution enables smart operations and management of customer service centers, including volume prediction, routing, workforce planning, and real-time dispatching based on productivity and quality priorities.

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Digital Credit Lending

The digitization of the lending process drives marketing operations with data, improves customer experience and decision-making, and saves costs for Financial Institutions (FIs). The Alibaba Cloud Digital Credit Lending solution leverages advanced cloud infrastructure, AI, and many state-of-the-art algorithms incubated by Ant Group to help digitalize your lending business and mitigate risks. It amasses information collection, decision-making, risk management, and on-going monitoring, taking your digital business to a new level and helping you stay competitive in the industry.

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AI Service Dispatch for Field Service Management

Many field service providers (FSPs) are feeling the result of the demanding and ever-changing customer requirements of field service, insufficient manual service dispatch, and unpredictable traffic situations. They are willing to leverage AI technologies to meet customer expectations with higher service dispatch efficiency and lower costs. Alibaba Cloud’s AI Service Dispatch solution can help FSPs fulfill customer’s service scheduling and re-scheduling requirements in real-time through the latest Reinforcement Learning AI technology to improve field service dispatch capabilities and efficiency.

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Personalized Content Recommendation

As digital content increases rapidly, it is difficult for people to find what they want to read, listen to, or watch. Alibaba Cloud's Personalized Content Recommendation solution helps build and launch a personalization solution in the shortest possible time. It brings together partially or fully-managed large-scale data warehouse systems to support massive datasets. New data sources, features, and learning models can be tested, measured, validated, and deployed. Inference models can be sought, iterated, and improved quickly and continually. The solution will also show how easy the preferences result can be exposed to frontend systems immediately. End users can have the best experience based on their real-time actions.

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Featured Products


A real-time data warehouse for serving and analytics


  • Quick Response
  • High Performance
  • Low Cost
  • High Reliability


Complex Query on Big Data | Point Query on Big Data | Federated Computing | Compatibility with PostgreSQL | Integration with DataWorks

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Conduct large-scale data warehousing with MaxCompute


  • Large-Scale Computing and Storage
  • Multiple Computational Models
  • Reliable Data Security Measures
  • Cost Efficiency


Data Channel | Data Storage in a Two-Dimensional Table | Computational Models | Security

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A powerful and accessible data visualization tool


  • Diverse Business Data Presentation
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Data-Based Decision-Making
  • Easy-to-Use Interface


Templates for Any Scenario | Diverse Visualization Widget Library | Wide Range of Databases and Data Formats | User-Friendly Interface

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ApsaraDB for PolarDB

A cloud-native relational database compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle


  • Large Storage Capacity
  • Top Performance and Quick Response
  • High Stability and Data Security
  • High Compatibility


Compute and Storage Decoupling | Shared Storage | RDMA-Capable Network and Optimized Backup | Quick Data Migration

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A secure big data platform using powerful Open APIs for offline data development


  • Development Visualization
  • Multiple Task Types
  • Strong Scheduling Capability
  • Task Monitoring and Alarms


Stable and Efficient Scheduling System | Collaborative Development Capability | Big Data Security Management

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Machine Learning Platform for AI

An end-to-end platform providing various machine learning algorithms for data mining and analysis


  • Visualized Interface
  • End-to-End Solution
  • Myriad Algorithms
  • Powerful Computing Capability


Data Processing | Data Mining and Analysis | NLP (Natural Language Processing) | Multi-Layer Architecture

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Alibaba Cloud Big Data Maturity Framework

Alibaba Cloud uses a Six-Stage Big Data Maturity Framework to help you quickly perform a self-assessment on big data technology readiness, get ready for the big data journey, and use data to accelerate business success.

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Big Data Consulting Services

Consulting Services for Enterprise Data Technology

Alibaba Cloud experts provide enterprises with a lightweight and customized big data consulting service to help assess big data maturity and plan big data adoption with actionable insights. This process will speed up your digital transformation and map out your digital future. Learn More>>>

Key Capabilities

  • Modernize Your Big Data Practices on a Cloud-Native Data Platform

  • Obtain Greater Insights from Advanced Data Analytics

  • Transform Into a Data-Driven Organization

Consulting Services for Retail

Alibaba Cloud experts provide retailers with a lightweight and customized big data consulting service to help assess big data maturity and plan the big data journey in two to six weeks. This process will transform your retail business through big data technologies. Learn More>>>

Key Capabilities

  • Personalized Recommendation

  • Loyalty Improvement

  • Smart Dispatching and Efficient Inventory Management

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