Managed Security Service

Identify vulnerabilities and improve security management of the online business systems with a fully managed security service

Alibaba Cloud Managed Security Service is a security technology and consulting service designed to establish, and optimize, security protection systems so that users can ensure the security of their business on the cloud. Built from years of security experience, Alibaba Cloud Managed Security Service applies best practices that have been developed by leading security experts to greatly benefit cloud service users.


Convenient and Fast
Open as a service, secure operation of full-stack assets on the minute cloud, and quickly make up for shortcomings in technology.
AI Support
AI deep learning mode, comprehensively upgrade detection capability, and help users build deep defense in the cloud.
Professional Safeguard
Let more users on the cloud enjoy the same level of security guarantee capabilities of Alibaba Group.
Cost Reduction
Compared with other operating models, managed security service can help users reduce costs by at least 50%.


  • Vulnerability Assessment Service

    Port Inspection

    This service checks if target servers open unnecessary service ports, which can result in security risks.

    System Vulnerability Scan

    Use professional vulnerability scanners to inspect the security of server operating systems and installed service software.

    Web Vulnerability Scan

    Performs a comprehensive scan and manual inspection of websites for existing vulnerabilities as listed on the OWASP Top 10.

    Vulnerability Review

    Security experts perform a manual review of the scan results to avoid any false positives.

How it works

  • Vulnerability Assessment Service
Vulnerability Assessment Service

Vulnerability Assessment Service

This service is suitable for customers that want to perform a comprehensive security scan on their online systems and receive security reinforcement suggestions.

  • Insufficient Human Resources

    Business security cannot be guaranteed due to insufficient human resources in professional security protection or inability to meet total information security compliance.

  • Identify more vulnerabilities

    Our experts provide a comprehensive security inspection, and analyze the scan results, remove false positives, and issue a security scan report.

  • Cost Efficiency Based on Outsourcing

    Enterprises can outsource security protection and management tasks in order to reduce their costs on security protection and focus on business development.

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