Managed Security Service

Identify vulnerabilities and improve security management of Alibaba Cloud WAF and Anti-DDoS and with a fully managed security service

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Alibaba Cloud Managed Security Service delivers WAF and Anti-DDoS management and security assessment services. With our managed service, potential losses caused by security breaches are reduced and your online business is constantly monitored and protected from incoming attacks.

Managed Security Service is suitable for customers who have purchased Alibaba Cloud's Anti-DDoS and WAF products but lack continuous monitoring capabilities and security engineers to guard against vulnerabilities. The service is therefore ideal for customers who would otherwise need to outsource professionals to assist in ensuring effective service operations.


  • Reduces the total cost of ownership for risk and security management and reduces costs associated with hiring and training high-quality security engineers

  • Focus on core business by assigning security tasks to the experts

  • Faster implementation of changes to security policies through remotely delivered expert configuration management

  • Optimized security policies and maximum protection against attacks

  • Faster response times to security incidents and minimized losses caused by attacks

  • Gain 24/7 System and Organization Control abilities without the need to build an expensive SOC by yourself

Product Details

Managed Security Service provides customers a fully hosting service for Alibaba Cloud WAF and Anti-DDoS, including product deployment, security monitoring, policy optimization, security incident response service and security report service.

Setup Service

  • Create WAF/Anti-DDoS implementation plan

  • Set up WAF/Anti-DDoS for your online web applications

  • Configure and enable https certificate to your website

  • Implement WAF/Anti-DDoS with other products, including Alibaba Cloud CDN

Monitoring Service

  • Continuous monitoring and detection of attacks targeting your system

  • Monitor the impact of security attacks on your system

  • Analyze web attack log to identify potential threats

Policy Optimization

  • Introduce tighter WAF policies by reviewing monitoring results and security test results

  • Optimize WAF policies to protect your website from HTTP floods, SQL injections, cross-site scripting (XSS), and bot attacks

  • Adjust Anti-DDoS policies to reduce the impact of attacks

  • Modify WAF/Anti-DDoS policies based on business requirements

Incident Response

  • Quick response to security incidents such as heavy DDoS attacks

  • Experienced security experts help to deal with attacks


  • Supports daily, weekly, and monthly reports

  • Supports customized reports according to customer needs

Security Assessment Services

  • Services Scan: Detects open port and port banner, and identify unnecessary services.

  • System Vulnerability Scan: Detects CVE vulnerabilities, weak passwords, and system misconfigurations.

  • Web Application Scan: Detects OWASP Top 10 Web Vulnerabilities.

  • Manual Test: Manually analyze target systems and find vulnerabilities courtesy of our security experts.


  • Billing Mode: Pay-by-Month

  • Billing Unit: USD

  • Payment Method: Subscription

  • Please contact our business representatives prior to purchase through the Contact Sales page.

Service NamePriceDescription
WAF Managed Service$20,000/Month*InstanceMainland China and International WAF are considered separate instances
Anti-DDoS Managed Service$15,000/Month*InstanceIf you have more than one Anti-DDoS instance, you will need to make multiple purchases according to the number of Anti-DDoS instances.

Security Assessment Service

Service NamePriceDescription
Security Assessment Service$3,000/Domain*Single PurchasePlease purchase domain numbers according to the number of domains needed for assessment