Intelligent Service Robot

A dialog platform that enables smart dialog (based on natural language processing) through a range of dialog-enabling clients

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Based on natural language processing (NLP), Intelligent Service Robot is a dialog platform that enables smart dialog through various dialog-enabling clients, such as websites, mobile apps, and robots. Users can use domain-specific knowledge bases, configure their own knowledge base for customized smart dialogs and use Intelligent Service Robot to facilitate self-service through multi-round dialog. Intelligent Service Robot can also integrate with third-party APIs to enable complex scenarios such as order search, shipping tracking, and self-service returns.

Note: Intelligent Service Robot only supports offline purchases at present.


1) Instant Response

Intelligent Service Robot provides 24/7 online support and eliminates wait time for users.

2) Natural Dialog Experience

Robots can deliver information and process queries from users in natural languages (Chinese or English).

3) Fast Deployment

Knowledge packages for various domains are available for quick configuration and deployment.

4) Diverse APIs

API support allows flexible and customizable online chat experiences to be generated for tailored scenarios.

Product Details

Key Features

1) Multi-channel Support

Intelligent Service Robot can be deployed on dialog-enabling channels including mobile apps, webpages, and official accounts.

2) Multiple Instances

Multiple instances of Intelligent Service Robot can be created to meet the needs of different user groups.

3) Smart Knowledge Base

An encyclopedic knowledge base utilizes ontology (knowledge engineering) models and Q&A patterns to greatly improve response rate.

4) Multi-round Dialog Support

Supports Multi-round Dialog for complex Q&A scenarios such as booking flight tickets, making appointments, and verifying reimbursement progress, which requires multiple responses and tasks to be handled by bots.

5) Task Automation

Task automation based on intent recognition allows for quick integration of Intelligent Service Robot with service processes and for triggering additional actions.

6) Multi-language Support

Intelligent Service Robot supports semantic recognition and processing of both Chinese and English.


Building Smart Customer Service Robots

Intelligent Service Robot supports automatic initialization of knowledge bases and the use of APIs and SDK to build a smart customer service platform.

The product comes with knowledge base packages tailored for various domains. It also offers template-based batch initialization of knowledge bases, which allows users to quickly initialize their own knowledge bases. The Bot Framework allows you to configure multi-round dialog and integrate Intelligent Service Robot with third-party APIs to fully realize self-service robot capabilities. Once users complete their knowledge base configurations and set up multi-round dialog (if required), they can choose to continue building their smart customer service robots through APIs or SDK, or integrate smart dialog features into their existing customer service systems. Once a user's Intelligent Service Robot is operating, users can receive daily customer service progress reports and optimize their knowledge base by reviewing the list of questions unanswered by their bots.

Product Highlights

- Rapid initialization

Domain-specific knowledge packages allow for mass import of knowledge bases.

- Developer-friendly

APIs and SDK support for various programming languages available.

- Streamlined service overview

Questions unanswered by the bot can be exported through the Question List feature

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