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  • 1
  • 30
    Alias Domains
  • 50 GB
    Data Transfer/Month
  • 30,000
    Monthly Visits
  • 5 GB Web Space
  • OS: Aliyun Linux 7.2 (Red Hat)
  • 1 GB MySQL 5.6
  • Concurrent Connections: 1,000
  • 512 MB Memory
  • Region: US West, Hong Kong
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Aliyun Linux 7.2 (Compatible with Red Hat)
Web Space
5 GB
PHP 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, HTML
512 MB
1GB MySQL 5.6
Monthly Data Transfer
50 GB
Concurrent Connections
Alias Domains
Web Server
Apache 2.4
Alias Domains
Default Page
301 Redirect
404 Page
PHP Parameter and Version Settings
FTP Upload
File Decompression and Deletion
Log Access
Resource Monitoring
PV Statistics Report
Health Check
Web Animation Player
Shock Wave
Supported Audio Files
Decryption Component
ZendGuardLoader V3.3
Graphic Component
GD v2.0
URL Transfer Module (static)
Compressed File Support (Zlib)
Supported SMS

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Cloud Web Hosting Features


No tech background? That's fine.
Use our visual control panel to add domains, manage files, set environment, and analyze traffic and other operations.

Range of Web Builders

WordPress, Joomla!
UCenter Home
Discuz, and more website builders

Fast & Secure

Based on container technology
Resource isolation
Attack isolation capability
WAF security protection
99.999% data reliability


What is Web Hosting?
Web Hosting is a virtual server used for storing and hosting website content. An ECS is divided into multiple compartments, each with independent FTP and Web access permissions. A compartment can only be managed by a single user account and each compartment shares the resources of an ECS. When you purchase Web Hosting, you are essentially purchasing compartmentalized space on an ECS server.
Web Hosting is commonly sold in the form of a package, which allows you to customize server computing resources, memory, network transmission traffic volume, and web builders.
How do I set up Web Hosting?
Navigate to the console and find Web Hosting. Click ‘Manage’ and then follow these steps to build your website:
Step 1. Obtain the account and password of the FTP & database
Step 2. Upload website programs to Web Hosting by FTP
Step 3. Test the website programs on Web Hosting
Step 4. Add a domain name
What common scenarios can Web Hosting be used for?
Website portals for small and medium-sized enterprises:
Set up a website to run your enterprise and promote your brand.
Personal blogs:

Use open-source blog programs, such as WordPress, to set up your own blog on Web Hosting.
Small-sized e-commerce websites:
Set up a small e-commerce website.
Content-based websites:
Install a CMS on Web Hosting to set up content and news-based websites.
How do I transfer my website to Alibaba Cloud Web Hosting?
Transferring your website to Alibaba Cloud is simple. All you need to do is upload your website files via FTP. We also have FTP File Manager information that you can access from the Web Hosting console.
Can I renew or upgrade my Web Hosting?
You can choose to renew Web Hosting manually or set to automatic. Web Hosting can not be currently upgraded.
What restrictions does Web Hosting have in place?
Web Hosting allows you to build 1 website, with a maximum number of 200,000 webpages.
Each database should not exceed 1,000 tables and 1,000 trillion bytes of storage.
CPU is shared on Web Hosting. Memory and disk space is limited. Data Transfer is 50 GB/month
To benefit our users, extra traffic is free from today until a later date.
Web Hosting only supports logging through FTP
All Linux Web Hosting packages must comply with the following restrictions and must not exceed:
A) 25% of a CPU core
B) 512 MB RAM
C) 100 active processes
D) 1 MB/s disk IO
E) The number of access requests processed per second cannot exceed 1000 (1000 QPS)
If you exceed these limits, your site may become slow or lose service.
How many domains can be added to Web Hosting?
Web Hosting supports up to 30 domain names. You can add or delete domain names via the hosting console.
Which region does the Alibaba Cloud Web Hosting support?
Web Hosting currently supports US West 1 and Hong Kong regions. Europe, Asia and other regions will also be opened soon.

Certification course: Using ECS to Construct a Dynamic Website

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