Alibaba Cloud DNS

Alibaba Cloud DNS is an authoritative high availability and secure domain name resolution and management service.

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What is Alibaba Cloud DNS?

Alibaba Cloud DNS (Domain Name System) is an authoritative highly available and highly scalable domain name resolution and management service. This product provides enterprises and developers with a stable, secure, and intelligent service that converts website domain names and app resources into IP addresses. It routes access from end-users to the designated websites or app resources and provides DNS scheduling management.

Mapping Between Domain Names and IP Addresses

Alibaba Cloud DNS is a domain name translator that helps you locate the IP addresses of their websites or app resources on the Internet.


Alibaba Cloud DNS is an infrastructure service with a globally distributed architecture. It synchronizes your data to global nodes, allowing "proximate access".

Alibaba Cloud DNS Benefits

Stable & Reliable

This service draws on state-of-the-art cloud DNS cluster technology and provides 99.9999% availability.

Security Assurance

Based on the defensive experience accumulated by the Alibaba Group over 10+ years, DNS provides users with a powerful built-in defensive service customized specifically for DNS. Withstand DDoS attacks with defensive capabilities up to 500,000 QPS.

Smart Resolution

Enjoy high-resolution accuracy with smart scheduling, speed resolution, and accurate resolution capabilities.

Global Deployment

Using internationally certified BGP data centers, the resolution data is synchronized to global nodes in real time, so that smart and rapid responses can be provided to DNS queries.

Trusted Brand

Alibaba has for many years of experience in operating DNS services, along with extremely sophisticated DNS O&M technology. Alibaba Cloud provides DNS hosting services for over 10 million domain names.

Advanced Proprietary DNS Technology

Through software and hardware optimization, a single Alibaba Cloud DNS instance provides up to 40 million QPS and a capacity to store over 20 million domain names. The service can handle request volumes of over 1 billion QPS and provide over 40 OpenAPIs to enterprises and developers.



FeatureValuePrice (Month/USD )Price (Year/USD )
DNS Query Protection20 000 QPSUS$0.1478US$1.7741
DNS Query Protection100 000 QPSUS$2.2177US$26.6122
DNS Query Protection200 000 QPSUS$3.6961US$44.3537
DNS Query Protection300 000 QPSUS$5.1746US$62.0952
DNS Query Protection400 000 QPSUS$6.6531US$79.8367
DNS Query Protection500 000 QPSUS$8.1315US$97.5781
Minimum TTL120sUS$0.0739US$0.8871
Minimum TTL60sUS$0.1478US$1.7741
Minimum TTL10sUS$0.2957US$3.5483
Minimum TTL1sUS$0.4435US$5.3224
Subdomain Level6US$0.0739US$0.8871
Subdomain Level7US$0.1478US$1.7741
Subdomain Level8US$0.2957US$3.5483
Subdomain Level9US$0.4435US$5.3224
Subdomain Level10US$0.5914US$7.0966
A record count10US$0US$0
A record count20US$0.7392US$8.8707
A record count30US$3.6961US$44.3537
A record count40US$6.6531US$79.8367
A record count50US$9.6100US$115.3196
A record count60US$12.5669US$150.8026
A record count70US$30.3084US$363.7004
A record count80US$36.2222US$434.6663
A record count90US$42.1360US$505.6322
China ISP linedefault, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, China EduUS$0US$0
World Lines (non-China based lines)worldUS$0US$0
World Lines (non-China based lines)continentUS$0.7392US$8.8707
World Lines (non-China based lines)CountriesUS$1.4785US$17.7415
SearchEngineRobotsSearchEngineRobots, GoogleRobots, BaiduRobots, BingRobotsUS$0US$0
Tips:* Prices in the sales system are rounded off and are for reference only.

Product Functions

Product Functions

DNS Traffic Protection QPS

To launch a DNS query attack, the attacker uses servers to send a large volume of domain name resolution requests. This consequently puts a heavy load on DNS servers. If a DNS server is forced to handle excessive resolution requests, this will result in domain name resolution time-out errors. Alibaba Cloud DNS's built-in anti-DDoS protection defends over 10 million domain names against DNS query attacks.

Minimum TTL

When the local DNS server receives a resolution request, it sends the request to the authoritative DNS server to obtain the resolution record and keeps the record for a period of time. During this period, if more resolution requests are received for the same domain name, the local DNS server directly returns the record instead of sending the requests to the authoritative DNS server. The time that a record is kept on the local DNS server is known as the time to live (TTL). The shortest cache time for Alibaba Cloud DNS is 1 second, which is appropriate for situations where records are frequently modified or when record addresses need to be urgently switched. This helps users to achieve high-resolution speeds and accelerate DNS change propagation, so users do not have to wait for the TTL to expire.

Subdomain Level

Alibaba Cloud DNS classifies URLs based on domain names. This function uses ly modified or when record addresses t a record is kept on the ecord for a period of second-level domain names. A possible subdomain for the domain name would be The "a" highlighted in red is the subdomain name. Alibaba Cloud DNS allows you to set up to 10 levels of subdomain names.

A Records Count

This is the maximum number of resolution records that can be added under to single host and line.

ISP Lines

This refers to the carrier lines in a Chinese network environment. In order to accelerate access for Chinese Internet carrier users, Alibaba Cloud DNS's authoritative DNS allows you to set different carrier lines (such as default line, China Unicom, China Telecom, China Mobile, or CERNET) based on access sources. The line options are shown below and default line must be set. If you want to target the Chinese market, you can set this line based on your actual needs. The line options are as follows: Default,China Telecom,China Unicom,China Mobile, CERNET, World Line, Asia, Australia, North America, South America, Europe, and Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, UAE, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Myanmar, Maldives, Nepal, India, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Mexico, Argentina, Canada, United States, Brazil, Switzerland, Spain, France, Russia, and Sweden.

World Lines

This refers to line subdivisions used for international business. You can set resolution record directions based on different access source regions (by continent or by country). If your business scope is international, it's recommended that you use a world line. If your business only uses one server, you do not have to set line subdivisions and can simply set a single default line for resolution records.

Search Engine Robots

Indexing will not be affected if your website shuts down. Web crawlers may have a certain impact on website access performance. In response, you can use a search engine line to provide a separate resolution address for web crawlers. By setting a search engine line, you can increase the speed and likelihood of crawlers indexing your website.

Change DNS Product Domain

After purchasing the Alibaba Cloud DNS enterprise version, you can access an Alibaba Cloud DNS instance. You must bind this instance to a domain name before you can use the paid DNS service for this domain name. In addition, a single DNS instance can only be associated with one domain name. If your domain name changes, you can purchase a change quota to bind the new domain name.

DNS Global Data Centers

With the paid DNS version, internationally certified BGP data centers currently have nodes deployed throughout the world: US East, US West, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, China Zhangbei, and China Hangzhou.The Alibaba Cloud DNS enterprise and free versions have different DNS clusters. The global node deployment of the enterprise version is described above. The data centers for the free version are located in China Shanghai, China Zhangbei, China Shenzhen, and China Hangzhou.

Other Functions

Other Functions

Add Domain

Alibaba Cloud DNS provides resolution service for domain names across the Internet. If you register your domain name with Alibaba Cloud, the Alibaba Cloud DNS system adds your domain name to the Alibaba Cloud DNS console directly. Thus, you can directly use the DNS resolution service for your domain name and do not need to use the "Add Domain" button to add your domain name. If your domain name is not registered with Alibaba Cloud, you must first add it to the Alibaba Cloud DNS console before using the DNS resolution service. You can also use the "Delete Domain" button to terminate the DNS resolution service.

DNS Settings

These settings allow you to add, modify, delete, suspend, and enable records. Resolution records can be A records, MX records, CNAME records, NS records, TXT records, AAAA records, and SRV records. Please refer to the product manual for details about the record types and their settings.

Domain Name Resolution List

This list contains all the domain names for which you can manage resolutions. These domain names can come from one of two sources: If you have registered your business domain name on the Alibaba Cloud international site, this domain name is automatically added to the domain name resolution list and you will be eligible for free resolution services. If you register a domain name with a third-party domain name service provider, you must add the domain name to the Alibaba Cloud DNS console.

VIP Product Management

This function is only available with the enterprise version of this product. It lists the DNS instances that you can renew or upgrade, bind a domain name, and change the domain name.

Comparison of Enterprise and Free Version

Version Comparison

DNS Query Protection×20 000 Q/s-500 000Q/s
DNS Global Data CentersChina Hangzhou, China Shanghai, China Zhangbei, China ShenzhenUS East, US West, Hong Kong, Australia, Germany, Singapore, China Hangzhou, China Zhangbei
ISP LinesDefault, China Unicom, China Telecom, China Mobile, CERNETDefault, China Unicom, China Telecom, China Mobile, CERNET
World LinesWorldWorld, Continent (6), Countries (34)
Minimum TTL600s1s
Subdomain Level5 levels10 levels (maximum)
A Records Count1090
Search Engine RobotsGoogle Bots, Baidu Bots, and Bing BotsSearch Engine Bots, Google Bots, Baidu Bots, and BingBots
Change DNS Domain×
Purchase PlanFreeSupports monthly or yearly subscriptions
Add Domain
Delete Domain Name
Instance Upgrade×
Instance Renewal×
Product Information×
Bind Domain Name×
Change Domain Name×
Unbind Domain Name×
Add Record
Modify Record
Delete Record
Suspend Record
Enable Record

User Guide

User Guide