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Alibaba Cloud DNS (Beta)

Alibaba Cloud DNS provides generic top-level domains (TLDs) both for Mainland China and internationally

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What is DNS?

Domain Name System (DNS) is an industry standard for managing domain names and their Internet Protocols (IP).

What is Alibaba Cloud DNS?

Alibaba Cloud DNS is a secure cloud DNS service currently available to Alibaba Cloud customers in Beta mode.

Alibaba Cloud DNS Advantages

Based on cloud technology, Alibaba Cloud DNS provides the following advantages:

Stability and Reliability

High Availability Service

Alibaba Cloud uses cutting-edge cloud DNS cluster technology and exclusive multi-line BGP to provide automatic cluster migration with no downtime. Alibaba Cloud DNS is available across multiple data centers with real-time monitoring of system performance.

Security Assurance

Alibaba Cloud DNS has Taobao-level defensive capabilities

Alibaba Cloud has developed an Internet traffic flow-cleaning center for over 100 GB traffic, which can quickly identify and track attack behaviors and immediately handle attacks according to preset plans, ensuring the stability and reliability of domain name resolution.

Smart Resolution

Resolutions take effect in real-time for fast access

Alibaba Cloud fully supports province-level smart resolution for multi-line carriers and multi-line smart resolution for other countries.IS Plines:Default 、China Telecom、China Mobile、China Unicom、China Edu、world Lines、Search Engine Robots、Google Robots、Baidu Robots、Bing Robots

Global Deployment

Cutting-edge DNS cluster technology

DNS servers are deployed in BPG Data Centers located in Mainland China, the U.S, and Hong Kong. Alibaba Cloud DNS provides high-speed, low-latency network transmission to ensure that resolution data from multiple nodes are globally synchronized in real-time securely.


Alibaba Cloud DNS provides a powerful and secure domain name resolving portal. This ensures that users have a smooth access experience and provides them with an all-in-one service experience.

Alibaba Cloud DNS can also work with other Alibaba Cloud products, so that the resolution record settings for these products are quick, efficient and secure.

  • CDN/OSS: Alibaba Cloud DNS connects with CDN and OSS through an API which supports the synchronization of settings for the CNAME records produced during domain name resolution

  • Web Application Firewall: DNS works with Web Vulnerability Detection to scan for website vulnerabilities

  • Anti-DDoS Service: DNS works with the Anti-DDoS Service to prevent DDoS attack to your system

  • ECS: Alibaba Cloud DNS works with the ECS to help users easily set host DNS records

How to Buy

Alibaba Cloud DNS is currently available under a Beta release period. You can access the service for free by purchasing our Cloud Web Hosting Package - a one-stop service to build your website

Cloud Web Hosting Package

The Cloud Web Hosting Package provides individual users, developers, and small startups with IaaS services that delivers a comprehensive set of web application development resources. These resources include ECS, web application development images (such as WordPress, LAMP, LEMP and Magento), domain names, and Alibaba Cloud DNS. By selling ECS instances, domain names, and resolution services as a package, this service allows users to customize their own exclusive domain name email servers.

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How do I bind another domain name?

This is not yet supported. Currently, Alibaba Cloud DNS can only be used for the domain name purchased in your Cloud Web Hosting Package to register a domain name. In the future, we will launch a service that allows you to change the domain name.

How do I renew my subscription?

Currently, Alibaba Cloud DNS has a set purchase period of 1-year. We will provide an independent renewal service within 1-year of purchase.

How do I upgrade the service?

Currently, this is not supported but will be available in the next year.