Global Application Acceleration

This solution accelerates your network and applications. It helps you improve and secure network and application access performance. Alibaba Cloud's intelligent wide-area-network (WAN) infrastructure, deployed globally, enables centralized IT management to control network connectivity across enterprises and accelerate applications over any network.


Enterprises are rapidly migrating business-critical applications to cloud-based SaaS consumption models. They move the compute workloads onto the cloud by optimizing or transforming their legacy network infrastructure to a simple, agile, and secure model. Enterprises that require fast and smooth access to their applications on or off the cloud are typically faced with three main challenges. First, having a poor cross-regional network experience can hinder effective collaboration and slow down internet application access. Second, enterprises need to continually secure their application endpoints while making them accessible worldwide. Third, legacy network infrastructures are difficult to deploy, manage, and scale for the rapid iteration of services demanded in the Internet era.

Alibaba Cloud Global Application Acceleration Solution can help you effectively solve these challenges. This solution provides superior network connectivity with global network coverage and smart traffic steering to ensure low latency transmission, optimal route selection, and congestion avoidance. This solution provides you with comprehensive cybersecurity protection by protecting your applications against sophisticated DDoS attacks and malicious traffic. In addition, Alibaba Cloud's centralized IT management platform simplifies initial network setup and ongoing management.

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Solution Highlights

  • Latency-Sensitive Applications Acceleration

    This solution offers you 10x faster speeds than regular networks across the world. Your application will be accelerated from the nearest access node. Alibaba Cloud's network automatically calculates the optimal transmission path for your service traffic to reach your applications based on smart dynamic routing selection and smart traffic steering.

  • Enterprise-Grade Reliability

    This solution offers you enterprise-grade reliability and high service availability, based on Alibaba Cloud's global network infrastructure resources and intelligent traffic steering. This solution's protocol-based health checks run DNS failover to meet your disaster recovery requirements.

  • Enhanced Cybersecurity Protection

    This solution provides a dedicated network transmission pathway with data encryption to safeguard your business data. It automatically associates with Anti-DDoS and WAF with instant upgrades to protect your cloud environment and web applications from malicious attacks, even the TB-level DDoS attacks.

  • Easy Operations & Maintenance

    You can deploy this solution with a few simple clicks in a matter of minutes. Alibaba Cloud's centralized operations and maintenance system provides you with an intuitive experience to access a unified view of your cloud products and associated resources.

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Accelerate Your Applications Without Borders

Alibaba Cloud Global Application Acceleration Solution is able to accelerate your applications over any network. For multinational corporations (MNCs) and Internet enterprises, this solution offers you seamless site-to-site, site-to-cloud, and cloud-to-cloud network connectivity for your websites, mobile applications, and application services. It can also help with your cross-regional collaborations. This solution is designed to offer you fast global connectivity with agility, security and reliability for latency-sensitive applications in the media, finance, and e-commerce industries.

How It Works

Your Challenge

A smooth and friendly user experience for your website, mobile apps, and applications are the key to customer satisfaction — particularly with latency-sensitive services across industries like e-commerce, finance, aviation, hospitality, media, and education. Delays can lead to a dramatic bounce rate increase.

Our Solution

  • This solution allows you quick and secure access to multiple VPCs and regions. It accelerates your global network by deploying acceleration nodes around the world regardless of domain name location. To improve video network experience, this solution can accelerate services with Alibaba Cloud CDN. In addition, this solution can secure your cybersecurity and application security by using Anti-DDoS together with WAF to mitigate attacks. The health check mechanism is able to help you visualize backend service availability based on Alibaba Cloud's availability zones.

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Your Challenge

As cloud adoption increases, you may choose to deploy multiple cloud and SaaS solutions, if traditional enterprise network solutions struggle to satisfy the connectivity needs of workforces distributed internationally.

Our Solution

  • This solution offers a network and application acceleration service for leading enterprise applications such as Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, SAP, Workday, G-Suit, and Zoom. It uses enterprise-grade reliability and has high service availability. It effectively shortens transmission latency for enterprise internal staff, regardless of location, while visiting web applications. Meanwhile, WAF safeguards your applications through precise traffic recognition to avoid or mitigate malicious attacks or intrusion. In addition, our DNS and GTM help you access your applications quickly, easily, and reliably with comprehensive domain name resolution and smart traffic steering.

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Your Challenge

To aid rapid development, enterprises often see migrating services to the cloud as a part of their strategy for digital transformation. However, new issues arise when thinking about how to seamlessly connect offices, staff, and cloud services.

Our Solution

  • With this solution, you can easily set up your own secure and reliable network to connect your offices, IDC, and VPCs across regions. More importantly, your original SSL-VPN/IPSec VPN can be efficiently accelerated to allow fast access without any system transformation.

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Alibaba Cloud's Best Practices in China

As the No.1 cloud vendor in China, Alibaba Cloud closely cooperates with China’s Tier 1 operators to provide you with a smooth and fast connection for your worldwide collaboration and application access, helping your business flourish in Mainland China.

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