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ITeSHOP and Alibaba Cloud drive a new shopping experience.

Retail Asia Pacific Enterprise/Public Sector

South China Morning Post

Alibaba Cloud allows SCMP to cut down on operational costs while supporting business growth and increased demand.

Media Asia Pacific Enterprise/Public Sector


Alibaba Cloud is the best way for a U.S. or an international company to fire up a website in China and get ICP support.

E-commerce Americas SME/Startup


AirAsia Leverages Alibaba Cloud to thwart online bot attacks.

Aviation Asia Pacific Enterprise/Public Sector

Pacific Coffee

Pacific Coffee serves more than just coffee with Alibaba Cloud, they provide an experience.

Retail Asia Pacific Enterprise/Public Sector


Cozitrip is looking to grow the business across Australia and China and showcase their key differentiator in AI technology.

Technology Tourism Asia Pacific SME/Startup

HK Express

Relies on Alibaba Cloud to handle online booking requests.

Aviation Asia Pacific Enterprise/Public Sector


Through clever coding and a hosting environment optimized for China clients are now achieving fast load time for their websites in China.

Technology Asia Pacific SME/Startup


Building a relationship and technical interoperability is essential for us to support our customers and solve real problems every day.

Technology Americas Enterprise/Public Sector


“It is easy to deploy and migrate ECS and RDS products. The performance of the Alibaba Cloud server is extremely flexible, stable, and reliable."

Media Asia Pacific SME/Startup

Dubai Parks and Resorts

The launch of their new ticketing portal on Alibaba Cloud now means they can sell fun anywhere in the world.

Tourism Middle East Enterprise/Public Sector


Startups can just focus on the product and leverage the latest technologies more easily than ever.

Technology Americas SME/Startup


Alibaba Cloud is that they are extremely transparent and this has built a lot of trust.

Technology Americas SME/Startup


Alibaba Cloud's deployment has resulted in our performance enhancement by 400% and a customer shopping experience second to none."

E-commerce Middle East Enterprise/Public Sector


Alibaba Cloud provided HelloToby with top-notch stability and highly scalable computing power

Technology Asia Pacific SME/Startup


Conversant leverages Alibaba Cloud to reduce latency for a major TV company.

Media Asia Pacific SME/Startup


Blogmint relies on Alibaba Cloud to cope with more than 100% traffic growth each month.

Media Asia Pacific SME/Startup


From Startup to Success: CXS International cloud computing infrastructure on Alibaba Cloud allows CXS to actualize uses of AI and machine learning.

Technology Asia Pacific SME/Startup


With operations in over 100 countries, Schneider Electric has developed a new energy management platform that manages high computational operations.

Manufacturing Americas Enterprise/Public Sector


U.S-Israeli company Teridion saw an opportunity in the China market and is now offering 20x average performance over the regular Internet for users in China.

Technology Americas Middle East SME/Startup


Catchpoint, a U.S digital analytics company, has expanded into China to arm customers with the data and analytics needed to make informed business decisions.

Technology Americas SME/Startup

Imperium Financial Group

Learn how a leading financial service company based in HK is levergaing Alibaba Cloud in the Finance industry

Finance Asia Pacific Enterprise/Public Sector

Daily Yoga

Mobile healthcare app Daily Yoga was experiencing rapid growth and needed a single scalable on-demand solution to manage its global customer base.

Media Technology Asia Pacific SME/Startup


Quixey's mobile search services needed flexible access to APIs in order to automate their infrastructure scaling to customize services such as crawling and indexing.

Technology Americas SME/Startup


Fed up with cram schools this Hong Kong startup created an online learning platform and launched a minimal viable product in quick time thanks to the cloud.

Education Asia Pacific SME/Startup

Zheshang Securities

Zheshang Securities entrusted Alibaba Cloud to power their operations in China because of its leadership in the China cloud market.

Finance Asia Pacific Enterprise/Public Sector

BorderX Lab

BorderX Lab a company that draws on big data and A.I to help users buy online.

Technology Americas SME/Startup


Worktile is betting on cloud computing social media and mobile to enhance task management systems through an on-demand collaboration app powered on the cloud.

Media Technology Asia Pacific SME/Startup

A.I. Nemo

A.I. Nemo is a Chinese artificial intelligence startup leveraging the cloud to handle on-demand video calls and live video conferences for multiple users at the same time.

Technology Asia Pacific SME/Startup


TwoSigmas establishes real-time communication between tutors and students to deliver quality education through its online distance learning programs.

Education Technology Europe SME/Startup


Learn how DeepIR is using Alibaba Cloud Express Connect for fast and secure private network communication between different cloud environments.

Technology Asia Pacific SME/Startup


Singaporean company Optimate has deployed its services on Alibaba Cloud to provide the ability to scale in real-time during campaigns and to ensure a seamless connection to China.

Technology Asia Pacific SME/Startup


Cloudaxis is leveraging Alibaba Cloud to provide specialized solutions for customers that offer unified and safe access in and outside of Mainland China.

Technology Asia Pacific SME/Startup


e-Chauffeur is a Chinese taxi hailing app that leverages elastic computing and cloud security to enhance their customers?? experience.

Technology Transportation Asia Pacific SME/Startup


Changba is a top ranking and free social karaoke mobile app that leverages CDN and OSS to provide seamless connectivity and ensure reliable access to data.

Technology Media Asia Pacific SME/Startup


ViSenze leverages Alibaba Cloud ECS to efficiently integrate Mesos and power apps on Docker container services.

Technology Asia Pacific SME/Startup


Zhenhub is a Hong Kong based company leading the way in offering a cloud-based inventory and order management system to automate logistics.

Technology Asia Pacific SME/Startup

Blue Map

Blue Map gathers environmental data from over 20 platforms and solutions throughout China and found a solution to collate information on the cloud.

Non-profit Asia Pacific SME/Startup


CloudCC has greatly reduced their maintenance costs and significantly increased overall service stability and availability via Alibaba Cloud.

Technology Asia Pacific SME/Startup

Yao App

The elasticity offered by Alibaba Cloud services has helped Yao App to reduce operation and maintenance costs while guaranteeing security.

Retail Asia Pacific SME/Startup


Lens' operations for the European and North American market have benefited greatly from using a CDN which accelerates download and load page time.

Manufacturing Asia Pacific Enterprise/Public Sector

Blue Power

Blue Power is expanding throughout China and Asia via CDN and cloud technology.

Technology Asia Pacific SME/Startup


As a French I.T. service company opted for Alibaba Cloud because it could provide a truly global and borderless cloud network

Technology Europe SME/Startup


With the growing trend for Mainland China and Hong Kong companies scaling online LAPS needed a reliable and global cloud provider for customers.

Manufacturing Asia Pacific SME/Startup

The Gate Academy

With the support of Alibaba Cloud VPC Gateway Academy was able to launch servers in a highly secure environment and enhance platform reliability.

Education Asia Pacific SME/Startup


TO THE NEW was running a dynamic website built on Drupal 8 but faced numerous challenges before turning to Alibaba Cloud.

Technology Asia Pacific SME/Startup


As an innovative real estate company knew who to turn to for setting up infrastructure both inside and outside of Mainland China.

Technology Americas SME/Startup

TerraLocus Technologies

Gaining access to China was a major priority for Terralocus' to find new customers for its products and a major factor in their decision to deploy on Alibaba Cloud.

Technology Asia Pacific SME/Startup


With slow response times from their servers outside of China online education platform AlphaEdu turned to Alibaba Cloud for ICP registration and China support.

Education Asia Pacific SME/Startup

Amused Group

Amused Group knew they needed to switch to the cloud to deal with a high volume of mobile traffic and ensure flexible bandwidth for large-scale online events.

Media Technology Asia Pacific SME/Startup


With the company launching its first phase of development in the China market an ICP license was a must for e-commerce company Greendify.

Retail Asia Pacific SME/Startup


Spotlightx is able to conveniently deploy SaaS solutions to support enterprise customers around the world with Alibaba Cloud'ss international coverage.

Technology Asia Pacific SME/Startup


Mishi turned to Alibaba Cloud WAF for security after a blackmailing message threatened to bring their entire platform down.

E-commerce Asia Pacific SME/Startup


Learn how Indonesia's Dwidayatour responded to rapid growth in demand for its online travel and ticketing services to quickly scale its systems.

Tourism Asia Pacific SME/Startup


Discover how Indonesian company, YOGRT, is reaping the rewards of choosing to run its social network platform on the Alibaba Cloud platform.

Technology Asia Pacific SME/Startup


We recommend Alibaba Cloud as it is a stable international platform that allows companies to run workloads in and outside of Mainland China.

Technology Asia Pacific SME/Startup


A breath of fresh air: see how Philips utilized Alibaba Cloud to support their healthcare business.

Healthcare Europe Enterprise/Public Sector


“Alibaba Cloud provides outstanding local technical service capabilities in China."

E-commerce Asia Pacific SME/Startup

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