CDN & ApsaraVideo Campaign

Alibaba Cloud provides CDN, DCDN, Live, and VoD free trials to new users to facilitate integration.

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Global Data Transfer Free Trial & 30% off on Renewal

New users can enjoy a free trial of 1TB and then get a 30% discount on traffic package renewal. The promotion is valid from April 25th to June 30th. New users who receive the 1TB free trial on April 25th or later will enjoy a 30% discount on traffic package renewal when placing orders again. The renewal discount is valid until 24:00 on June 30th, 2023 (Beijing time).

CDN Data Transfer

Global Data Transfer out 1TB package

Free Trial

3,200+ nodes worldwide

Intelligent transmission

Save cost of origin server

Free trial Limit 1 for new user

DCDN Data Transfer

Global Data Transfer out 1TB package

3,200+ nodes worldwide

Intelligent transmission

Reliable security protection

Free trial Limit 1 for new user

VoD Data Transfer

Global Data Transfer out 1TB package

3,200+ nodes worldwide

Intelligent transmission

End-to-End Video on Cloud

Free trial Limit 1 for new user

Live Data Transfer

Global Data Transfer out 1TB package

3,200+ nodes worldwide

Intelligent transmission

Adaptive bitrate streaming

Free trial Limit 1 for new user

DCDN Freatured Services

DCDN accelerates the delivery of both static and dynamic content over TCP, UDP, and WebSocket. DCDN allows you to integrate service security and edge computing with more than 3,200 edge nodes that are distributed around the world. 

DCDN Traffic + WAF + DDoS

all-in-one edge security solution

Smart routing




from $4

DCDN Secure Acceleration Plan

A secure DCDN package

Global data transfer

Static and dynamic HTTPS requests

Enterprise WAF

50% off Limit 1 10T for new user

from $800

Edge DDoS mitigation

Provides protection on a global scale

Mitigation capacity over 1 Tbit/s

Supports customed certificates

High service availability

50% off Limit 1 fmonth for new user

from $1600

Edge WAF

Integrated WAF on DCDN

Cloud-native architecture

New protection configurations

Supports bot management

50% off Limit 1 for new user

from $7

VoD Freatured Services

ApsaraVideo VOD supports video collection, editing, uploading, media management, automatic transcoding, video review and analysis, and video delivery acceleration

VoD Storage Package

For deducting storage usaged in VoD

Store VOD using OSS buckets

Quick integration

50% off Limit 1 for new user 100G

from $18.72

VoD Transcoding

For deducting H.264 LD transcoding

Multiple processing formats

Watermarking, content protection

50% off Limit 1 for new user

from $13

Short Video SDK

A developer tool to edit videos.

Quick and cost-effective integration

Easy-to-use APIs

Basic feature free

from $3000

Video Security DRM

Comprehensive security protection

FairPlay and Widevine DRM

Integrates video playback

from$ 0.0012USD

from $0.0012-0.0015/request

Live Freatured Services

ApsaraVideo Live is a live streaming platform for both audio and video based on leading content hosting and delivery networks and large-scale distributed real-time transcoding technology.

Live Transcoding

Improve video quality

Multi-bitrate switching

Adaptive width

API integration

50% off Limit 1 for new user

from $21

Queen SDK

A developer tool includes face retouching

Face retouching & shaping

Body & hair shaping

Gesture recognition & AR

Basic feature free

from $23500

Real-time Streaming

Low latency streaming on UDP

Latency <1s

High stability

High compatbility and concurrency


from $0.05

Production Studio

Video production tool on cloud

Live stream switching

Watermarks, subtitles

Live rendering


from $0.025


Alibaba Cloud CDN and Media Solutions

Set up an all-in-one live shopping platform quickly and easily and bring the in-person shopping experience to online audiences

Explore Solutions

Accelerate static and dynamic web content in a fast, reliable, and safe way using Secure DCDN (Dynamic Route for CDN)

Explore Solutions

Stream sports and events on the Internet smoothly to worldwide audiences concurrently

Explore Solutions

Provide an optimal educational experience for the world anytime, anywhere


ApsaraVideo & CDN – Trusted by Global Customers


"In just two days Lazada's application supported over 1.3 billion visits, with customers buying and shipping throughout southeast Asia." - Lazada's CTO"


Enabled TFI, the official worldwide online streaming provider for the 38th Hong Kong Film Awards, to deliver smooth and reliable streams to nearly 100,000 viewers in 27 designated territories. - Wilson Yuen, Founder & CEO, TFI Digital Media Limited


Alibaba Cloud CDN reduces the latency and Round Trip Time (RTT) for the website of AirAsia. Moving to Alibaba Cloud CDN also ensures traffic optimization for access based on user profiles.


Lyto has been able to improve overall network connectivity and reliability while also reducing the time-to-market needed for new projects


Alibaba Cloud provides a comprehensive set of product portfolios ranging from IaaS, Big Data, AI, and Security to meet various use cases and needs of Tokopedia.


“Alibaba Cloud CDN helps MNC in ensuring all content delivered to users in Indonesia smoothly even for some users who only have low bandwidth." – MNC Group CTO


Exmoo employed Alibaba Cloud's Content Delivery Network (CDN) to accelerate news content distribution to the audience across the globe.


Alibaba Cloud provided FreshGo a refined solution to fulfill their need for a live streaming solution with scalable usage at a lower cost (-70%).


By utilizing Alibaba Cloud's Content Distribution Network (CDN), Web Application Firewall (WAF) and web hosting solutions, Chemist Warehouse’s deployment was secure and cost-effective.


Alibaba Cloud can ensure that games can be delivered with superior graphics quality and downloaded faster no matter where the end player is locate.


Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Networks (CDN) to help bring EVI’s online services to more locations.


ApsaraVideo Live is equipped with several smart algorithms and can both maintain and enhance Yippi’s in-app user experience.

CDN & ApsaraVideo Webinar

Leverage edge intelligence to keep business and data secure

Quick integration of video and livestreaming into your business

Activate the Services Today!

Alibaba Cloud CDN

Accelerate content distribution to users worldwide

Resource Plans from 4USD →

ApsaraVideo Live

Provide uninterrupted live audio and video services in HD with low latency and high concurrency

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ApsaraVideo VOD

Build secure, scalable, and highly customizable VOD platforms and applications with efficiency

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Dynamic CDN

Separate static and dynamic content automatically and accelerate content delivery intelligently

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