A simple and efficient email service to help you send transactional notifications and batch email

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DirectMail is a simple and efficient service to send email notifications and batch email quickly and efficiently without the need to build your own email server. DirectMail is a key product for serving Alibaba's own e-commerce platforms, which includes servicing Alibaba's record-breaking annual sales festival. Tens of millions of emails are sent every day through DirectMail by Alibaba and Alibaba Cloud customers.

DirectMail guarantees stable and high conversion rates across various mail channels. Emails can be sent with the product console, API interface, and SMTP interface.

Customer Testimonials


「DirectMail provides email sending services for Tmall system notifications, member promotions and user surveys. It also serves as the only mailing channel during Tmall’s Double 11 shopping festival where it is challenged with the task of handling massive amounts of emails.」


「Taobao user registration, system notifications, promotions, surveys and all other mailing tasks are handled through DirectMail and this product greatly increases the sending speed and delivery rate of emails sent. DirectMail is still the only mailing channel used during Taobao’s Double 11 sales festival and has proven to be up to the challenge of effectively managing a staggering volume of emails.」


「Every day DirectMail sends a massive number and variety of email messages on behalf of Alipay, including buyer and seller registration and transaction notifications to name just a few.」


Stable and Scalable

Outbound mail redundancy is stored on multiple servers and databases to provide stability and scalability.

Fast and Accurate

High concurrency mail processing.

Control mailing frequency with strategic mailing functionality.

Reliable and fast delivery.

Multiple Mail Types

Trigger Mail: Includes registration confirmation, order confirmation, password reset, transaction notification, and more.

Batch Mail: Includes product promotions, journal subscriptions, and more.

Highly Cost-effective

Enjoy Pay-As-You-Go without any limit on minimum usage fees.

Service Methods

Various Access Methods to Meet Different Usage Demands

Administration Console: Create mailing accounts by the console without needing to open mail accounts in advance. Easily configure mailing lists, create mail templates, send batch email, and view statistics.

API Interface: Provides strict security and high scalability to ensure stable development and usage.

SMTP Interface: Standardized Mail Transfer Protocol interface for easy access.

Data Analytics

Multidimensional Statistics

Review a range of statistics, including the number of mailing requests, number of successfully sent emails, failed emails, invalid addresses, delivery rate, and labeled mail.

Multiple Applications

More Mailing Services

A mail address list function to facilitate mail list management.

Provides mail template function to send personalized messages.

Provides a mail queuing and scheduling mechanism to efficiently deliver mail and ensure successful delivery.


DirectMail is charged based on the number of emails sent. There are currently two payment options available: Resource Package and Pay-As-You-Go.

To review exact fees, please log on to the product console. Please also note that Pay-As-You-Go product fees are estimates. Final usage fees depend on actual usage.

Resource Package

1. Packages are subscription and become available upon successful payment.

2. Service Period: 6 months. The term of validity is calculated separately for each package and not across multiple packages.

3. Deduction Methods: Mail usage will be deducted from the package quota during the term of validity. If you have multiple packages, messages will first be deducted from the package that expires first. When all packages are consumed, the deduction method will automatically convert to the Pay-As-You-Go payment model.

4. Users may not unsubscribe or receive a refund for unused resources once a package is activated or becomes expired.

Resource Package CategoryAlibaba Cloud UsersSubscription TimeSavings vs Pay-As-You-Go
50,000 messages$13.056 months> $1.45
500,000 messages$121.86 months> $23.2
1 million messages$230.556 months> $59.45
5 million messages$1,123.756 months> $326.25


Pay-As-You-Go is a post-payment method in which a user is charged according to actual consumption. The unit price is $0.29 USD per 1,000 messages.

The cost calculation formula for Pay-As-You-Go is total mail sent / 1000 x $0.29 USD.

The cost is accurate to two decimal places, with a minimum billing fee of $0.01 USD.

Free Quota

Each DirectMail master account is entitled to 200 free email messages per day. Your free email allowance (if applicable) is not included in the scope of Resource Packages or Pay-As-You-Go resources. Messages exceeding the free allowance will be charged at standard rates.

Getting Started

DirectMail provides three access modes: Console, API, and SMTP. You can choose the required access mode based on different business scenarios.

1. Console

You can add DirectMail service from the Alibaba Cloud console.

Create a recipient list and an email template, and you will be able to send batch mail with the product console.

Configure mail from the console

2. API

Users may write a program to call DirectMail’s API in order to transmit mail data.

Following a successful request, DirectMail will be responsible for mail data processing and delivery.

Manage email sending from the product console.

How to call an API How to use SDK

3. SMTP Interface

Users may write a program to call the standard SMTP interface to transmit mail data.

Send trigger emails or batch mail through the SMTP interface.

How to call an SMTP interface


How to create a domain name? Are there restrictions on creating a domain name?

1. Each Alibaba Cloud account can add 5 domain names to send emails. Users are recommended to add two different domain names in order to distinguish trigger emails from batch emails.

2. Users are recommended to use a second-level domain name to avoid affecting the top-level domain name with such issues as outgoing emails sending credit to recipients. An enterprise mailbox domain name can not be used as a parsing error may occur when receiving an email. However, an enterprise mailbox subdomain name can be used.

3. If an email address has been created as an email sending domain name, then the domain name cannot be deleted. Domain names without email sending addresses can be deleted.

4. A main domain name and its sub-domain names can only be used by one Alibaba Cloud account. For example, if an Alibaba Cloud account uses as the sender domain name for DirectMail, no other account can use this main domain name ( and its sub-domain names (such as,,, or as the sender domain name.

What sending methods does Direct Mail support?

There are 3 supported email push methods:

1. Sending email through the console only supports batch sending. Trigger email is not yet supported. You can send batch mail by selecting an uploaded recipient list and a verified template, email-sending address and email type.

2. API

3. SMTP interface

How to setup an SMTP email account and password?

1. Select “Sender Address” in “Email Settings,” create a sender address, and then click “Set SMTP password” in Operations to set a password.

2. You can enable the SMTP send feature by setting an SMTP password for the email address.

3. You must set an SMTP password for the newly created email address, otherwise the SMTP send feature will not be available.

Does the recipient list have any restrictions?

1. Upload the user’s own mail address.

2. Each account can upload 10 recipient lists.

3. A maximum of 10,000 mail addresses are supported in a single list. The maximum supported mail addresses is also dependent on the daily quota.

What’s the difference between DirectMail and an enterprise mailbox?

1. Does an enterprise mailbox need to be purchased to use with DirectMail?

No, only a valid domain name is required.

2. Can an enterprise mailbox domain name be used as a DirectMail email sending domain name?

Users are not recommended to use an enterprise mailbox domain as a Direct Mail email sending domain name because errors may occur on the enterprise mailbox domain name when receiving an email. A configuration with the MX record is required for domain name validation, which may direct to two different servers with the MX record for the enterprise mailbox domain name. This may lead to errors occurring when receiving emails. It’s recommended that a second-level domain name is created for the existing enterprise mailbox domain name when setting up an email sending domain name.

3. Can the DirectMail email sending address be used with an enterprise mailbox?

This is not possible as Direct Mail does not provide an inbox service.