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Deploy custom Alibaba Cloud solutions for business-critical scenarios with Quick Start templates.


Alibaba Cloud offers Quick Start templates that allow you to easily deploy custom solutions for business-critical scenarios such as cloud migration, data analysis and containers, in a fast, reliable, secure, and cost-efficient way. Every Quick Start is a deployable architecture that comes equipped with JSON and YAML templates that automate the deployment, as well as a list of relevant prerequisites, procedures, and resources.

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Solution & Scenarios

Automatic Deployment of S/4 HANA 1909 on a Single ECS Instance in a New VPC

This template creates cloud resources such as VPC, VSwitch, ECS instance, and security group in a zone and deploys the S/4 HANA 1909 application on an ECS instance and the HANA database on another ECS instance.

Automatic Deployment of S/4 HANA 1909 on a Single ECS Instance in an Existing VPC

This template uses an existing VPC and VSwitch to create cloud resources such as ECS instances and security groups in a zone and deploys the S/4 HANA 1909 application on an ECS instance and the HANA database on another ECS instance.

Use the Apsara AI Acceleration Tool in Hybrid Cloud Scenarios

This template demonstrates how to run AI training and inference jobs in hybrid cloud scenarios. This template uses a Kubernetes cluster, a GPU instance, the Apsara AI acceleration tool, and Cloud Paralleled File System (CPFS).

Migrate a Hive Data Warehouse to an Alibaba Cloud E-MapReduce Cluster

This solution uses ROS to create an on-premises Hadoop cluster and migrate the cluster data to an Alibaba Cloud E-MapReduce cluster.

Use a Low-cost Link to Migrate Business Data to the Cloud

This template applies to the migration of business data to the cloud. Migrating large amounts of business data to the cloud requires a lot of network bandwidth, incurring high Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) costs. Alibaba Cloud allows you to purchase single-line shared bandwidth packages in the required regions, which can effectively reduce costs for data migration. The packages are divided by ISPs such as China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom.

Use Batch Compute for Third-generation Genome Sequencing and Assembly

This template demonstrates the best practices of using the WDL-Canu solution provided by Batch Compute to conduct third-generation genome assembly.

Use Lightweight GPU Instances to Deploy Cloud Games

With the widespread application of AI in scenarios such as deep learning, video processing, scientific computing, and graphic visualization, the market demand for GPU instances is growing. However, the problem of excess computing power and rising costs caused by ultra-large-scale elastic computing starting out with a single physical GPU is becoming increasingly prominent. The emergence of lightweight GPUs has broken the limitations of the traditional pass-through mode. A lightweight GPU can provide finer-grained services than a physical GPU, allowing customers to conduct business more flexibly at lower costs.

Use Function Compute to Build a Web-based File Processing Service

This template uses a serverless architecture to build a web-based file processing service. After you upload a file to a specified OSS bucket or update the file by using the relevant API, SDK, or Alibaba Cloud console, the file can be automatically compressed and decompressed, and file metadata such as the MD5 checksum value can be automatically obtained.

Safeguard the Security of E-commerce Websites

This template provides cloud customers with a complete solution to protect their e-commerce websites in scenarios such as user registration and business operations. The template helps you ensure the stable operation of your business O&M system and target your marketing efforts and special offers to real customers, preventing bargain speculation.

Merge Game Databases of Different Regions

In addition to spicing up game content, accelerating user access and merging game databases of different regions are a common business model used to improve gaming experience, retention rate, and payment rate of players.

Use E-HPC for Industrial Simulation

This solution is applicable to scenarios where E-HPC and OSS are used to run software for model simulation. This template runs an open-source simulation tool called LAMMPS, and uses OSS to upload data.

Upgrade From a Standalone Website to a Cloud-based Architecture - Deployment at Ease

This template creates a stack based on a cloud-based Internet architecture, including a VPC, an internal SLB instance, an Elastic IP address, two ECS instances, and an ApsaraDB for RDS instance, and deploys a WordPress image on the ECS instances. After deployment, you can directly use the provided EIP address to access the WordPress website.

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