GameShield is a customizable network security solution, which has specifically been designed for the gaming industry.

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GameShield is a customizable network security solution, which has been designed for the game industry. GameShield allows you to efficiently defend against TCP CC attacks that typically occur in the game industry and to prevent Tb-level DDoS attacks. In addition, GameShield can help you reduce the costs of security protection.


Security and stability
Multi-level disaster recovery architecture and risk management system to block malicious users and prevent DDoS and CC attacks.
Ease of use
Supports SDK-based query dispatching within several seconds and eight-ISP-based BGP acceleration to guarantee the optimum gaming experience.
Ease of maintenance
Supports visual management and multiple built-in features in the console, allowing you to simply scale the architecture.
Cost efficiency
Supports customization to meet different business demands and save costs.


Fully-compatible, stable, and multifunctional SDKs with multiple functions.

GameShield provides SDKs for multiple platforms, such as Windows, Android, and iOS.

SDK dispatcher

A DNS dispatcher, which can encrypt and dispatch DNS queries from each client within several seconds.

Connection probing

An SDK-based network connection diagnosis function, which is used to precisely diagnose network congestion issues and collect data for query dispatching.

Strong encryption

Highly-encrypted and reliable SDKs, which can be dynamically upgraded (depending on the platform).


All SDK versions are stable and reliable, and have been tested on all platforms and up to ten million clients.

Mass DDoS attack prevention

Advanced risk management architecture for blocking malicious clients and preventing Tb-level DDoS attacks.

Advanced risk management architecture

Malicious client identification based on device fingerprints, operation environment monitoring, and packet behavior learning, working with attack traffic dispatching to precisely and dynamically identify and block malicious clients within several seconds, even after being attacked.

Elastic and scalable protection

The GameShield console allows you to efficiently scale and deploy anti-DDoS nodes and game security gateways. GameShield has adopted the advantages of cloud computing for you to prevent mass DDoS attacks and CC attacks at any time.

UDP block

All single-ISP-line protection nodes support the ISP-level UDP block service, which allows you to defend against malicious UDP traffic while preventing other attacks.

Precise CC attack prevention

The GameShield incorporates the game security gateways to completely protect your games against CC attacks.

Empty and slow connection request prevention

The game security gateways can automatically intercept empty and slow TCP connection requests.

Mass CC attacks

You can scale the number of game security gateways to intercept more than four million queries per second and defend against six hundred thousand zombies and up to 8 GB in traffic of CC attacks.

Blacklist and whitelist with up to one million IP entries

GameShield allows you to create a dedicated cluster of game security gateways for your business and use machine learning algorithms to automatically identify attacker IP addresses and then blacklist them. The game security gateways also allow you to block traffic from specific physical locations.

Gateway-to-SDK encryption tunnels

GameShield uses a gateway-to-SDK encryption tunnel to encrypt data transmitted between a game client and the server. Each client has only one single-use password. This can help you defend against CC attacks.

High-quality network nodes

Attack protection for up to eight ISPs, including China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, and CERNET.

Access to high-quality backbone networks

Single-ISP-line protection nodes are directly connected to the backbone network of China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile with a latency less than 50 milliseconds.

Eight-ISP-based BGP acceleration

Deploys BGP nodes in Beijing, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen to access eight ISPs to efficiently dispatch queries and resolve network slowness and latency issues in single-ISP-line protection.

Statistics and analysis

Comprehensive data statistics with multiple metrics, allowing you to analyze issues and develop your business.

Data Reports

Supports statistics and analysis of traffic data, SDK calls, DDoS and CC attacks, to locate issues and boost business development.

Log management

Comprehensive and efficient log storage and analysis.

Multiple types of logs

Supports customization of multiple log types, including flow logs, TCP five-element logs, SDK dispatch logs, and connection monitoring logs.

Persistent storage

Supports persistent log storage in Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS). You must manually activate OSS.

Log analysis

Incorporates GameShield logs and Alibaba Cloud DTplus to provide customization services, such as monitoring visualization. To use these services, you must activate specific Alibaba Cloud DTplus services, including DataV and MaxCompute.

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