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ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL - RDS for MySQL launches Database Proxy

Database Proxy is launched supporting transparent switchover, read/write splitting, short connections optimization, and brute force cracking prevention, etc.

Target customers: users that are sensitive to connection interruption, read more and write less, use PHP with high-concurrency scenarios, and have high security requirements. Features released: Database Proxy is a database middle layer service provided by ApsaraDB for RDS which is secure, stable, high-performance, 100% protocol-compatible, and fully transparent to applications. In some application scenarios, Database Proxy can effectively improve the stability, robustness and security of RDS instances. Database Proxy supports the following features: Transparent switchover: During RDS instance failure, configuration upgrade or downgrade, Database Proxy can make instance switchover smoother and reduce the impact on the applications. Read/write splitting: Transparent read/write splitting feature is provided. Without modifying codes on the application layer, the query is distributed to RDS read-only instances to reduce the load of the master database. Short connection optimization: Unexpected high-concurrency short connections (usually seen in PHP applications) are buffered at the proxy layer to reduce the impact on the DB layer, reduce RDS CPU load and CPS (connections per second), and ensure that the database runs smoothly. Brute force cracking prevention: RDS instance account passwords are protected to prevent brute force cracking of passwords.

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