Edge Node Service

An all-in-one service that provides elastic, stable, and widely distributed computing, network, and storage resources to help you deploy businesses on the edge nodes of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), reducing computing latency and costs


Standardized Edge Nodes with Global Coverage

Widely Distributed Nodes

Provides resources based on more than 2,800 edge nodes of all mainstream ISPs distributed across six continents worldwide.

Standard Platform

Offers a standardized service platform to eliminate the underlying heterogeneous infrastructure environment, isolates multiple tenants securely, and provides dynamic intelligent scheduling and O&M support for massive node resources.

Integration with MEC

Integrates multi-access edge computing (MEC) resources into the technical architecture to cover the last ten kilometers of the network access layer in the future.

Flexible and Diverse Specifications and Forms of Computing Power

Edge Containers

Integrates with Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) to support the deployment of managed edge Kubernetes clusters and the self-service containerized management of edge nodes.

Elastic Scaling

Provides sufficient edge nodes and supports the on-demand deployment and elastic scaling of edge computing resources.

Unified Deployment and Centralized Management of Edge Computing Power

Unified Deployment

Supports the unified deployment of edge computing resources across regions and ISPs, and features intelligent node selection and second-level distribution.

One-Click Computing Power Control

Allows you to create, delete, modify, query, and scale edge computing resources in or out as needed based on the advanced distributed system architecture.

Comprehensive Image Creation and Management Services

Image Creation

Supports a simple process of creating and uploading custom images, and allows you to package edge business applications and configurations into custom images and deploy your business to all edge nodes with a few clicks.

Image Updates

Allows you to update images in phased update mode to update business applications and configurations on edge nodes, which simplifies daily O&M.

Self-Service O&M and Protection Systems Based on API DevOps

Quality Monitoring

Provides comprehensive monitoring and service systems to intelligently monitor all edge nodes 24/7 in real time and schedule edge nodes based on service quality.

Event Monitoring

Integrates with the event monitoring feature of CloudMonitor to notify you of network cutover, network fluctuations, and resource changes in real-time. It also allows you to customize coping strategies.


Stable and Low-Latency Interactive Streaming Architecture

Technologies such as stream access, stream merging or forwarding, and transcoding on edge nodes can ensure the high definition and smooth playback of interactive streaming services, improve the transport network performance, and reduce the overhead of the core and backbone networks. Edge Node Service (ENS) provides the computing capabilities of CDN edge nodes to ensure the stability of interactive streaming services.


  • Global Coverage
    Provides resources in all regions to improve user experience and shorten the latency caused by wide geographical distribution and unstable network quality.

    Reduced Costs
    Reduces upfront capital investment, improves business flexibility, and reduces the overall bandwidth costs.

    Efficient O&M
    Provides the comprehensive remote computing power control system, API system, and monitoring system to improve O&M efficiency significantly.

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New-Generation CDN Architecture

ISPs that provide Content Delivery Network (CDN) services and Internet enterprises that build their own CDNs need a large number of edge nodes worldwide to cache, schedule, and distribute content. Compared with traditional methods, ENS provides large amounts of edge computing power and helps build a new generation of CDNs based on the stability, convenience, and precise scheduling capabilities of the Apsara system.


  • Global Coverage
    Allows you to purchase edge nodes worldwide with ease to reduce unnecessary communication.

    Efficient O&M
    Supports visual monitoring and batch operations based on the stability and migration capabilities of the Apsara system.

    Precise Scheduling
    Provides a precise traffic scheduling platform to help optimize scheduling.

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