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Cloud Migration Hub (CMH) provides automatic and intelligent system surveys, cloud adoption planning, and migration management for you to perform migration to Alibaba Cloud.

How CMH Helps Your Migration to Alibaba Cloud

TCO Analysis for Cloud Migration

CMH provides a comprehensive evaluation of cloud migration for your enterprise regardless of whether you migrate data from third-party cloud systems or self-managed data centers to Alibaba Cloud. You can obtain the purchase list that is required to migrate data to Alibaba Cloud and the migration cost comparison. This helps you make decisions on cloud migration.

Billing Analysis for Third-party Cloud Systems
You can assign an account that has read-only permissions on a third-party cloud system for CMH. Then, CMH automatically performs billing analysis and mapping between the existing cloud services and the Alibaba Cloud services. This way, you can compare the costs between the existing cloud system and Alibaba Cloud.
Cost Analysis for Data Migration from Data Centers
CMH identifies resources in your data centers by using non-intrusive collection tools. In addition, CMH automatically generates cloud resource lists and predicts bills for the cloud migration of these resources. This way, you can compare the costs of migrating data to Alibaba Cloud with the average costs of maintaining data centers in your region.

Full-coverage System Survey

CMH offers rich capabilities for surveys on cloud migration sources, including third-party cloud systems and self-managed data centers. CMH provides application topologies to help you create subsequent migration plans.

Survey on Third-party Cloud Systems
You can assign an account that has read-only permissions on a third-party cloud system for CMH. Then, CMH automatically collects information on various resources that are deployed in the third-party cloud system. This paves the way for subsequent cloud migration analysis.
Non-intrusive Survey on On-premises Environments
CMH can connect to an on-premises server by using SSH to remotely collect information about the on-premises environment in a non-intrusive manner, including specifications, processes, and network connections.

Business Analysis and Presentation

CMH allows you to analyze and categorize business application systems in a visualized manner, and provides a one-stop dashboard to manage the progress of cloud migration.

Application Topology
To help you classify application clusters, CMH provides architecture diagrams to show the dependencies between components in the applications based on the analysis and identification results of surveys. This guides you to classify application clusters in a more efficient manner.
Dashboard for Business Migration
CMH provides a dedicated dashboard for you to view the progress of the cloud migration of your business. This allows you to monitor all migration tasks in one stop.

Migration Assistance and Integration

CMH allows you to monitor and manage the progress of migration projects in one stop and provides efficient migration tools to reduce your operational costs.

Integration of Migration Tasks
CMH integrates a variety of migration tools and services of Alibaba Cloud and automatically maps on-premises resources to migration tasks. In this case, you can view the status of migration tasks in real time.
Migration Extension and Openness
CMH supplements various migration tools based on the best practices in cloud migration of Alibaba Cloud. CMH also provides API operations to work with third-party service providers.


Migration from a Third-party Cloud Service Provider

You may want to migrate part of or all of your resources from a third-party cloud service provider to Alibaba Cloud when the cloud service provider cannot meet your requirements, or you consider multi-cloud deployment. CMH supports automatic surveys for multiple third-party cloud service providers at a time. This helps you complete your data migration plans. CMH presents you with the status of all cloud migration tasks that you create by using migration tools provided by Alibaba Cloud. This way, you can have a whole picture of the cloud migration progress.


  • Resource Survey

    Helps you collect information such as cloud resources, specifications, and network deployment on a third-party cloud based on authorization.

  • Resource Mapping

    Recommends Alibaba Cloud services that are on a par with third-party cloud services based on the best practices of Alibaba Cloud. This helps you complete the cloud architecture in an efficient manner.

Cloud Migration for Traditional Enterprises

Traditional enterprises may face various IT issues such as excessively large systems, the coupling between applications, a large number of departments responsible for different systems, and high requirements for data auditing and security. CMH provides different types of survey methods that cover most of the IT infrastructure and allows you to export audit data. This helps you further build your cloud architecture by using the survey information and view the progress of one-stop cloud migration.


  • System Survey

    Provides self-developed survey technology to collect and analyze data in your offline systems without affecting your business or violating your requirements for data security. This helps simplify cloud migration planning.

  • Business Management

    Allows you to categorize on-premises resources by using business clusters and manages cloud migration tasks in an independent one-stop business dashboard.

Big Data Migration and Data Mid-end Construction

To help you migrate a large amount of data to the cloud and build a cloud-based data warehouse and data mid-end, CMH provides a series of tools that allow you to create a large number of data migration tasks in an efficient manner. In addition, CMH automatically surveys your on-premises data sources and performs the model analysis. You can configure multiple data migration tasks at a time and manage data migration tasks in one stop. CMH allows data migration in a secure, efficient, and visualized manner.


  • Metadata Collection

    Provides metadata survey capabilities for the data of various databases and systems, such as relational databases, non-relational databases, and big data systems. CMH allows you to obtain statistics on databases, including the details of tables and fields. This helps you complete the analysis and configuration for cloud migration.

  • Task Tracking

    Integrates mainstream big data migration services of Alibaba Cloud. This allows you to view and manage migration tasks in one stop.

Data Migration for Disaster Recovery Data Centers

To meet the requirements for disaster recovery based on multiple data centers, you may need to copy some of your data to a new data center. CMH can obtain the details of your resources at the source data center and show the migration and synchronization links between the two data centers by business dimension. This allows you to build a data center in an efficient, fast, manageable, and monitorable manner.


  • Resource Identification

    Provides efficient survey methods to perceive the architecture and obtain resources from source data centers.

  • Batch Creation

    Supplements capabilities of Alibaba Cloud migration services, and identifies resources to generate a large number of migration tasks at a time.

CMH Benefits

Adaptation to Various Sources

CMH adapts to a variety of common IT infrastructures, including general data centers and systems of mainstream cloud service providers. CMH provides collectors specifically designed for different migration environments to survey migration sources. This helps meet your requirements for subsequent analysis and planning of cloud migration.

One-stop Migration

CMH integrates various migration services of Alibaba Cloud and provides API operations to support third-party migration tools. This ensures one-stop management of cloud migration tasks and provides you with an overview of the entire business migration.


CMH analyzes your system architecture online, helps you classify business clusters by using network topologies, and builds connections among the business, resources, and migration tasks. This allows you to track the migration progress of your business.

Data Security

CMH supports offline auditing for collected data to meet your requirements for data security and auditing. By default, CMH provides full-cycle data encryption for IT resources from various sources based on the data encryption system of Alibaba Cloud. This ensures your data security.

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