Coupon Code Center



Register an account on the Alibaba Cloud international site ( and complete the account information.


Add eligible products to the shopping cart.


Click Buy Now to place an order.


Enter the coupon code in the upper-right corner to redeem a coupon on the order confirmation page.


Check the coupon and make a payment.


1. What is the relationship between a coupon code and a coupon?

A coupon code is a string. After a coupon code is redeemed, a coupon is issued to you.

2. How do I find coupons that are redeemed using coupon code?

You can view your redeemed coupons by going to Billing Management > Coupons (

3. Can I redeem multiple coupons using the same coupon code?

No, you can redeem only one coupon using the same coupon code.

4. Will the redeemed coupons disappear if I do not pay for an order?

No. After you redeem a coupon, you can deduct the corresponding amount by using the coupon when you pay for an order. You do not need to repeatedly enter the coupon code to redeem the coupon.

5. Why am I unable to find a specific coupon when I place an order?

You can perform the following steps to solve this problem: 1. Check the status of the corresponding coupon by going to Billing Management > Coupons. Check whether the coupon has been used, and check the validity period of the coupon. 2. Check whether the current order and product meet the conditions for use of the coupon. 3. Check whether the coupon is reserved for an order pending payment. If yes, cancel the corresponding order.
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