Experience Enhancements

Simple Log Service (SLS) - Machine Learning Functions Optimized

The functions of the machine learning feature have been optimized to offer enhanced prediction capability and flexibility.

Features released: 1. The isSmooth parameter is added to the ts_predicate_simple/ar/arma/arima function. This parameter specifies whether to smooth the original time series data. 2. The ts_regression_predict function is now available and supports the origin, forest, and linear prediction algorithms. 3. The ts_find_peaks function is now available and can detect peaks in a specified time window. 4. The ts_smooth_simple function displays the three parameters in the triple exponential smoothing algorithm. This function also supports the Wavelet algorithm and can preserve low-frequency signals in the original sequences. 5. The underlying layer now supports the Wavelet algorithm and optimizes the detection results in periodical sequences.

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