1. What are requests in order to be a channel partner of Alibaba Cloud?

Different channel partners have different requests, and basic request are that the applicant should have legal entity in their country, and also certain capabilities and customer base.

2. What are key differences between agency, reseller and distributor?

Agency partner is recommending fresh customers into Alibaba Cloud, and get commission if the customers consume Alibaba Cloud resources. While reseller and distributor make profit by price gap between discounted price and subaccount purchase price. And compared to reseller, distributor can develop tier 2 reseller to expand the business coverage.

3. Does Alibaba Cloud offer business system for channel partner to manage their business?

Alibaba Cloud provides channel partner the Alibaba Cloud Channel Platform for their daily business management. The Channel Platform is consist of customer management, bill management and coupon management. Alibaba Cloud has prepared channel platform training material when partner is officially onboard.

4. Can resellers purchase resources directly for their customers?

Resellers can't use their credential to purchase resources directly for their customers. Customers can create RAM account and share with resellers, and then resellers can use RMA to purchase resources for customers.

5. I am not an Alibaba Cloud channel partner now. Can I apply to the MSP program directly?

Channel partner program is base program of Alibaba Cloud Ecosystem. Candidates need to apply channel partner program first in order to use channel platform, which will be very important for MSP partner.

6. I am a Tier 2 reseller of a distributor. Can I apply to the MSP program?

Sure. Tier 2 reseller under Alibaba Cloud distributor can also apply MSP program after they sign ACPN term with Alibaba Cloud.

7. Who should I contact regarding the MSP program?

You can always find support from your Alibaba Cloud partner BD, or write mail directly to ACPN_Admin@list.alibaba-inc.com
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