"Thanks to the excellent performance of Alibaba Cloud Elastic Cloud Phone, we have launched a new SKU with stronger performance to enhance the user experience of Yunpai Mobile Game Manager. Compared with our original mobile phone board server solution, the new solution is easier to maintain, more flexible, and provides higher data reliability." -- Wei Li, Technical Director of Yunpai Networks.

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About Yunpai

Beijing Yunpai Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a mobile internet technology company that focuses on the research and development (R&D) of mobile cloud products and services. Its core product, Yunpai Mobile Game Manager, is a highly acclaimed Android application developed to tailor to the needs of mobile gaming users. This application provides users with a wide variety of functions, such as click-to-play without downloading, intelligent cloud assistance, cross-platform compatibility, and the elimination of hardware limitation for games. With the motto "Let the game be easier," Yunpai Networks strives to enable players achieve the perfect "gaming and life balance" through its innovative products.


The on-premises data center (IDC) of Yunpai Networks consists of tens of thousands of cloud mobile phones, all of which are mobile phone card servers. With the rapid growth of the business, Yunpai Networks is facing increasingly complex challenges in the operation and maintenance (O&M) of these mobile phone card servers. Furthermore, the existing IDC is not capable of meeting high-elasticity resource requirements during gaming events and activities due to the long supply cycle of hardware resources and high idle costs. To make matters worse, many games themselves often have strict hardware requirements, making it challenging to meet the needs of high-end mobile games in a timely manner.

Why Alibaba Cloud

libaba Cloud provides Yunpai Networks with a flexible cloud-based solution and a unified openAPI and control platform, enabling it to create and deploy resources in batches, with simple operation and maintenance and convenient management. The Elastic Cloud Phone service provides fine-grained expansion capabilities and is supported by massive resource pools. Therefore, Yunpai Networks can benefit from procuring resources on-demand based on actual needs to reduce costs. For scenarios with high-quality mobile games, Alibaba Cloud adopts enterprise-level GPU hardware acceleration and audio and video streaming codec technology to increase its computing power by over 100% compared with mobile phone boards. By leveraging Elastic Cloud Phone, Yunpai Networks is able to launch its new SKU with better performance, improving its product quality and market competitiveness.



Looking Forward

Based on the new Elastic Cloud Phone platform, Yunpai Networks will be able to continually access selected games, especially high-profile games to meet the ever-changing gaming needs of players. Yunpai Networks has launched its overseas business layout and will use Alibaba Cloud data centers to provide quality services to its overseas users.