Critical to the partnership was Alibaba Cloud's professional service and support team. Alibaba Cloud's responsive and dedicated support team offered premium support via DingTalk, which allowed TnG Digital to find fast solutions to any problem, 24/7.

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About TnG Digital Sdn Bhd

TnG Digital Sdn Bhd is a leading e-wallet provider in Malaysia, product of the joint venture between Touch ‘n Go Sdn Bhd and Ant Financial Group. Together, they have embarked on a journey to support a reliable mobile wallet for Malaysians. TnG Digital was able to harness cloud computing and the latest cloud technologies to enable Malaysians with the power of mobile payments.


TnG Digital had obtained the Central Bank of Malaysia (BNM)’s approval to operate and provide mobile e-wallet services. The new mobile e-wallet enables Malaysians to experience a secure, convenient and seamless payment ecosystem to perform online shopping, bill payment, retail payment via Quick Response (QR) codes, as well as Peer-to-Peer fund transfers. In particular, the existing disaster recovery (DR) system is complex and cannot support the rapid growth of the business. The current RDS default backup system has a 24-hour RPO, which is unable to meet business requirements, forcing TnG Digital to revamp its IT architecture. From the standpoint of problem and solution: The technology solution had to operate and deliver across 4 key areas: 1. Regulatory Frameworks 2. Security 3. User and Partner Expectations 4. Agility & Scalability Across various domains of User Identity management, Payment System, Data Capabilities, Monitoring, Development and Deployment capability across mobile, hardware, and web lies a variety of challenges in the modern technology paradigm.

Why Alibaba Cloud

Critical to the partnership was Alibaba Cloud's professional service and support team. Alibaba Cloud's responsive and dedicated support team offered premium support via DingTalk, which allowed TnG Digital to find fast solutions to any problem 24/7. Furthermore, the cutting- edge cloud technology as well as the comprehensive security solution, enabled TnG Digital to comply with the regulatory requirements for faster go to market product deliverables. Alibaba Cloud was a clear choice of across a variety of evaluation factors that enables a Financial technology to Build, Scale and Leverage its technology stack to create value for the user, partners and the organizations at scale. 1. Capability – The Alibaba Cloud is truly industry agnostic platform that caters to a variety of use cases that TnG Digital has across mobility, payment, operations, customer support, and Big Data. 2. Scalability – The same system that manages the Alibaba Ecosystem across e-commerce, Financial technology, and Digital Banking brings forth with it solutions that fit right into TnG Digital's business goals and objectives. 3. Agility – The cloud works for across a variety of form factors that TnG Digital's users use and enabled us to build a mobile first solution with rapid deployment capabilities with the ability Monitor, Build and Iterate at a scale that meets its user and partner expectations.


Creating an ecosystem for mobile payments requires a secure, reliable, and quick infrastructure. Among the many products the joint venture used is ECS, which allowed reliable and easy scalability. Adding to ECS, TnG Digital also commissioned CDN, as Malaysia already had a datacenter CDN, for rapid transfer of payments with limited latency. Alibaba Cloud's Anti-DDoS also provided the security needed to thwart unwanted attacks. TnG Digital also leveraged Alibaba Cloud's Database Backup service (DBS) to reduce RPO to mere minutes, which reduced the pressure on DBAs and minimized business risk by simplifying the data restoration process. Alibaba Cloud PolarDB is also used as part of TnG Digital’s effort to cope with increasing traffic demands and ensure peak performance can be managed in any events.

Looking Forward

The future roadmap for TnG Digital Sdn Bhd is to leverage on Alibaba Cloud's data technology to analyze customer behavior to facilitate a smarter digital wallet solution with the aim of enhancing customer experiences. Overall, Alibaba Cloud brings new cutting-edge technology, global security standards, and operational effectiveness. The combination allows TnG Digital Sdn Bhd to focus on building better products and services. Alibaba Cloud's flexibility and scalability will support the company to adapt to new challenges and the demands of the business environment. The Future TnG Digital's vision of building a world-class Unified Financial Technology platform for the Malaysian Economy houses in its ability to respond to change and be agile as it scales and diversifies. Coupled with Alibaba Cloud's ever-evolving stack, TnG has the ability to build future-looking products using Big Data, Machine Learning, and Distributed computing.