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About HK Express

HK Express was founded in October 2013 as Hong Kong's first low-cost airline. By focusing on low airfare and high reliability, HK Express has brought real competition to not only the Hong Kong market but also the surrounding regions. Currently, HK Express flies to destinations around Asia including cities in Japan, Korea, Thailand, China (Taiwan), China, Cambodia, and Vietnam. HK Express leverages the latest technology such as the top-of-the-line aircraft and new information systems to reduce operating costs and also bring a new level of safety for every client.


HKexpress.com allows visitors to check, browse and reserve flight tickets online at any time. HKexpress's online portal determines our business success. Monthly and Weekly sales promotions bring unpredictable traffic volumes which challenge the IT infrastructure's reliability, scalability, and elasticity. Another concern is the ever-increasing cyber security threats, and attacks that can come from anywhere and at anytime. It would be impossible to tackle all the attacks alone without breakthrough technologies, and partners who have cybersecurity experts.


Alibaba Cloud can deliver a complete range of cloud services locally in Hong Kong and has a proven track record handling influxes of web traffic such as during the 11.11 shopping festival in China. This is one of the many reasons HK Express considered Alibaba Cloud for its cloud infrastructure needs. More importantly, the Alibaba Cloud WAF security team are well experienced and uses the same anti-bot technology that is also currently protecting the Alibaba Group websites and businesses. Last but not least, Alibaba Cloud's flexible price structure also helps HK Express to reduce our operation and maintenance costs without compromising on anything.