"Working with Alibaba Cloud has been a very pleasant experience due to the completeness of the solutions, excellent technology, efficiency, and professionalism of their team." Keith Lim, CEO and Founder

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About CYBERhythm

Based in Singapore, CYBERhythm offers an all-in-one cloud security platform that works across multi-cloud environments. Currently, the platform is in the works to support Alibaba Cloud to solidify its offering. CYBERhythm supports cloud asset monitoring and helps to automatically detect threats and contain them. It provides advanced security intelligence and threat analytics and also performs cloud security compliance verification against standards such as PCI DSS and HIPAA. Moreover, it helps customers onboard easily and in less time by using automated workflows. The company aims to simplify cybersecurity for businesses and wants to make it simpler for non-IT professionals as well.


Being in the cybersecurity space requires the CYBERhythm platform to perform reliably while accurately analyzing threats to respond expeditiously. Additionally, the platform had a complex logging structure that collects multiple data points across different cloud environments. Consequently, security data must be stored, managed, and processed efficiently while controlling the associated costs. Besides, CYBERhythm was struggling with low penetration as email was the only channel to support customers. It needed a cloud communication service that helps to connect with customers better across multiple channels.

Why Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud has had a long-standing reputation for delivering state of the art solutions with high dependability and has one of the industry’s best price-performance ratio. The depth and breadth of the cloud solutions offered and global availability zones ensured CYBERhythm to completely rely on Alibaba Cloud for serving customers worldwide. Moreover, Alibaba Cloud’s round-the-clock and personalized customer support helped CYBERhythm to work smartly and be available to support its end-customers at all times.


CYBERhythm manages massive amounts of log and other types of data it collects for analyses using Alibaba Cloud’s Object Storage Service (OSS). OSS offers four different storage options for hot and cold data and allows CYBERhythm to manage data effectively as per the varying performance requirements while being cost-efficient. Furthermore, to communicate and support customers better, the company leverages Alibaba Cloud Short Message Service (SMS). Using SMS service’s robust API and SDK, CYBERhythm is able to establish vital support communication and enable OTP-based authentication whenever required for more reliable and secured customer support.

Looking Forward

CYBERhythm continues to innovate and simplify cloud security for its customers, who depend on multi-cloud environments for deployment and production. Partnering with Alibaba Cloud helped CYBERhythm to notch up its business using reliable, innovative solutions from Alibaba Cloud. CYBERhythm looks to further leverage more state of the art solutions from Alibaba Cloud to empower the company’s long term vision of supporting more cloud platforms and smartly delivering increasingly reliable cloud security.