Application High Availability Service

Quickly Improves High Availability For Applications

A SaaS-based service that aims to improve the high availability of your applications. Application High Availability Service features automatic application architecture discovery, high availability assessment following principles of chaos engineering, application traffic control, and service fallback. This service enables you to enhance application availability in a quick and cost-efficient way

Our strengths

Automatic Architecture Discovery
Automatically detects the application topology, tracks application changes, and visualizes the dependencies between the application, third-parties and cloud services.
Intelligent Component Identification
Using AI architectural learning, AHAS identifys all mainstream 3rd-party components and most of the Alibaba Cloud services, through AI learning architectural features.
Comprehensive High Availability Assessment
Provides a comprehensive assessment of application high availability based on real-world outage scenarios and provides a practical way of implementing chaos engineering
Reliable High Availability Protection
Offers protection mechanisms such as application traffic control and service fallback, to ensure the high availability of your applications. These mechanisms have been tested during Alibaba's International Shopping Festival "Singles' Day" and are incredibly reliable


Architecture Visualization

Automatically detects and tracks application topology as well as visualizes the dependencies between the application, third-parties and cloud services.

Third-party components

Automatically identifies third-party components such as Redis, MySQL, and ZooKeeper

Cloud services

Automatically identifies Alibaba Cloud services such as ApsaraDB for Redis, Server Load Balancer, and Table Store

High Availability Assessment

Offers high availability assessment based on fault injections. Recommends test scenarios based on your application architecture.

Automatic recommendation

Automatically recommends test scenarios to assess the application high availability based on your application architecture.

Test Repository

Accumulates test scenarios based on real cases in production

High Availability Protection

Provides high availability protection such as application traffic control and service fallback, which are easy to use and require no code changes.

Supports mainstream frameworks

Supports flow-Controlled Degradation for mainstream frameworks such as HTTP, JDBC, Dubbo, RESTful, RedisClient, etc.

SDK supported

Allows you to create custom traffic control and fallback APIs using SDK

Common scenarios:

  • Traditional Applications


Quickly Enhance High Availability for Microservices

Microservice applications based on Spring Cloud, Dubbo, or Kubernetes can directly use the service without any code modifications, in addition, there is no need to maintain any backend services, everything is on the cloud.


  • Protect your Microservice

    Increasing the resiliency of your microservice in case the traffic surges

  • Degrade your failed microservice

    Strengthen your application by degrading the failed service to protect the dependent ones

Traditional Applications

Traditional Applications

Enable High Availability Without Upfront Costs

Traditional monolithic or distributed applications can quickly enable high availability without code modifications. Applications already running online can also integrate the service very easily


  • Traffic control for your business

    Traffic control over unexpected business traffic and abnormal access

  • Database access protection

    Isolates all types of business calls to databases to protect important data and infromation