ApsaraVideo VOD

An all-in-one VOD solution

ApsaraVideo VOD is an all-in-one VOD service that supports video collection, editing, uploading, media management, automatic transcoding, video review and analysis, and video distribution acceleration. ApsaraVideo VOD is designed based on Alibaba Cloud infrastructure services. Based on Alibaba Cloud OSS, CDN, and high-quality video transcoding technology, this service can help enterprises and developers to quickly build secure, elastic, and highly customizable VOD platforms and applications. The Web-based console and software development kit (ApsaraVideo VOD API and SDKs) enable you to use and manage VOD services, and integrate your applications and services. Multiple types of ApsaraVideo VOD SDKs are provided, including the upload SDK, player SDK, and short video SDK. All VOD functions are auto scalable, easy to use, and cost-efficient.


End-to-end Service
ApsaraVideo VOD is an end-to-end video service that provides content production, storage, video distribution and playback.
Multiple Functions
Provides multiple easy to use functions, including content auditing, high-performance transcoding, media management, and content production.
Content Protection
Supports multiple video protection functions, including anti-leeching, playback authentication, and video encryption.
Stable and Smooth Playback Service
ApsaraVideo VOD is based on more than 1,300 Alibaba Cloud CDN nodes and provides a bandwidth of 90 Tbps to deliver high-quality video playback services.


  • Video Uploading

    Multiple Platforms

    ApsaraVideo VOD allows you to upload files from different platforms, including the ApsaraVideo VOD console, API, SDK, and PC client.

    Flexible Uploading

    You have an unlimited number of uploads. The maximum upload size of any file is 50 TB. Multiple file uploads and resumable uploads increase the efficiency of uploads.

  • Short Video SDK

    Fast Integration

    You can integrate the ApsaraVideo SDKs with your own services to save development costs. It only takes a minimum of two hours to integrate an SDK.

    Open API

    The ApsaraVideo VOD API is easy to use. You can customize your service based on your own business needs.

    Multiple Functions and Applicable Scenarios

    The video recording function is designed with resumable recording, real-time filters, real-time audio mixing, playback speed control, facial recognition, and stickers. You can upload, compress, and crop videos, and add animations, subtitles, and music to videos.

    Stability and Reliability

    ApsaraVideo VOD has been rigorously tested by more than 1,000 application service providers. It is both stable and reliable.

  • Media Management

    Video Management

    You can manage basic information about videos, including titles, descriptions, covers, categories, and tags.

    Media Resource Search

    You can use multiple keywords to search for specified audio and video resources.

    Multiple Operations

    Provides a large number of Open API operations for you to obtain, modify, and delete video information.

  • Online Editing

    Media Resource Management

    You can upload and manage multiple types of media resources, including video, audio, and image resources.

    Video Editing

    You can create a story board to quickly crop and splice videos with special effects, such as subtitles and masks.

  • Video Transcoding

    Multiple Video Formats

    Supports mainstream video formats and provides H.264 and H.265 coding.

    Multiple Transcoding Templates

    Provides standard video transcoding templates to support definitions ranging from LD to UHD. ApsaraVideo VOD also supports the 2K, 4K, and custom transcoding formats.

    Narrowband HD

    Uses the industry-leading TM narrowband HD transcoding technology to reduce 30% of the bandwidth costs without losing video quality.

    Video Enhancement

    Applies high FPS video enhancement and source file repair technology to improve the definition and smoothness of VODs.


    Allows you to upload and add PNG images as watermarks and supports visualized watermark position adjustment.

  • Security

    Video Encryption

    Uses private protocols and HLS standard encryption to encrypt videos before transcoding. You must decrypt these videos before playback.

    Playback Authentication

    Supports secondary authentication to verify all playback requests based on Alibaba Cloud access key authentication. 


    Provides the Referer whitelist and blacklist to block malicious requests.

  • Callbacks

    Callback Customization and Quick Response

    You can customize callbacks to quickly obtain the status of your business as needed. This allows you to respond to and handle business workflows promptly.

  • Data Statistics

    Resource Consumption Statistics

    Supports fine-grained query and export of the last 90 days of business data so that you can learn about resource consumption and assess published videos.


  • Short Videos
  • Online Education
Online Videos

Online Videos

Provides stable, smooth, and customizable end-to-end VOD services.

ApsaraVideo VOD can be applied to both new video service enterprises and enterprises that have a large number of video resources. This service is customizable and can help these enterprises to quickly build secure and reliable VOD applications for high-quality video playback.


  • End-to-end Service

    ApsaraVideo VOD is an end-to-end service that provides content production, cloud storage, and video distribution and playback.

  • Multiple Functions

    You can use ApsaraVideo VOD to build video services including video transcoding, content review, media management, and content production.

  • Millions of Concurrent Connections

    ApsaraVideo VOD allows millions of users to stream videos at the same time.

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Short Videos

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  • Video Cropping and Splicing

    You can schedule the start time for video cropping and splicing, specify a length to crop video clips, and crop or splice multiple media clips at the same time.

  • Fast Video Transcoding and Publishing

    Supports screenshot processing and transcoding videos to multiple formats and definitions. Videos can be immediately played after they are published.

  • Platform Compatibility

    The ApsaraVideo Player SDK is compatible with all platforms. You can call the player operations to customize your video services.

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Online Education

Online Education

Provides advanced video encryption security schemes to protect your video resources.

ApsaraVideo VOD provides an all-in-one solution, allowing users to quickly play videos online. Based on a complete cloud-to-client video encryption scheme, ApsaraVideo VOD can ensure the security of video playback and distribution.


  • Video Copyright Protection

    Supports encrypted transcoding, secure playback, and secure downloading, and provides multiple authentication and anti-leeching features.

  • Flexible Management

    Allows you to customize watermarks and create security policies in the cloud for efficient management.

  • Platform Compatibility

    The ApsaraVideo Player SDK is compatible with all platforms. You can call the player operations to customize your video services.

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