Hybrid Backup Recovery

Provides an easy-to-use BaaS solution that protects your data on premises and on the cloud.

Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR) is a simple and cost-effective Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution. It protects customer data in a number of scenarios: enterprise level data centers, remote centers, branch offices, or on the cloud. HBR supports data encryption, compression, and deduplication, and helps you back up your data to the cloud securely and efficiently.


Secure and Reliable
Provides end-to-end data encryption and validation and protects data during the backup process.
Quick and Efficient
Data deduplication and compression are provided to achieve quick and efficient data backup to the cloud.
Scale the backup vault to store massive amounts of data.
Supports directories and files in physical and virtual environments.


Cloud Integrated Backup

Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Backup Recovery provides cost-effective, efficient, and secure backups.


Source data deduplication and compression can reduce the amount of data that is transferred to the cloud. HBR can reach a maximum data compression ratio of 30:1, and reduce the required capacity of bandwidth and cloud storage. Your data is encrypted before leaving the data center which ensures that the data is secure in the cloud.

Efficient and Flexible

Simple policy configuration makes it easier to back up data to the cloud.

Easy to Manage

After the initial setup is complete, only modified backup data is sent based on set intervals. Built-in features such as deduplication, compression, encryption, backup data custom retention duration, and bandwidth limits can help to improve efficiency.

Data Transfer

Data on a backup appliance is saved to the cloud after deduplication and compression. Backup to the cloud only requires you to upload new data. Therefore, bandwidth requirements can be significantly lowered.

Supports Multiple Platforms

Major platforms are fully supported.

Supported Platforms

Supports Windows and Linux operating systems and virtual platforms.


  • Cloud backup solution
Local backup solution

Local backup solution

Data backup for local data centers

HBR protects on-premises data. It allows you to configure data protection policies and back up data to the cloud. If the on-premises data center experiences a fault and cannot be restored immediately, you can use software to restore your data from the Alibaba Cloud backup vault, or directly mount the backup vault to access data.


  • Data Protection

    Quickly restores data from the cloud when your data center experiences uncontrolled events.

Cloud backup solution

Cloud backup solution

ECS instance data backup

Protects data on ECS instances. By configuring data protection policies, you can efficiently back up data to the Alibaba Cloud hybrid backup vault.


  • Data protection

    Core data can be efficiently backed up to the backup vault through a private network.